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Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall James Bond

An impeccable suit and cool gadgets are synonymous with James Bond. Just celebrating its fiftieth anniversary has made Ian Flemming’s fictional super spy the longest running film franchise to date with twenty-three titles to its credit. Skyfall pays tribute to that.

Failing their latest mission is not an option for the British Secret Service. After murdering a security team – their own men, a highly skilled assassin becomes the agency’s most wanted criminal and this sends oo7, James Bond (Daniel Craig) after the man. Aided by local field agent, Eve (Naomie Harris), the head of the agency, M (Judi Dench) orders her to take the sniper shot lest they lose the valuable list – one that contains the names and locations of undercover agents, the man is about to make off with instead she hits Bond who falls into a river and is presumed dead by the agency. Three months later, there is an explosion at the London headquarters leaving a trail that points to M as the target of these attacks, a carefully planned plot meant to exact revenge. The only question is who is behind them?

Before getting into the good and bad of the newest Bond film, there is a confession I must make; this is the first I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t that they didn’t look interesting it was simply a franchise I’d never taken time to watch. As thrillers go, it’s well told with its breath-catching opening and fabulous car chase that wastes no time in happening barely ten minutes in and cumulates on top of train cars, which is the lead-in to an opening title sequence quite “usual” for Bond films. This one starts out good before getting a bit bizarre with its graphics though it does feature Adele’s vocally cool song of the same name that was written specifically for the movie and already boasts an award. Save for its morals, in all other regards, Skyfall is an outstanding use of film.

FILM REVIEW | Spectre (2015)

Known for clocking in at over two hours, it was pleasant to discover despite the ridiculously long time, the pacing is quite good. Every time the villain (played creepily well by Javier Bardem) escapes, it didn’t seem a point of irritation because the excitement and thrill of the chase is so adrenaline punched it seems like no time has passed. Plus, the writing doesn’t drag anything unnecessarily out. There is a particularly good action-packed scene that is directed well with some cool special effects involving tense moments when a politically aimed panel is interrupted. Likewise the scene at Skyfall is terrific. Paying homage to the oldies in this franchise, it’s also a fun section that reminds of the rigged up gadgets of the days of McGyver. 

Where the weaponry and effects excel, the morals are nonexistent. Like prior movies, at least three women are a brief part of Bond’s life before credits role. Naomie Harris is a smart, interesting character but like the people who surround Bond, she is expendable (honestly, it’s surprising she is still breathing by the end!) in that she’s more illusion than substance. Any mystery that may be a part of her past is eluded too although never confronted. The final scene with her is cute as is the teaser assuring us Bond will be back. Daniel Craig has been heralded as the “best” which is something I cannot fairly judge, he filled the shoes just fine exhausting the mysterious super spy so many fans have been captured by for five decades. With finesse and pizzazz, Skyfall seems a commendable addition to something that has become an icon in society’s entertainment. 

(Parental review: Bullets find their target and kill multiple people; one is murdered for no other reason than entertainment. Bodies are seen lying around after an explosive climax as well as a room of murdered agents in the opening; a knife finds its way into the back of someone. Weird reptile-like creatures drag a person into their lair. There are two implications of intimacy [one involves a “heavy” make-out scene] and one in the shower showing two naked people, from the waste up. Implications of homosexuality crops up; a man runs his hands up and down the clothed legs of his prisoner and gets in close to him during conversation laced with double-meanings. Profanity is infrequent with commonplace uses save for one use of the F-word and some British slang. MPAA rating is PG13.)
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  1. Glad you enjoyed this one, Rissi! I've seen a few different Bonds and Daniel is one of my favorites. (Next favorite is Sean Connery!) The only reason, I think, Eve didn't die is because she is a reincarnation of an character that appeared earlier in the franchise. Hehe.

    1. Excellent point. My dad mentioned that Eve was the name of Bond's secretary (way back when) but it was still ironic that she lived. ;) Hardly anyone does.

      Happy to know this is your favorite Bond, Rosie - my cousin likes to say Daniel Craig is the bond of *her* generation. True as that is, I think I'd like some of the "old" 007's also. :)

    2. This is true. Hehehe.

      In some respects I guess he is. lol I think you will too, because like I said Sean Connery is amazing... :D

    3. Happy to know that Sean Connery is good in the role. Sometimes the hero is too "wimpy" for my tastes. Um, hello!? I like my hero to be 100% cooler than the villain. ;)

  2. I haven't seen a James Bond yet, but having watched a preview for this one (I was a while ago) it definitely looks like something I'd enjoy! :) Btw, did you see Hobbit?

    1. This was the only one I'd ever watched, Charity. I've seen parts of others but never an entire two+ hours. It was quite good. Despite the morals. :)

      For all the praise of the 'Lord of the Rings' series, middle earth is really not my genre so, no I've never seen them nor The Hobbit. It's not that I doubt they are good (my dad saw them and I've read reviews/comments on the series), it's just my time is worth something and when I relax, I like to watch something that I'm almost sure I'll like. So far, I'm not convinced I'll love this series. Someday though I'll watch them. :)

  3. Not my favorite Bond film of all-time, but still one of the better ones in recent time. I definitely look forward to seeing where they go with this franchise now. Good review Rissi.

    1. I can't judge (yet!) which I prefer. Don't know if Daniel Craig will be my favorite Bond in general. It seems like the franchise may be a bit more sensitive to keeping around more than just 007 and "M" - or that's what it seemed to set up with the arrival of Eve. We shall see.

      Thanks for stopping by, Dan. And for taking the time to read the review.

  4. looveeddd this movie! I think my favorite part was the opening scene with Adele's song! ;)

    1. Yes, indeed, it was really quite good, Rachel. :) And Adele's song was a stunner!

  5. I think you probably know how I feel about this movie... :)

    1. Indeed I do, Ruth! It was a great spy movie. :)


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