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The Nanny Diaries (2007)

The Nanny Diaries

I don’t know what possessed us to see this in the theater (other than the trailer’s hilarious quips), but I can still vaguely remember seeing it on the big-screen and being disappointed by some of its directions. With time, I've been able to see this through a new scope. It's more "fluff" than substance boasting a cute cast, plus there is the addition of Captain America!

Could anything be better?  
In the Upper East Side of New York, Annie Braddock (Scarlett Johansson) is about to discover who she really is. Twenty-one and fresh out of college with a business degree, she’s confused as to what comes next. If Annie’s mom has her way, a career is about to be launched in the business world but Annie is drawn to the freedom of anthropology. One disastrous interview later and fate leads her directly into the world of Mrs. X. (Laura Linney), a wealthy Upper East Side mother who is desperate for a nanny. The pay is impressive and Annie wants time to consider her options but she didn’t realize just how stressful that could be.

First off her little charge Grayer (Nicholas Art) is a brat who ‘hates’ her, secondly the interest her employer Mr. X (Paul Giametti) has for her becomes more than professional. Needless to say, the nanny’s juggling act just got more complicated.  

As a seemingly "silly" comedy, this does have some genuine wholesome comedy with several surprisingly poignant moments. Staging and filming is unexpectedly different even playing up a quirkiness that's infectious. This is primarily because of Annie’s uncertain, “dreamy” personality. Filmmakers gave a nod to the classic Mary Poppins film with scenes of Annie being swept up by a red umbrella while sequences feature museum wax statues as her narration imagines different scenarios her life could take. It’s a unique method, but doesn’t always “work” for the film. Then there's Annie’s narration, read in diary form so she keeps a distance from everyone, nicknaming the people in her life as a way of remaining aloof. Fortunately the former scenes happen only in the beginning and again at the end whereas the narration could be more distracting though the middle portions seem to even out to a normal balance.  

Counter-acting any odd snags is its cute storyline and acting, both of which make this a little more entertaining despite its disappointing elements. Nicholas Art is a cute child actor who is really quite good as Grayer; he plays the role with the talent of a more experienced actor. In particular his last scene with Annie displays that. Scarlett Johansson plays a cutesy character well, and we come to love her clumsy Annie without hesitation. Then there is the casting of Chris Evans who plays “Harvard Hottie” (a name very appropriate); he and Scarlett have great chemistry, which is only helped considering how they first meet ,under rather humorous circumstances, and that theme is continued in each conversation. Memorable scenes happen between Nicholas and Scarlett; the well-written relationship is probably the best aspect of the whole movie. (Another particularly poignant scene comes about ten minutes before the film ends and involves a teddy bear confrontation, of all things.)  

Despite its flaws The Nanny Diaries really is quite enjoyable – even with its bittersweet end. But, by the end lessons are learned that can’t be bought with any amount of money. 
CONTENT:  One minor character is a party girl, and there is social drinking. One or two homosexual jokes are bantered about and still another scene at a bar with a table of guys includes some sexual innuendos as well as a use of the F-word. Uses of sh*t, he*l, a** and other minor profanities make it into the film. Annie’s pants get pulled down exposing her underwear [comically]; it’s implied one couple sleep together. A man is having an affair, we briefly see him in his office with a woman, and he touches another woman at her hip only to be rejected. The film is rated PG13.
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  1. I like this movie. It's very cute.

  2. Sounds like something fun! Might just add it to the list for when I need a fun movie to watch!

    1. It's a fun "girls night out" movie. The cast is cute and yet, the story has a purpose. :) Enjoy, Kellie!

  3. I got all excited about this movie until I read the Parental Concerns at the bottom of your review (thanks for adding that, by the way). *sigh* I wish Hollywood would learn they don't need to include junk.

    1. Sometimes that can put a damper on a movie, Rosie - sorry about that! To be honest, the content isn't any worse than your "average" rom-com but growing up the way I did, I respect everyone's choices and always think it's best to stay away if you feel uncomfortable sitting through a movie. At the end of the day, that's all it is: A movie. :)

      Agree with you 100% - it's a shame Hollywood doesn't produce some better "feel-good" flicks.

    2. I appreciate that! I might still check it out... If only for the sole reason that Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans are in it. lol! :-)

      It really is. :(

    3. Ah, yes! Chris is super cute. But then, he always is. :D

  4. I have yet to see this one. I've wanted to....just never got around to it =( But I want to remedy that!

    1. Oh, gosh! You should check this one out sometime, girl! It's really cute. We just re-watched it again but it'd been well over a year since we'd last seen it; I always forget how sweet the relationship between Annie and Grayer is. :)

  5. I've never seen it. . .but I looooooooooooove Captain America :)

    1. Me, too. ;) Love Chris Evans acting, Hannah - and of course, Captain America.


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