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How to Fall in Love (2011)

When one of the cast members of a favorite show appears in something else, I get excited at the prospect of seeing them outside of the character I’ve come to know – in a sense outside of that “comfort zone.” Apart from seeing this was a Hallmark (nearly always an automatic qualifier), the thing that most interested me was its leading lady.
High school doesn’t hold fond memories for Harold. After all, he wasn’t exactly popular. Considered a geek, his crush on the prettiest girl in school didn’t end how he’d have wished. Twenty years later, Harold (Eric Mabius) runs his own accounting firm with smart business savvy yet he’s still not very good when it comes to dating. His dream girl (Gina Holden) he’s never spoken with prompting his best friend to suggest Harold see a dating coach. That meeting ends in less than productive ways and then, there is Annie (Brooke D’Orsay). The girl Harold always liked in high school is suddenly back in his life and she has a solution to all his problems: Hire her as his dating coach and she guarantees, he’ll be dating in no time. With Annie’s help, Harold may just land the girl of his dreams in no time.  

Being a “how-to” story is perfectly appropriate for this film, because it’s impossible not to fall for this – and believe me, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. The one thing it doesn’t do is teach us how not to be so charmed by it. There's no denying there is something is infectious about the film once it all came together in one wholesome and cutely romantic package.  

Typical to any telefilm, the scripting isn’t always what it should be though I’d be lying if I didn’t say there is some witty dialogue paired with poignant conversations. Annie’s determination to make Harold realize his worth was particularly sweet while it was especially fun to discover Harold’s hobby (I liked that it didn’t mesh with what he did in his professional life). My greatest complaint is the cinematography. Nearly every scene seemed “gray,” missing the colorfulness that the characters and story should have. The backdrop was sorely lacking in that way making the film seem more one-dimensional. Pops of unexpected fun come into the frames here and there, and in spite of myself I liked the quirkiness of Annie’s dress. This then brings me to the fantastically terrific protagonists.  

Any seasoned rom-com fan will, perhaps, be surprised at the depiction of the leading man. He’s a “geek” through and through whose personality is revealed to be more multi-layered than first impressions expose. From the first moment meeting him as a gangly, 15-year-old nervous over his date, there is something “cute” about him. Then as the successful business man, Harold, he is a compelling leading man to say the least, I thought him to be. Whether he's wearing ridiculously large, black-rimmed glasses or dressing like a suave heartbreaker, Harold has to be one of my favorite leading men to come from Hallmark; he’s considerate and cute in a boy-next-door kind of way. As Annie would say, he’s a romantic and truly a gentleman. He and Annie are adorable together, and Brooke is simply delightful as the out-going and kind-hearted Annie.  

Bottom line, this is one comedy hard to say “no” to. It may be a “how-to” guide for the benefit of Harold, but it becomes equally so for us. How to Fall in Love teaches the  audience and the once naïve, self-indulgent Annie that first impressions are not often what you think. Looking underneath the outward physical picture, she found that what really matters is underneath. That’s where the real value is. 

(Rated TVPG: There may be a brief sexual implication [non-graphic] or an instance of immodest dress.)
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  1. I thought this one was cute! I liked how the leads played off of each other =)

    1. So did I, girl! Loved the "geeky-ness" of Harold, and how cute he and Annie were together. Since I love the actress in Royal Pains already, it wasn't hard to "fall" for her character here. :)

      Hope you are having a fabulous time with your friends, Ella!

  2. I have REALLY got to watch more Hallmark rom-coms. lol!

    1. Yes, indeed! They're usually super cute. If you like something with more "substance," these are rather clichéd but for myself, I'm satisfied if its entertaining.

      Hope you like this one if/when you see it, Rosie. :)

  3. Aaaaand want to see this too!!! :)

    1. Neat! Loved how perfectly geeky the leading guy was, Micah. Will look forward to your thoughts! :)

  4. OK - watched this and LOVED it!

    1. Hooray! So glad to know you enjoyed it, Micah! It's one of those feel-good, warm and fuzzy kinda movies that "demands" we enjoy it. :)


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