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Appetite for Love (2016)

Unlike last weekend, this weekend before-Valentine’s-day features only one original Hallmark premiere. And given a certain “big event” that is sure to garner millions of TV viewers Sunday night, who can blame them for that? Cute as their latest is, I must say I think my favorite, Dater's Handbook is still holding onto that top ranking.

Grease: Live! (2016)

Much as musicals were once all the range when a night at the cinema meant dressing up, nowadays the fad seems to be producing live stage productions. NBC was the first to tread into the territory to much criticism and has since followed their debut with two additional productions. This past Sunday night, Fox joined those ranks with a production of the popular musical, Grease. 

Always Watching by Lynette Eason

About the Book:
Author: Lynette Eason
Publisher: Revell
Source: Publisher Galley
Publication Date: 2016
Find the Review elsewhere:
Amazon ǀ Blogger ǀ Goodreads ǀ Life Is Story | Wordpress
Find the Book Elsewhere:
Series: Elite Guardians, 1
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 out of 5

With each new novel, Eason continues to get better. Always Watching is among her best.
Putting herself between another human being and a speeding bullet is Olivia Edwards’ job. This is exactly what she steps up to do when the life of popular radio host, Wade Savage, is threatened. As former law enforcement, Oliva knows how to investigate criminals even now as an owner of a private security firm. These skills serve her well when she has to step in on Wade’s case following the brutal beating of one of her operatives. What Olivia didn’t expect was to fall for her protecee… or the lengths to which Wade’s stalker would go.

Top Ten Tuesday | Places to Go

Travelling is something many of us would love to – or maybe have, experience. There’s something about the discovery of new places and experiences that pulls at us. Sometimes we don’t get to travel because of reasons that make it anything but practical or perhaps our location of choice isn’t feasible because, in a perfect world, it’d be to return to the past or visit the future.  

Whether we have been able experience travel or not, there is one safe way we can experience it day after day: through the joy of reading.  

Month in Review | January 2016

Good afternoon, blogger friends! How was your first month of 2016? I hope the New Year started off well for you all and perhaps even had some new discoveries – of the pleasant sort, as you rang in the sixteenth year of this millennium. Mine included finally finishing Downton Abbey (THOUGHTS are coming guys, oh will there be thoughts!) among other more meaningful family get-togethers and the like.

Another month’s close means another “month in review” here on DUTSM. 

All Things Valentine (2016)

Chick flicks of the romantic variety are catnip at my house. My mother and I seem to (maybe a little too often – or is there such a thing?) indulge in them frequently though none are more enjoyed than those we discover on the Hallmark Channel. 

Dater's Handbook (2016)

Each new season brings with it a slew of new Hallmark Channel originals. As their platform and profile has grown so have the number of movie premieres. Their Christmas countdown may be their biggest yearly draw, but no one should let their small (by comparison) Countdown to Valentine’s Day slip past their notice.  

Shadowhunters, Season One: Episodes 1 - 2 (2016)

Book-to-screen adaptations are a popular trend in today’s pop culture. Just because they might have been tried once (going down in epic failure), doesn’t mean following the adage “try, try again” is off the table. The just-launched Freeform (formerly ABC Family) series, Shadowhunters is out to prove its better than its predecessor big-screen counterpart and perhaps find a place on our TV for a handful of seasons.  

Meet the Blogger | Kate's 10 Favorite Literary Heroines

For a good long while now, I've wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers in a series of "meet the blogger" type posts. I've become friends with some bloggers through various emails or conversations on our blogs, but I never had a good idea to "pitch" to said bloggers (all the really good ones were taken). In spring (2015) I finally forged ahead and got in touch with some bloggers, asking if they wanted to put together something they might be comfortable writing - i.e., a topic they wanted to talk about, a random fun and popular book tag. Because of that, this isn't a traditional "meet and greet" blogger introduction. Rather, it's blogging friends putting together something they enjoy, and hopefully because of that it reads like you'd be getting together and having coffee with them. That's what - in my opinion, makes this such fun. Fortunately even without an organized "this-is-what-I-want" plan, they agreed to the invitation.

Today, we are here to meet one such blogger.
Today, after many quiet months of zero “meet the blogger” posts, I am thrilled to again (and finally) feature a fellow book blogger. Let's return to this series that I love so much. (No promises it's back for good, mind you.)
Kate (of Parchment Girl) is not only a book blogger, her scribbling's can also be found as a contributor to Book Riot not to mention, she's a talented writer. Her blog spotlights everything from classic literature to honest reviews of the entertainment she watches., and a series of advice posts for new (and seasoned!) bloggers. As seems to be the case with far too many of my amazing blogging friends, I don’t remember how I “met” Kate, but however it happened, know this; she’s a fabulous person to chat with.
If you’ve not yet met her, swing by and say hello. (After you’ve continued reading her contribution here, of course.) When I asked Kate if she’d like to join my random blogging series (I really should find a better word for this since it’s more of an occasional thing), I felt bad that my lack of coordinating a really good series idea required she come up her own topic and idea. But I shouldn’t have been as Kate emailed me back with a brilliantly well written post. Her topic of choice? Favorite literary heroines!

Top Ten Tuesday | Book to Screen Adaptations

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday was a free-for-all. Believe it or not, sometimes these topics are actually more difficult than those that are laid out for the blogger because with that, I have a topic set in front of me and I know which direction I’m expected to go in. 

Perhaps I’m too much of a creature of habit.