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New Reader Options

Afternoon, everyone! The time have finally come that GFC and Reader are going away. So... that means it's time to find new options to follow our fave blogs. These include BlogLovin', Google Plus (I DO NOT like this forum by the way) or Feedly. While I am disappointed the Google Friend Connect button is going away (because of the ease it provided in following blogs), I am determined to adjust to these new options and learn how better to make the most of what they offer. I am also still contemplating whether or not to open my imported Wordpress blog. If I do, I'll add the links to that. Right now I am conflicted because I am not sure I want to have both "open." Perhaps I'll make the link public and go from there... we'll see. It's such a dilemma.

I just popped over to Feedly and experienced the easiest ever transfer from Reader to Feedly. If you are interested in keeping up with Dreaming Under the Same Moon, you can follow on BlogLovin' via the "+" button at the top of this page, or add it on Feedly. Either way, I am looking forward to continuing to read your blogs.

Thank you again for all  your support and comments on this blog over the last two years -
you've no idea how much I've enjoyed it and still am!
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  1. whispers: "Staaaaaay wiiiith blooooooogeeerrr."


    1. Subtle, Kellie. Very subtle. ;)

      Just kidding - love feedback and appreciate it whenever you all are willing to share it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. So do I, Juju! It's my online "home." :)

  3. I'm thinking about importing to Wordpress too, honestly--this after reading your "pros and cons" of Blogger and Wordpress. I wonder if you might write a post on how to import past posts from your "Blogger" blog to your "Wordpress" blog?

    OK, so, is GFC reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally going away? I've heard both sides of the story. Here's a link that says no:

    But all the bloggers around seem to think GFC is going away for good.

    1. Sure, I'd be more than happy to share that, Hannah - it's really very easy. I've been able to keep updated on transferring comments also onto Wordpress which is a HUGE pro.

      Like you, I have wondered if GFC is really going away also. So far that is all I've been hearing so... we'll see next week, I guess. Thanks for sharing that link!

    2. Yay! Thanks!

      And I have to say--I really admire you for taking the weekends off from the Internet. Maybe I'll start doing that. It would be good for me :)

    3. No problem, Hannah. Hopefully I'll get to that in these next two weeks. :)

      Why thank you. That's what I say also; it's been good for me to make that a "policy." Of course, I do cheat sometimes but I am trying really hard to stick by "no Internet" over the weekend and it's been lovely. Hope you try it sometime also! :)

  4. I did not know that GFC was disappearing!!!! This totally sucks. :-(

    1. I know, Renee. I'm right there with you. It always leaves me skeptical considering we went through this last summer with GFC being taken away from non-Blogger platforms. However, everyone says it's no longer an option, so... we'll see.

  5. At first I thought Google Reader was the only thing going away, but apparently, so is GFC--which pretty much takes away a lot of convenience. While Bloglovin' is definitely more popular, I like the "sleekness" of Feedly. I just decided to go for both.

    While Blogger has always been my first choice, Wordpress isn't so bad. In fact, I have a feeling many will move there soon.

    1. So far... the widget is still here, Jemimah. I've got my fingers crossed but am nervous that it will stick around. I have both also - Feedly/BlogLovin'. It was SUPER easy to transfer to Feedly which did surprise me. Thank goodness for small joys. :)

      Agreed. Wordpress isn't bad, I just prefer Blogger. If these changes keep coming, I may learn to like WP a whole lot better, very quickly. ;)

  6. Still confused about this. So you go on either on Feedley, Google +, BlogLovin' to add the blogs you want to follow? Or do you click the 'follow this site' on the blogs? Happy weekend, Rissi. And happy reading! Breaks are good.

    1. Personally, I prefer the "join this site" widget, which will put all the blogs you follow on your "dashboard." That's where I "read" all the new blog posts I am interested in. The ones I wish to read in full, I just click the link that takes me to the person's blog. In other words, I rarely used a reader even before Google announced it would be retiring its reader.

      I use BlogLovin' just as another alternative for followers and pop over there occasionally to follow back readers who follow my blog and the like. Otherwise, I really have no feeling one way or another about it.

      If you ever have more questions, Ganise - feel free to ask. We're delighted you've joined the blogging community. And thank you for the follow! :)


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