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Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Two Weeks Notice

How many of you have those movies you know you love but forget just how much until you watch them again, even if it is for the umpteenth time? This is the feeling that Marc Lawrence’s delightful romantic-comedy evoked when I watched it again recently – and much to my chagrin, for only the second time.

If there is one thing Lucy Kelssen (Sandra Bullock) is, it’s a woman who does everything with her whole heart. She’s from a blue collar family whose irritatingly perfect work ethics are put into saving landmarks in their historic community. Community centers and theaters that are being demolished in favor of skyscrapers. As a lawyer who followed in her parent’s footsteps, Lucy uses legal resources to fight these projects and winds up fighting a losing battle. All of this is being orchestrated by the wealthy real-estate company Wade. CEO George Wade (Hugh Grant) has a problem. His intimidating brother is unhappy with their lead council meaning pressure falls on George to hire an intelligent new attorney – preferably one that graduated from Harvard or Yale, or his brother will be implementing some changes.
Between George’s messy divorces and company business, the new employee will have plenty of work to bury themselves in. His only requirement is that the new hire be female. Through her petition to save the local community center, Lucy snags the attention of Mr. Wade with the understanding that she not only sees to the company’s legal issues, but also runs any pro-bono programs the company takes an interest in. Trouble is, George finds since acquiring the impressive work ethics of Lucy, he cannot (quite literally) make a single decision without her input.
Putting aside the immediate favor this flick possesses which is, its lead actress (Sandra Bullock who is a delightful, personable actress), there is something contagious about this ten-year-old romantic comedy. The sparkle of it isn’t so much the usual absurd albeit lovable type of comedy, and is instead deftly carried by veteran actors – even by one whom I have little fondness for. Hugh Grant is not my idea of an ideal leading man yet he does really well with his character and isn’t so much annoying as endearing in the role of the pathetic (in an adorable way) George Wade. The script actually seems to “understand” how best to showcase some natural comedy that Grant actually pulls off. His cannot-make-a-decision-without-Lucy obsessions are effective to further the story and serve the movie well. Naturally, his British brogue helps this to be played to its fullest potential. He and Bullock play off each other well with some decent sparks and of course, Bullock’s compulsive-eating character is as lovable as ever.  
Two Weeks Notice

Usually a director’s new works or productions don’t individually crop up on my radar but the name Marc Lawrence seemed familiar. Little wonder. Lawrence wrote and/or directed some of the better comedies (Miss Congeniality, Did You Hear About the Morgans?) of recent years. Two Weeks Notice certainly has the same flair. Whether it’s the familiar faces (including Heather Burns) or simply the same sort of witty one-liners we’ve come to expect that is the unique "voice" of Lawrence’s work, there's a great concept here. Some great mood music helps evoke emotion and then there are the antics of physical comedy or amusing shenanigans. Some of the best instances include Lucy running out of a wedding or her awkward attempts at getting fired as well as a freeway and a motor home sequence – just try to guess what this is all about.  

At its heart, the movie is special. In particular the final fifteen minutes is its strongest; even with the quips, the party scene is poignant leaving no room to argue about the feelings Lucy or George harbor, then there is the delightful deleted scene that my family nearly always has to watch. Even though the ending isn’t bad, it's the “alternate” ending that gives this one a sense of real completion. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise is that this is actually one of the more wholesome romantic-comedies. Sure, it has flaws, they just are not all about crude humor – and that in and of itself is enough to recommend the delights of Two Weeks Notice

CONTENT: There are some blunt sex-related innuendoes. Lucy adamantly refuses to be the next woman to sleep with George – early on she thinks that’s what he is implying. Later on, while wondering why she continues to be dumped, she wonders if she’s any “good in bed.” A couple is caught in a state of undress [she in her underwear, he in a shirt] playing “strip chess.” There is social drinking but very little profanity. The film is rated PG13.
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  1. This movie is one of my all-time favorites. :)

    1. Me, too, Ruth! It's got that "classic" charm that most contemporary flicks miss completely - this one is a keeper. :)

  2. I'll have to add this to my Netflix queue- it sounds cute! :) I haven't seen Hugh Grant in much (possibly only Sense & Sensibility?), or Sandra Bullock, either, for that matter. But While You Were Sleeping is one of my favorite films. :)


    1. Oh, yes, Kristin - While You Were Sleeping is an adorable movie! That is one I haven't watched in years however it's definitely a "classic" in my book. :)

      Hope you enjoy this one if/when you see it - it's charming. :)

  3. What's funny is, the first time I watched this one, I wasn't impressed. No clue why because a few years ago I rewatched it and loved it. I must've missed the charm somehow the first time. It really is cute and fun and funny!

    1. I've had that experience also, Melissa. The particular movie isn't coming to mind just now but I do remember watching one that my mom loved and thinking it only mediocre before a second viewing turned it into one of my favorites.

      Agree about Two Weeks Notice - it's a cutie. ;)

  4. I love this movie, the part where she's finally ordering Chinese for 2 people makes me smile like a fool every time!

    1. That it does, KatySue - most the time, I probably have a goofy grin on my face every single time I watch a romantic comedy. Silly as they are sometimes, the genre will be my favorite every time. :)

  5. Need to see...maybe this summer! I hear rumors that we girls who aren't counselors will spend time watching romantic comedies and chick flicks...I can live with this. ;)

    1. Oh, that could be a fun part of the summer, Charity! You'll have to share all you see once you return - and what were favorites. :)

    2. Hope so! I certainly will. Hopefully I'll still be around a bit (though not blogging) and not on nearly as much...but perhaps enough to keep updated. :)

    3. Ooh! Yippee, that'd be fun, Charity. Either way, you'll be missed and it'll be a blast to "catch-up" on your return. :)


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