Pinterest // Spring has Come

Hello there! So... after weeks of seeing Pinterest here and there, and everywhere, I am kind of being a copy-cat. Sometimes that might not always be a "good thing" but in this situation, I really don't think Jessica will mind (or at least I hope she doesn't *wink*). Instead of posting something else, I decided to post some photos from the ever-popular Pinterest. I never did get around to creating an account (like I need another account to think about - I mean, really!) but nevertheless, it seemed like a fun notion to "break" things up and go for a post that is not of the norm.

I saw this, and thought it an adorable idea for a centerpiece. It is whimsical, simple and cute, and best of all, looks like spring-time "in a jar."

Another "jar" idea - only this time it may be something more appropriate for that "sweet tooth" you may have. Yes, it's a cake!

Just a cute idea. 

I always love the apple blossoms - both the scent and how pretty they look - this photo caught my eye not only because it's lovely but I like the photography (artistic eye) of it. It reminds me of apple blossoms.

Cute, simple idea for cupcakes #1:  

Cute idea #2 - these were just made at our house, too (how weird is that!?):

To finish off - aren't these just the cutest!? 

Hmmm... there were a lot of food pictures in this post - very cute food ideas.

Have you all seen the latest issue of Femnista!? It is fabulous in my humble opinion - possibly even my very favorite issue yet. Have a marvelous day, readers! 


  1. Pinterest is SO fun for finding craft ideas. You're right, that Mason jar is adorable.

  2. Isn't it though!? I could totally see my mom and I making something like that. =)

  3. lol... hey, it's not like i came up with the weekly pinterest link-up all on my own.


  4. Well... I know but you were the blogger who I followed that introduced me to this "sort" of post, Jess. ;-)

  5. All of these pics are so fun and creative! Pinterest is great for inspiration! Love the spring time in a jar. :-)

  6. All adorable, and colorful. Love it.

  7. you need an account! its so addicting isn't it? some very cute finds. i think you need to join! xo

  8. Gwendolyn - they are, aren't they!? =) I just thought that jar idea was super cute - and easy! Looks like such a festive centerpiece.

    Charity - that is what spring is! =)

    Lovers Letters - ha! That is all I need; another account to keep current. ;-)

    Just looking through the site, it does look FUN!

    Thanks bunches for stopping by - I really hope you do so again!


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