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Hawaii Five-O, Season Two (2011)

Where other networks have failed miserably at re-making classic television, the 2010 season saw CBS try to re-boot, Hawaii Five-O and much to everyone’s surprise, earned an instant hit. From the opinion of a girl who has never seen an episode of the old version, this show is hard not to like. 
In the chaotic aftermath of the governor’s death, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) was arrested and charged with her murder. Steve claims innocence but with the weapon found in his possession with his prints on it, security camera tampering and no eyewitness, his former Five-O co-worker, Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) is forced to arrest him as a re-instated HPD detective. Steve’s partner Danny Williams (Scott Caan) is furious at Chin for thinking he could have possibly murdered the woman who gave them license to operate with no strings. With Kono (Grace Park) facing an IA investigation it falls to Danny to clear his friend’s name but first he needs some help leading him to recruit Steve’s former commander, Joe White (Terry O’ Quinn) to assist them in finding the proof that will clear Steve but before they can even reconvene, Steve is stabbed by a former enemy who gives him opportunity to escape custody.  

Gathering the team, Danny and Chin return to working together as Chin uses his position as a way to gain information on what HPD’s files say about Steve and Kono tracks Wo Fat, the man they all believe killed the governor, pinning it on Steve on the process. Unless they can find the evidence they need, Steve may not escape the charges HPD is so anxious to hang on him.

Though I love crime shows, I am willing to admit that there are probably too many of them cluttering nighttime slots – I can admit that I watch several but even the number I follow isn’t a fourth of them. Fortunately, for this particular one, it has a lot of good things going for it. In the first episode alone, I was taken on a pulse-pounding ride that, true, ended a bit too contrived for its own good but was, nonetheless one of the best resolutions to its season one cliffhanger, to say nothing of the fact that re-visiting the gang of HFO was one I was most anticipating! Respectfully, I have to disagree with my friends who enjoy this show but were unimpressed with the plot lines and strategies the sophomore season used to re-open past transgressions and the cases in general. Watching it, I was constantly impressed with the cases, even those that I’d seen done on other television procedurals. Fortunately for me, I didn’t pick up on anything being lessened and was just as easily enthralled by each of the exciting cases.

Like its premiere season, the characters were compelling not just their fun, easy-going banter and teasing of each other but also pulling fans in to care about their problems and struggles. This season probably the biggest misfortunate was Kono’s attitude and some of the ways she stabbed her team in the back for the first fourth of the season. Her concern wasn’t for them but that she felt her opinions were slim to none and in fact, fiction or no, the truth is: there is always a choice. Kono makes the wrong one over and over again, which leads us to desperately want someone to shake her out of the funk because as a character, she is easily liked. Taking her spot as the fourth member of the team is the tough, CIA officer, Laurie (Lauren German) who regrettably felt expendable throughout her stay. I was terribly sorry for it because I enjoyed her character but was constantly wishing to know more about her – especially when it becomes clear she carried a torch for Steve. Those who are curious about our crime-fighters love lives will enjoy Danny’s awkward interaction with a pretty historian (Autumn Reeser) and the return of Cat (Michelle Borth), Steve’s girlfriend – someone I’d enjoy getting to know better, but be prepared for the unexpected introduction of Kono’s affections. I have to say: I am not very trusting.  

Filming on location is stunning as the camera’s do a superb job of capturing the beauty of Hawaii. We’re given a spot of happiness with a HFO wedding while throughout the span of installments, favorite and not-so-favorite characters make re-appearances though some fans who tire of villains or characters who continue to appear with no resolution will be pleased that a few are wrapped with no potential to be re-opened but the mystery of Wo Fat’s vendetta is left wide open and the one thing that is answered by the end is interesting but not as clever as it should have been. By the time the finale rolled around, I had read the spoilers and knew what to expect but I was upset at the writer’s for the one thing they did that I may or may not ever forgive them for. 

(What to know: There are a handful of scenes implying a character having had overnight guests – one scene shows a woman in a hotel room with her boyfriend [she is dressed, he emerges from the shower in a towel]. There are various other mild sexual implications. Profanity is rare but occasional commonplace profanities slip through. Dozens of shot-outs, explosions and/or fighting appear throughout the 20-some episode span. Rating: TV14.)
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  1. I've only seen the cross-over episode with NCIS LA (sadly, Alex wasn't in that one) but my dad and I liked what we saw. ;D He's watched the original, I haven't.

    Great review!

    1. OH. MY. GOODNESS! That episode was awesome, Rosie! Alex's presence was missed though... but at least they didn't forget about him. I like what I see every time I watch an episode of this fabulous show. ;D

      Your dad would probably like this if he watched the original - I've not seen it either. My one friend has though and she is VERY impressed with this re-make so I think that speaks volumes. :)

      Thank you for reading!

  2. I have heard it is an awesome re-make, I think my husband and I should start it!!!

    1. ...and you heard right, Gina! It's one of the best crime dramas on as is Person of Interest. And NCIS. CBS really knows how to make 'em!

      Hope you and your husband enjoy if/when you watch it. :)

  3. Thanks for the comment about my spruced-up if I just knew how to make TOTALLY RAD ones like yours always are!! :)

    1. Aw! You are welcome, Kellie - thank you for all your lovely comments. :)

      It's really simple to make headers - especially on PicMonkey or any free editing site but I've switched to a stamping program that my family purchased because it allows for more creativity and elements to be added to your design. That is always more fun. :)

    2. What's the name of the program, Rissi? I love photo editing and designing!

    3. Me again...sorry if I'm getting repetitive! ;) As perhaps you've guessed, I'm working on a blog look overhaul. If you don't mind my did you get your pages links like they are? Right now I've got mine stuck in a blue bar underneath my header, but I'm growing weary of it across my page. I admire the smaller, more concise format of your page links. Are you adverse to sharing your secret? :)

    4. Hey, there, Kellie - you could never be repetitive! Love your comments. :)

      Online and for anything free, I use PicMonkey - it's cool and has some great fonts/elements but for the program (which is more scrapbook/stamping than strictly photos), I use Stampin' Up's program, My Digital Studio. They just upgraded it and it's AWESOME! There are still some restrictions that I wish were lifted but it's been fun to learn about and the elements you can use aren't too shabby either.

      Yay! Good for you changing things up with your blog - that can be a challenge but it's SO much fun, isn't it!? I hate HTML coding but have learned some about it. There's no secret to the page links - just go under, "layout" and add it as an "HTML/JavaScript" element. I also "centered" the links which is part of the HTML coding - I could probably send you my code and then you could simply add in your links if you like. (I do use a different template then you also... I think, "Ethereal template.")

      Anyway... hope that helps and/or made any sense! :)

    5. If you don't mind sending me your code, that would be wonderful! I'm completely a visual learner, so seeing it would be tremendous. You can email it to me: chocolatemilkmaid(at)hotmail(dot)com. Hopefully my template difference wont be too much of a problem. We'll see! Thank you! :) Once again, I'm honestly not trying to be a copy-cat blogger. ;)

    6. Not at all, Kellie! I understand where you are coming from - my mother is a VERY visual person and I am to a certain extent. (I'll also include some screen shots for you.)

      I hope that the template difference won't matter either. That'd be great if it didn't - that shouldn't make a difference. LOL: If you'd like to be a copy-cat blogger, I am one person who will not be offended - after all, I get inspiration from other's blogs ALL THE TIME. :D

      Emailing you after my blog replies are complete. :)

  4. Oooh! Sounds cool! I haven't watched any Hawaii Five-O, but it sounds quite interesting!

    1. It is cool, Micah! It easily ranks as one of the best crime dramas on TV. :)

  5. Well, you know that it was you and Ruth who finally got me on the bandwagon--and I am most definitely on it.

    However, I didn't like this season as well as season 1. Lauren German really detracted for me. I couldn't stand her. Cat as Steve's love interest is better. I mean, the character of Laurie bugged me to no end. And I was so happy she was removed from the show! Okay, I know I sound mean......

    But there was a lot that I love. I loved the crossover episode (the one that Alex was not in) and I did enjoy more of the back story....Wo Fat's actor (Mark Dascascos) is on a cooking show I watch so in a way, he makes me laugh.....and yet that episode that takes place in North Korea. Man, he is a baddie all right!!!!!!!

    1. Yay! Good for Ruth and I. You know we have to get you addicted to all these fabulous shows, don't ya'. ;D

      Loved this season but did remember that all three of you - Charity, Ruth and yourself - weren't as fond of it. Fortunately, I still was. LOL! Always get a kick out of Danny and Steve's bickering as well as the light-hearted nature the show retains even when it's "serious." There's talent in balancing it so well.

      I was conflicted about Laurie's character. She didn't bug me and I actually liked an additional character to the team, I only wish she hadn't been expendable - she was given NO backstory! Though we've not been given much to work with, I love Cat - she's so cute and knows how to give it right back to Steve.

      There are too many things for me to name what I loved about S2. That crossover was FANTASTIC but I missed Steve. As for Wo Fat... that is amusing! Imagine seeing him on a cooking show and then as a ruthless villain here. Yikes! That is something - and you are SO right, he's quite the baddie. *shudder*

      Cheated and watched the episode last night - how fabulous was that!?

    2. which one? The one with Steve taken hostage? I liked it a lot!!

    3. Yes, indeed - the one where Steve and the band of little would-be MacGyver's are camping. Wasn't that the cutest!? :)

  6. I love this show! The location where they film is so beautiful and the characters are great!

    - from a Steven/Kono shipper!
    HA! xD

    1. You and I both, Renu. It's one of the BEST crime dramas on TV. The location IS STUNNING - it's the show's great appeal(filming on location adds such authenticity).

      Oh, really?! You like Steve and Kono together? They've not teased that as of yet but I wouldn't be surprised if they did at some point. It sometimes "ruins" the show for me because it comes across as so cliché - sometimes I like to see co-workers remain what they are: Loyal friends.

  7. h5o is one of my favorites!! all the characters are fun and easy to like. alex is one stunning man and scott caan is so cute too :)

    1. Must agree again, Victoria! This show is almost too cool for its own good. ;) Love how easily likable all the characters are - plus yes, it's leading man is one good-looking dude. ;) He fills this role well; plus he and Scott Caan have some great team chemistry. :)

      Thanks - again - for stopping by. Visit anytime. :)


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