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The Seven Year Hitch (2012)

When you’re in the “market” of finding a new, delightful, family-friendly romantic comedy, there is no name more appropriately recommended than Hallmark Channel. This film
proves that philosophy.
For young Jennifer and Kevin, it was love at first… slinky. Way back when they were rambunctious six-year-olds, Jennifer and Kevin have been best friends – at first it may have had something to do with Kevin rescuing Jen’s slinky until it became one of mutual respect. They were inseparable and even now, remain close – much to the chagrin of Jen’s lawyer friend. Jennifer (Natalie Hall) is a professional making a good living and a success of her college education whereas Kevin (Darian Brooks) is drifting through life with little ambition “playing” at a career with board games and a three hour workday. It was this that led Jennifer to offer the extra bedroom in her home to Kevin – just until he got on his feet. That was seven years ago. And now, Jennifer’s snobbish boyfriend is becoming increasingly demanding that she kick Kevin out. Only trouble is, Kevin knows that Jen deserves better than her cheat of a boyfriend, he only needs to find a way to prove it to her.

Like any good rom-com, ‘Hitch’ has all the right requirements to be considered funny with a pleasant enough cast to carry it off. Between two guys with a Peter Pan syndrome – in varying degrees, a sweet-natured leading lady and a host of friends who see the truth of Jen and Kevin’s hearts before they do, the screenplay writer has a great handle on this charmer – including but not limited to a great bit of word play in the title. (It’s cute, right?) 

The cast is fresh-faced and seems to mold well with some good-natured, easy ribbing and genuine affection. Romantic chemistry sparks are lacking to some intensity; Natalie and Darian share more of an easy-going friendship than the makings of a romantic match. However, both of them do mange emotional speeches and tender glances (tears included!), and I’ve always had a soft spot for relationships that begin as friends and grow into the perfect match. Sifting emotions and feelings position the entire film as being sincere as does the unspoken challenge Jen issues to Kevin – this sequence is probably the best the film has to offer, giving the audience something to laugh at as well as experiencing the “moment” when Jen realizes the truth.  

Like many of their productions, this was one film that I was anticipating expecting it to be good based on its concept and cute promos alone. Fortunately, this wasn’t a letdown. It’s a quirky joy of a comedy that won’t appeal to those looking for something with a bit more substance and less fluff – the antics become childish at times which is an element created in an effort to distinguish between two very different personalities. Between Kevin’s protectiveness (and by the way, may I just applaud him for standing up for Jen when her jerk boyfriend treats her more akin to a pretty face to be ordered about rather than his fiancée) and Bryce’s annoying arrogance, there are a couple of “wrestling” scenes that would be more appropriate behavior of five-year-olds than grown men. It was a minor, petty complaint that didn’t ruin the film for me. Call me old fashioned but I like a leading man to be just that so Kevin’s “little boy” attitudes and lack of ambition wasn’t my first choice. Nonetheless, I liked him as a character and realized that Jen’s attitude and personality – one Kevin knew like no one else, was a positive influence on him. Just by being who she was, she made him want to change and that is good enough for this viewer. If you can overlook these (minuscule) imperfections, it’s a gem of a script with few 'hitches.' 
(What to know: Minor innuendoes and implications reveal one man to be a cheat. A woman remarks she knows a secretary that would say she was still dating a man who claims to be in an exclusive relationship; another person spots this man in a restaurant with a woman who is supposed to be nothing but a co-worker. The film rates TVPG.)
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  1. Ooh, sounds like a fun one! I'll have to check it out. :)

    1. It was, Melissa. Likely it still airs as a re-run on Hallmark but it's also on DVD. :) Enjoy if you see it - and as always, thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. I've been seeing this movie around and was curious about it! Funny how you always seem to review something right after I start wondering about it! Thanks, Rissi!

    1. As is usual from Hallmark, Kellie, this one is sweet. Sometimes the main guy gets on my nerves (just because he hasn't grown up yet) but mostly, I loved it.

      Will look forward to your thoughts if/when you see it. :)

  3. sounds fun! ha now i just need to think about getting cable....

    1. It was, Shayla! Hey, this one is on DVD now. So likely if you didn't want to buy it, you may check Netflix or some other on-line rental service. My family never has had cable so we rely on the DVD's. :)

      Hope you enjoy - and thanks for stopping by! Visit anytime.

  4. I started this one and didn't finish as Kevin got on my nerves a little, but still I think the premise for the story was cute, and possibly someday I will finish it! :)

    1. He does tend to rub the viewer the wrong way, Micah. I mean... I liked him yet I want my heroes to be "grown up." It was still cute and like you, I loved the concept - and Kevin, despite his silliness. ;)

  5. I'm always looking good for something on Saturdays...I'll check it out or see if it is on netflix yet :) Thanks!

    1. Cool! Hope you find it, Libbie. This is the perfect flick that doesn't require any thought. And sometimes that is exactly what we viewers need. :)

      Thanks for the additional blog follow! Really appreciate it. :)

  6. I always enjoy a Hallmark movie. This one looks cute! I too love a movie where the characters start out as childhood friends and grow up to be sweethearts. I'm such a sap LOL! I always seem to enjoy the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies the best out of all their productions but I didn't get to see the last one. :-( Maybe soon!


    p.s. thanks for the Tumblr follow! It's going to take me a while to get the hang of it I think!

    1. As do I, Renee. Perhaps a little too much. LOL! :) Putting character's together as best friends always seemed more believable to me when *ding* that light bulb goes off and they realize they are in love as opposed to a 90 minute movie in which they barely even date and yet somehow are "in love." I am a sap right along with you, girl. Love this sort of scenario. Hope you enjoy this one! The last "Hall of Fame" was really cute which makes me think perhaps they are getting back to "good" entertainment instead of just mediocre.

      Oh, you're welcome! I was happy to follow along - will look forward to your posts. And best of luck with the learning process. It's simple once you work on it a bit.


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