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Movie News | #AvengersInfinityWar Trailer Premiere

Movie News | #AvengersInfinityWar Trailer Premiere

Hey, friends and fellow superhero aficionados. Today, the new trailer for the upcoming Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War dropped. Naturally, this is kind of a big deal for those of us who are Marvel film nuts, and have (im)patiently been waiting on its sequel. From Marvel, here's a look at the teaser synopsis for 'Infinity War.'
As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.

I've loved each of the Marvel films thus far. Granted some are a favored a bit more than others, but overall, I've liked them all. That said, I am a little "worried" about the darker tone this MCU has adopted. I understand its reasoning, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Movie News | Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer Premiere
Let's talk about this plan of yours. I think it's good, except it sucks. So let me do the plan and then, that way, it might be really good. - Avengers: Infinity War
The sequel for this follow-up sequel looks to be (as I said already) darker complete with lots of destruction, and is even rumored to kill of some of our beloved Avengers. Can I just say the following: please noooo!! Retire them, or do something we can all live with... just don't kill 'em! On the upside, we get to see the Guardians and more Dr. Strange, so...

Returning cast includes Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Benedict Cumberbatch (YAY!), Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Elizabeth Olson, and many more from the MCU world. Until now, Marvel has always been the master of creating breath-catching suspsense (action) and blending humor in perfectly. It's my hope, these new and upcoming films don't lost that "center" or heart of their storytelling. It's what sets them apart.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27th!

Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think! Are you excited for this sequel?

Photo: Marvel / Movie Stills
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#Booktube Talk | My Life in Books

#Booktube Talk | My Life in Books

Booktube Talk | My Life in Books

Hey, hey, everyone. Today we’re coming to the blog with another tag-y post. One I was actually – confetti toss – tagged in. (Making ta-do about this since I’m normally the weird blogger who goes in search of tags to put together.)

BOOKTUBE TALK | 2018 Releases to Anticipate, Part 2: February – June (or Thereabouts)

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.)

Today, the sweet Lindsey of BFCG tagged me in the My Life in Books Tag. As usual, most of the fun is happening over on Finding Wonderland’s booktube channel. That said, I never want the blog end of this little bookish haven to be left out (plus, it’s more fun to split all the tag fun up, right?), so I’m sharing and answering a few of the tag Q’s over here, too.

Find a book for each of your initials | Also answered this one on the booktube channel, featuring different books.

Pick a book set in your country | Homestands by Sally Bradley. Decided this was the one to feature because I've recently remembered it’s one I really want to read! Yet, still I haven't. Who's read it?

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading? | Goodness… none come to mind. I know I have had trouble reading certain books, but I rarely mark any “DNF.” That said, I did recently decide to give up on Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Would I call it a “most difficulty” read? Probably not. But when I’m not enjoying something, it just doesn’t seem worth all that effort.

Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it? | All of them!! I mean, seriously, I have so many books on my TBR (shelf), and I have high hopes for all of them. Here’s hoping!

Q's Answered on the Booktube Channel 

Count you age along your bookshelf. What book is it?

Pick a book that represents a destination you'd love to travel to

Pick a book that is your favorite color

Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

That brings to a close the My Life in Books Tag, Finding Wonderland style. I realize this tag came across a little boring (not because of the questions, but because of execution), but that’s what happens when one doesn’t put as much prep work into a tag. Despite this, it was fun! 

How would you answer these?

Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.
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Crooked House (2018) - Underrated and Dark Agatha Christie Adaptation

Crooked House (2018) - Underrated and Dark Agatha Christie Adaptation

Ever since “giving in” to the pressure and finally watching the ITV adaptations of Marple, I’ve been an Agatha Christie fan. The lighthearted mysteries with a grandmotherly type sluether are as fun as it can be poignant. Eventually, this transitioned into watching other Christie adaptations, some of which include the recent Murder on the Orient Express, and most recently, Crooked House.

A dark, atmospheric drama set in the 30s, Crooked House inserts us into the lives of an eccentric (and sometimes bizarre!) family in the aftermath of the patriarch’s suspicious death. The mystery is investigated by a private investigator whose services are retained by his former fling, who also happens to be the victim’s granddaughter.

Though interesting, this story is darker than what we’re used to. Christie’s Marple stories are “happier” in their conclusions, whereas, this story has dark underpinnigs. Some of which are explored and answered, others left hanging in the air as we are left wonder, what does that mean? Fortunately, it isn't as dreary as the recent BBC adaptation of And Then There Were None

Nonetheless, the costuming is gorgeous as are the rare moments of romanticism. Equally marvelous is the cast which consists of a mix of veteran (Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close) and new British talent (Max Irons, Stefanie Martini). If you like mysteries, this is a good one to enjoy. It’s fast-paced and of course, gives fans a mystery to puzzle over. The abrupt ending leaves something to be desired, but also leaves us with some sense “better days” are ahead for these characters. 

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.) You can rent or own Crooked House digitally on Amazon Video or purchase on DVD.


Boasting a quality cast and incredible sets, this small market adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Crooked House is worth a look-see. It’s flawed in ways that take a bit of adjusting to, but the flaws somehow fit in with the themes and nature of the film. Plus, it’s also a top-notch period piece that deserves the time of any avid whodunit fan. Continue reading on Silver Petticoat →

Content: There is some violence, implied and on screen, though nothing is graphic. A few instances of innuendo and profanity is also part of the script. The film is rated PG13.
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Top Ten Tuesday | The Books That [Insert Surprise Emoji] Me – In Good and Not-So-Good Ways

Top Ten Tuesday | The Books That [Insert Surprise Emoji] Me – In Good and Not-So-Good Ways

Top Ten Tuesday | The Books That [Insert Surprise Emoji] Me – In Good and Not-So-Good Ways

Hello happy readers, friends and fellow Top Ten Tuesday-ers. I hope you’re week has gotten off to a grand start. To help make it even better, it’s Tuesday which means a new edition of Top Ten Tuesday! A meme that makes any day all the brighter methinks because all the books! Let’s take a look at our challenge.

That Artsy Reader Girl March 13: Books That Surprised Me (in a good or bad way)

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.)

It’s rare a book really surprises me.

Before we move on, let me explain what I mean by this. I’ve really worked to discover which books, styles or genres really suit my reading tastes. Because of this, I feel like when I request a book or sign on to a launch team, or simply pick up a book at Barnes & Noble, the book is one I’m 99% sure I’ll enjoy. Of course, there is always the chance I won’t – and vice versa (some I skip over might become a new favorite), but overall, this method works.

Because of this, I go into reading a book sure it’ll be a novel I’ll love. Perhaps what I should say is, it’s rare that a book ever disappoints me. To me, that’s an amazing part of my reading experience and a testament to the talents of so many amazing authors. All of whom deserve all the thanks for sharing these stories, whether they make us laugh, swoon or are of the author’s heart.

Below are the books that surprised me (most of which fall into the “good way” category).

1: The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden | I’ve chronicled my like vs. dislikes of historical fiction quite enough. Suffice to say, I was so-so about this one initially, but it didn’t take long for the sweet and charming plot to pull me in. Subtle though they may be, I also pulled North & South (Elizabeth Gaskell) vibes from its pages. Amazon | Goodreads

2: A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess | I signed up to review this one half on a whim, and half out of pure curiosity. Reading it is tip-toeing outside my “comfort zone” reading, but it turned out to be lovely. Amazon | Goodreads
3: Gunslinger Girl by Lindsay Ely | This is one of those not-so-cool reactions I had to a surprising read. I mean, don’t mistake me, I really admire its uniqueness and the way the story is told is fine, but the decadence and “sport” of the novel just isn’t my cup of tea. I had The Hunger Game flashbacks, and yeah… I have a generally-dislike relationship with that novel. Amazon | Goodreads

4: If I Stay by Gayle Forman | Another novel I didn’t expect to like at all. Why? Because I am so not a fan of depressing fiction. But fortunately, I discovered I really enjoyed this one and its film adaptation which really brings the characters, world and story to life. Amazon | Goodreads

You can also rent If I Stay on Amazon Video or find on DVD!
5: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green | A “copy and paste” situation can apply to this novel as does If I Stay. That said, I still like ‘Stay’ a great deal better than TFIOS. Amazon | Goodreads

You can also rent The Fault in our Stars on Amazon Video or find on DVD!

6: Misery Loves Company by Rene Gutteridge | Read this one during an INSPYs award season, and it’s so fun! Way different than I expected, but still a unique “cozy mystery.” Amazon | Goodreads

7: The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord | This one really should have been on my “Books I *Could* Re-Read FORever” Top Ten list. Alas, I overlooked it, so yeah. I simply had to add it here, because it really did surprise me, in the best possible way. Amazon | Goodreads

8: Warcross by Marie Lu | Not a gamer or much of a fiction (book) sci-fi fan. I love it at the cinema, but that’s about it. This is why, when I read this at the end of last year (it was a sneak-in-one-more-2017-read for me), I was thrilled when I discovered, I did really like this one! This reminds me: I still need to review this one. Amazon | Goodreads

9: A Bride for Keeps by Melissa Jagears | To be honest, I’m trying to remember if I have finished this novel or not… whether I did or not, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and is again another historical novel that was easy to be swept up in. Plus, it turns the whole mail-order-bride trope on its head and gives the story new character. Amazon | Goodreads

10: Submerged by Dani Pettrey | Yes, I know… I just featured this one. But what can I say? It’s a memorable read that reminded me I do love a good adventure story. For this reason (and others), I’ll always love this novel. Amazon | Goodreads
Additional novels like Dear Mr. Knightley (on Amazon) or My Stubborn Heart (on Amazon) and so (so) many others could be on this list. However, since I recently featured them, I decided to just mention them here.

*video publishes Tuesday afternoon; channel linked above

Another end to another Top Ten Tuesday post is here. Tell me, what books surprised you – in good or bad ways! I’d love to read all about them, and let me know if you’ve read any of these.

Leave your Top Ten Tuesday links or introduce your blog. I'd love to come by and visit your bookish havens.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland
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Love, Once and Always (2018) – Contemporary Romantic-Comedy Revisits The Gilded Age

Love, Once and Always (2018) – Contemporary Romantic-Comedy Revisits The Gilded Age

Love, Once and Always (2018) – Contemporary Romantic-Comedy Revisits The Gilded Age

When you blend the contemporary romantic-comedy genre with that of the gilded age, a question mark can linger. But Love, Once and Always accomplishes the feat beautifully by honoring the past rather than time slipping” it. The story introduces us to Lucy Windsor (Amanda Schull), a successful museum historian living in London. The work is her dream come true as is the promotion job she’s up for. All is well until she receives family news.

Unexpectedly she must return home to Rhode Island when she learns her aunt has passed away. In the aftermath of this, Lucy is also told she’s inherited her aunt’s grand Gilded Age era mansion. An estate that’s falling apart… but there's a catch. It's an inheritance she must share. Her childhood sweetheart is her co-owner of the property. Where Duncan (Peter Porte) wants to modernize by demolishing and building the new, Lucy wants to protect and preserve. These opposites are about to clash in more ways than one.

Like anything from this “Heart of TV” network, this film is charming. It’s got a nice mix of contemporary romance vibe, coupled with the quieter historical era it celebrates. The story doesn’t literally revisit the Gilded Age, but it does honor it through Lucy’s keen appreciation for history (and its beautiful, primary setting). Somehow the story still manages to have that old-fashioned feel without sacrificing its contemporary setting.
 “Letting you go was the most practical decision I ever made. It’s also the worst decision of my entire life.” - Love, Once and Always 

The screenplay again allows us a relatable heroine in Lucy. Or she is for those of us who like history or are simply, bookish. She’s easy to like and whether we totally understand the passion or not, we respect her quest to preserve her history. Duncan is the infuriating foil to that plan. A detriment (to Lucy) we cannot help but also love despite his roadblock mentality. Their rekindled sparks chemistry is sweet and easy to root for. The sass and banter makes us smile with very little effort.

As each of the Hallmark network films reach, the conclusion for this story remains the same. It’s another winning original premiere its core audience will appreciate and in all likelihood, fall head over heels for. Between the endearing side characters, to the passionate pursuits of its characters, rounding up to the romance, Love, Once and Always is a keeper. It’s as sweet and happy as its peers, and that alone ensures viewers will embrace this romantic haven that is “Wycliffe House.” 

Photos: Hallmark Channel
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Hallmark Channel Preview | Four New Romances Premiere in the 2018 #SpringFever Campaign

Hallmark Channel Preview | Four New Romances Premiere in the 2018 #SpringFever Campaign

Spring is just around the corner. Or that's the hope. In this part of the world, the weather has certainly been conflicted - we've gone from 60° to snow and unseasonably cool temperatures in the span of a week. This weekend, it's supposed to even out to normal with all the sunshine. Needless to say, spring is closer to breaking through than winter is in keeping its hold.

With spring creeping up on us, Hallmark Channel is taking advantage and putting out four all-new originals in their 'Spring Fever' campaign. Here to cheer us from some of those grayer, blustery days March is known for, are these 2-hour blocks of sunshine. Among the new originals are familiar leading lady faces (Andrea Brookes, Julie Gonzalo, Megan Park, Joy Lenz) with a host of new-to-Hallmark leading men. Then there are not one but two royal romances one of which is based novel I suspect will be familiar to many of us.

But in addition to these four new originals, this Saturday (the 10th), Hallmark will premiere Love, Once and Always starring Pete Porte (Love at the Shore). Though not officially a part of their new campaign, this one still promises plenty of romance and joy. 

Here's the line up:

- Love, Once and Always | March 10
- The Sweetest Heart | March 17
- Royal Matchmaker | March 24
- Home by Spring | March 31
- Once Upon a Prince | April 7 (Finding Wonderland's book review, Once Upon a Prince)

You can swing by Silver Petticoat today to see the full "preview" of Hallmark's spring premieres, and drop a comment there about the titles you're anticipating - and why. Or tell me all about the films YOU are most looking forward to down below! I'd love to hear about them


It’s that time again to preview the upcoming romances premiering on Hallmark Channel. This year, their “Spring Fever” campaign bursts with new romances, including not one but two royal fairy tale stories. Needless to say, this is one plotline I never grow tired of, most especially when one is based on a favorite novel. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press
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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – Teenage Superhero (aka Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) Gets Re-boot

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – Teenage Superhero (aka Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) Gets Re-boot

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – Teenage Superhero Gets Re-boot

With the Marvel and DC Comic box office invasion, it’s inevitable some stories and characters will get re-boots or even solo films. One of the characters falling into the former category is the gangly teen, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. 2017 saw his story receive a “homecoming” following his intro into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in ‘Civil War.’

The story remains primarily (in the basic sense) the same with some new faces. In the titular role steps Tom Holland as Peter Parker, a geeky high school student being raised by his aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Bored is synonymous with most teenagers, but Peter’s is of a different sort. Enthralled with his experience with the Avengers, Peter anxiously awaits news he’s again needed from his mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.). When news doesn’t come, Peter spends his free time preventing petty crimes in his neighborhood – all while masquerading during the day as a typical high school student.

Things become perilous when a new villain presents himself, and Tony must again mentor his young friend, helping him to success and possibly the fame he thinks he wants.

Upon first reading this character was being reintroduced, my first thought was, “Really?? We need another Spider-Man series?” In many ways I still feel this was an unnecessary move on Marvel’s part. That said, I will concede Holland’s Peter is funny and an entertaining addition to the already good ‘Civil War’ film. Though it’s now been quite some time since I watched this film, we’ll endeavor to look at some of the things I do vs. didn't like.

Though the overreaching idea of this story remains the same, there are core differences. One of which being the tagline that this Spider-Man is a “neighborhood friendly Spider-Man.” The writer’s play with the idea of keeping this incarnation of the iconic character as more of a small-town hero, fighting to save the little guys rather than the jet-setting pursuits of his mentors.

This opens doors to some lighthearted humor, which is a welcome change, especially considering how progressively dark the other Marvel films have become. The people surrounding Peter are also a welcome addition. His high school friends are hilarious, most notably Ned. Then there are the tricks and awkward misses he has with his aunt as he tries to keep his alter ego quiet. The excuses he has to sell keep the giggles coming; one of the most humorous moments involves him locked in a warehouse.

Bringing this colorful world to life are the characters and actors behind their personalities. It’s fun to see a “sassy” aunt May, which is exactly what Tomei’s character is. The banter between she and Stark is hilarious, but then, one of the best wins of this film is the “bonus scene” that gives fans answers to Tony’s personal life. Holland is quite good filling these big shoes, and for this particular “version” of Spidey, I think he does well. Also part of the impressive cast list is Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau and Zendaya. It’s her character I have most issue with. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I don’t like her character (she’s all sassy and dry wit), it’s more the “cop out” the writer’s turn her into that I didn’t love.

Despite any so-so reactions, ‘Homecoming’ is entertaining. Like any Marvel film does, Spider-Man keeps us invested with its ability to balance between the breath-catching and dangerous tension, and lighthearted humor. It’s certainly one that will wind up in my DVD tray again. With another ‘Avengers’ film in our near future, and a 2019 Spider-Man sequel, I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll see of Spider-Man.

(This post does contain affiliate links; if you buy anything through these links, I'll receive a small percentage of the sale. Read the disclosure page for details.) You can own Spider-Man: Homecoming on DVD, BluRay or digitally on Amazon Video.

CONTENT: There is some typical profanity, an occasional innuendo, and action/adventure violence. The film is (appropriately) rated PG13.

Photos: Marvel 
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Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon – Gothic Historical YA Novel Re-imagines a Classic

Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon – Gothic Historical YA Novel Re-imagines a Classic

Book Review: Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon – Gothic Historical YA Novel Reimagines a Classic

(This post does contain affiliate links; if you buy anything through these links, I'll receive a small percentage of the sale. Read the disclosure page for details.) 

Author: Lorie Langdon
Publisher: Blink
Publication Date: 2018
Genre: Fiction; Historical, Young Adult
Source: Publisher Provided – thank you, Blink
Amazon | Blogger | Goodreads | Wordpress
Rating: ★★★★ 

Once upon a time Olivia Brownlow’s only glimpse into the lives of the privileged was when she pick-pocketed them. Living on the streets as Oliver Twist, Olivia is now Miss Brownlow living as a debutante about to make an advantageous match.

Once known as the “Artful Dodger,” Jack MacCarron is also living a life that’s really not his. He’s entered a world he wasn’t born too, but as con man with street smarts, he knows how to adapt.

Secrets, pasts and danger collide between these two lives… lives that seem to boast a glittering future.

Touted as an “innovative” re-telling, this novel certainly matches this descriptor. Taking a stab at reimaging the classic Dickens story, Oliver Twist, Langdon reworks the story through a different lens, that of a female protagonist. Apart from her co-authored series (‘Doon’), the only other book to this author’s name is Gilt Hollow, a contemporary story that’s different but not dissimilar to Olivia Twist.

Part of the appeal of this novel (for my shelf) is its setting. I love that it’s a historical novel in the YA scene, a market I really don’t read anything from. The anticipation of this story’s setting does not disappoint. Every scene and descriptive phrase is perfect, all of which is likely aided by the visualizations already affixed in my mind from BBC productions. With its shadowed streets and potential dangers lurking around the corners, the world is fascinating, and also, wisely, left in realistic format.

As characters existing in this world, Olivia and Jack are among the good. What’s so interesting about them is they have a past unlike most heroes and heroines. Of course every character has some kind of backstory, but in these arcs, both have a past, one with shadows that’s peppered with gray areas. That said, they’re easily liked, never on any kind of precipitance that leaves the reader wondering. A trait I appreciate.

Those seeking a unique historical read need look no further than Lorie Langdon’s latest. Olivia Twist is everything it promises to be - a historical work of fiction that dazzles. 

Synopsis | Olivia Brownlow is no damsel in distress. Born in a workhouse and raised as a boy among thieving London street gangs, she is as tough and cunning as they come. When she is taken in by her uncle after a caper gone wrong, her life goes from fighting and stealing on the streets to lavish dinners and soirees as a debutante in high society. But she can’t seem to escape her past … or forget the teeming slums where children just like her still scrabble to survive.

Jack MacCarron rose from his place in London’s East End to become the adopted “nephew” of a society matron. Little does society know that MacCarron is a false name for a boy once known among London gangs as the Artful Dodger, and that he and his “aunt” are robbing them blind every chance they get. When Jack encounters Olivia Brownlow in places he least expects, his curiosity is piqued. Why is a society girl helping a bunch of homeless orphan thieves? Even more intriguing, why does she remind him so much of someone he once knew? Jack finds himself wondering if going legit and risking it all might be worth it for love.

Olivia Twist is an innovative reimagining of Charles Dickens’ classic tale Oliver Twist, in which Olivia was forced to live as a boy for her own safety until she was rescued from the streets. Now eighteen, Olivia finds herself at a crossroads: revealed secrets threaten to destroy the “proper” life she has built for her herself, while newfound feelings for an arrogant young man she shouldn’t like could derail her carefully laid plans for the future. – Goodreads

Sincere thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book; all opinions are my own
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Top Ten Tuesday | Words to Live By (or more Specifically Book Quotes that Inspire, Make us Giggle and Swoon!!)

Top Ten Tuesday | Words to Live By (or more Specifically Book Quotes that Inspire, Make us Giggle and Swoon!!)

Top Ten Tuesday | Words to Live By (or more Specifically Book Quotes that Inspire, Make us Giggle and Swoon!!)

Hey, hey readers and visitors. It’s that time of the week again – Tuesday. With its arrival comes the fun, bookish meme, Top Ten Tuesday. Let’s find out what we’re talking about today.

That Artsy Reader Girl March 6: Favorite Book Quotes  

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.)

Ah, words! Without them, where would we be? There’d certainly be no books to become lost in because without words, what would one use to piece together these stories? The long and short of it is, without the glorious invention of words, stories such as these would cease to exist.

Thankfully, so many authors know how to use these words to their best advantage. Together they weave stories that make us laugh and swoon, perhaps shed a tear and in many instances, touch our hearts. Today we get to feature a few quotes that fall into some of these categories. Quotes that span a wide variety of topics and genres on my list, meaning some might be more for giggles (or swoons because you know how I love my fangirl-y moments), and others will hold more weight.

Thank goodness for authors who know how to make the most out of words as they wax eloquently to weave together these masterful (or fun) stories. Below we take a look at ten memorable, romance and fun quotes from across an assortment of genres.

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” - Emma, Jane Austen

Book: Amazon | Goodreads ● Own digitally on Amazon Video (2009 BBC) or on DVD Miramax DVD

“This entire time I've been closing myself off from love, but it's been the solution all along. I've built walls at every turn. No more.” - Unblemished, Sara Ella 
Amazon | Goodreads
“I just wanted to tell you that I understand if you go. It’s okay if you have to leave us. It’s okay if you want to stop fighting.” - If I Stay, Gayle Forman
Book: Amazon | Goodreads Own digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD. 

“All she had left was faith. Belief. God Himself.” - The Mistress of Tall Acre, Laura Frantz

“...sometimes we have to find the courage to take off our shoes and feel it all. Even the bad stuff.” - Barefoot Summer, Denise Hunter
“Nothing's wasted. Not with God. Sometimes you just need to have faith that He's got what's next.” - The Saturday Night Supper Club, Carla Laureano
“Maybe that’s what love is—sacrificing yourself to save another, taking the insult or taking the hit.” - Dear Mr. Knightley, Katherine Reay
Amazon | Goodreads

“Because how do you say goodbye to a piece of yourself?” - Hello, Goodbye and Everything In-Between, Jennifer E. Smith

“Stories are as unique as the people who tell them, and the best stories are in which the ending is a surprise.” - The Choice, Nicholas Sparks
Book: Amazon | Goodreads ● Own digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD. 

“She was bookish! She had no experience holding eye contact with Navy SEALs. All the practice she'd put in with Mr. Darcy and Rochester and Adolphus didn't seem to be holding her in good stead.” - True to You, Becky Wade

*video publishes Tuesday afternoon; channel linked above

ps; before you go, check out the March Giveaway Hop! new release giveaway

That’s it for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. As with each list I create, this one isn’t all inclusive (there are so many more I could feature), but it’s a great line up of amazing stories across various genres.

What books could you forever re-read? Have you read any of these? If so, did you like or dislike them? Comment with all the bookish talk below, and if you leave your Top Ten Tuesday (or blog!) links below, I’d love to swing by and visit. It may take me the week, but I will be by.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland
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This Beautiful Fantastic (2017) - Contemporary Fairy Tale about Independence and Imagination

This Beautiful Fantastic (2017) - Contemporary Fairy Tale about Independence and Imagination

In the past year, I feel as if the cinematic discoveries I've made have been those that go unnoticed. One of those films happens to be the little talked of Indie film, This Beautiful Fantastic

FILM REVIEW | Carrie Pilby (2017) - New York Streets Backdrop Literary Heroine's Story

If for no other reason, this film is worth a look for its clever wit and its imagination. Bursting with color and quirky ambitions, this film is unforgettable for a myriad of reasons. The story follows a sheltered woman who finds safety in strict routine and silly superstitions. She becomes involved in the life of her cranky neighbor and his hired man when both men, in unusual ways, unexpectedly become a part of her life. Suddenly, her well-ordered quiet life as a librarian and loner is upended. 

Telling this story is a brilliant and memorable cast that includes the veteran Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), Andrew Scott (Sherlock), and Jeremy Irvine. Everyone adds personality to their respective roles and makes this story come alive with so much joy and color. By the time the film ends, it has become more bittersweet, but it still manages to retain its joy, which is a testament to the storytelling. 

I suspect the quiet, bookish nature of the story will appeal to many of us, but be aware, this one is slower in its pace. That said, the film's qualities far outweigh its few flaws. 

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.) You can rent or own This Beautiful Fantastic, digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD

Content: Rated PG, this drama is blissfully clean apart from one or two commonplace profanities. 

Have you seen this one? Did you like or dislike it? Comment down below - or swing by Silver Petticoat, and let me know all the thoughts.


Sometimes you discover films without any preconceived notions. Other times you discover them thanks to a familiar face in the cast list. For me, the latter is how I happened upon This Beautiful Fantastic. An underrated film that’s as charming as its title would suggest. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

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Fangirl Confessions | Blog Award, Hollywood Glamour Style!

Fangirl Confessions | Blog Award, Hollywood Glamour Style!

Fangirl Confessions | Blog Award, Hollywood Glamour Style!

Hello, happy readers and friends! Welcome to (almost) the weekend. I hope you’ve had a great week full of happy smiles and simple joys. Today we’re celebrating the almost weekend with a little “fangirl confessions,” that’s really inspired by an award given to Finding Wonderland by the lovely, Hamlette from Hamlette’s Soliloquy. Many thanks to Hamlette (Rachel) for kindly bestowing a Liebster award on Finding Wonderland.

Instead of simply asking her nominees eleven new questions (as the award typically calls for), she spun hers to fit a Hollywood theme. All of which she planned to coordinate with (and in anticipation of) the 2018 Oscars which do air this Sunday March 4th. Or that’s my assumption!

The first part of the award is to thank whomever nominated you (done, but thanks again, Rachel), and secondly to share 11 facts about yourself. Seriously, I am sitting here, trying to come up with one fact, and cannot. I’m so boring. I live my simple life. I like my simple life. But this simple life doesn’t rack up all the “random facts.” With that said, we’ll jump right into the prompts that come with this tag.

Here’s what Rachel says as a preference to her prompts:

If you got to choose the Oscar winners this year, who would you select as winners for the follow categories, only using movies released in 2017?  (PLEASE NOTE:  You can use the same [movie] for more than one category.  The Academy does that all the time.)(ALSO, you don't have to stick to the official nominations.  Ignore them.  Do this your way.)

So much YES to her saying we don’t have to stick with the official Academy nominations. Most of the time, those should be 100% ignored. (Also, I don’t think I’ve seen a single 2017 Oscar nomination. #Proud) So, here we go with my picks. (Please note: my picks aren’t likely to be the “best of” 2017 in terms of those staunch critics. As I’ve said in my “Best of Movies” post late last year, if a film entertains me – whether that be through giggles, swoons or tears, to me, it’s the best kind of entertainment. That’s all I ask. Circling back to that earlier statement: told ya’, I’m a simple girl. *smile*)

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.) 

PS: I'd also go so far as to say, any of these films are a better Sunday night option than the Oscar show.

1.  Best Picture | Hmm… I don’t know that I’ve seen anything from 2017 that I felt was the “best ever.” That said, I did adore Gifted, and The Zookeeper’s Wife. Both of which are appropriately emotional and even if they take a lot out of a moviegoer, they give a lot back too.

2.  Lead Actor | Chris Evans (Gifted) …or Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast). Is either one of these performances THE most demanding (emotionally) I’ve ever seen? No. But Chris is phenomenal in Gifted, and appropriately emotional for the character/role, and story tone. Dan Stevens earns a mention because despite the paraphernalia (behind the scenes footage, everyone…!) he had to wear to become the Beast, the layers he gives this character are the best I’ve yet seen of the iconic hero.

3.  Lead Actress | Jessica Chastain for The Zookeeper’s Wife. Jessica is phenomenal in this film. Though I know nothing about the actual true events inspired by this story, the film is heartbreakingly beautiful.

4.  Supporting Actress | McKenna Grace for Gifted (Amazon Video). This girl is going places – and she’s so darn good in her role as Mary from this quiet drama.

5.  Supporting Actor | Johnny Depp for Murder on the Orient Express (you can rent or own digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD). I feel like there is someone else I liked just as well or better in a “supporting” role, but none are coming to mind. Plus Depp is good in this role. His screen time may be short, but he makes the most of it. Also, I’m realizing that there are lots of 2017 films I’ve yet to see because I wait for the DVD.

6.  Director | Kenneth Branagh for Murder on the Orient Express. Dude had to play multiple roles for this one since he also played the lead role.

7.  Costume Design | Beauty and the Beast. No explanation needed. (You can rent or own Beauty and the Beast digitally on Amazon Video or purchase on DVD.)

8.  Screenplay | This Beautiful Fantastic. This Indie drama is SO DARN SWEET! Or there's also indie dramas like Carrie Pilby (own or rent via Amazon Video or on DVD) or The Outcasts

9.  Original Song | Despite the fact that I am someone who loves music – it’s among some of the most powerful  storytelling mediums bar none – I must confess, I don’t give much attention to songs in films. Is that weird? Yes? I think so too.

That said, I do really like the song ‘To Be Human’ from the Wonder Woman soundtrack. (Keep in mind I’ve yet to see The Greatest Showman.)

10.  Original Score | Ditto from above! ⇈ Tell me about your favorite original scores.

11.  Visual Effects | Wonder Woman. There was a bit of a ruckus made about this one being snubbed over zero Oscar nominations. While I didn’t find it as amazing as the masses, I did enjoy it, and thought it deserved nominations in categories like costume design, effects, or film editing.

(You can own Wonder Woman digitally through Amazon Video or on DVD.)

What Oscar nominated films are you rooting for? Which ones have you seen, or which 2017 films do you wish earned nominations? Comment down below with all of the Oscar or film fangirl-y talk.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland
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