Carly Rae Jepsen + U.S. Olympics

Okay, so forget what the song says - this is crazy, I've posted three times today! That is unusual for me but... I decided to get in on all the Olympic posts with this video.

What does new pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen and the U.S. Olympic swim team have in common? Well, during their downtime, they are the latest to cover the hit song in this fun (slightly crazy *wink*) video! Check it out - it is really cute. Congrats to Ryan and Dana for already winning gold medals!


  1. Ahhh this is so funny!!! These big dudes with major muscles in speedos kinda cracked me up. ;) :46 was so funny. This is definitely the best cover video yet. ;)

  2. Aw, that is cool! That would be fun. And yes, I've noticed most people who make books into movies kill them. Sad really.

  3. Okay, that is the most awesome thing I've seen in a while. Hahaha!!!

  4. Brooke - I know, right!? That does totally crack you up! I probably had a grin on my face throughout most of the video because that does make for a good laugh. ;-D

    Wasn't this FUN!? I thought it was awfully cute.

    Miss Baillot - isn't it though!? I saw a snippet of it on the TV and thought that I needed to look it up. Glad I did! So cute. :-)

    Yeah, books are butchered in Hollywood but... sometimes, they are better for it!

    Rosie - it was funny, right!? Gave you the laugh of the day. :-D

  5. I know, right!? This is one of those videos that just makes you smile and giggle over the fun these athletes had doing this. :-)

    Really glad you stopped by, Morgan - thanks!!

  6. This video is absolutely hilarious and somewhat reminds you that Olympic athletes ARE human =)

    And the Olympics is a big reason why I haven't been around much. Not going to lie....I have been addicted =P

  7. OMG!!!!! I loved that!!!!!! I would so love Ryan Lochte's number... lol ;)

  8. Ella - it sure put a smile on my face! I thought it was so silly, it was cute. :-)

    Well... after the Olympics, I will look for (and expect :-D) your return, girl! ;-)

    Tory - isn't it worth watching!? I laughed throughout!

    Ryan is a great swimmer - and Olympian. Let me know how that wish turns out. ;-D

  9. I have been meaning to post this ever since my friend showed it to me. I just find it hilarious and fun to watch :) It's also fun to pick out familiar faces *grins* Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  10. This was so cute, it was... funny! I should watch it again now that I've watched most of the swimming because I am sure I'd pick out more familiar faces than I did the first time.

    It was way fun!

    You should post it sometime, Sierra. :-)


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