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Book Giveaway!

Morning, peeps. The first of a new month seemed like a good time to put up a giveaway opportunity. While I haven't been able to read this one yet (because it releases later in October), it sounds like fun plus I know it'll be superbly written. Ever since reading the release date (which is far sooner than I'd thought) of the second novel Charity wrote, I knew that there'd have to be a giveaway for it.

And here we are, we've arrived at that day.

As always, first we have to get some of the rules out of the way:

The giveaway(s) is open to U.S and Canadian readers. Also, please I will just ask that anyone who leaves a comment under "anonymous," please leave the same name you enter into the widget in your comment - it's not nearly as easy to try and match comments when there is no name and in fairness to everyone else, I want to be able to be sure everyone who used the Rafflecopter correctly has a fair chance at winning against those who abuse it - believe it or not, there have been a couple people that I could not verify. So please, I don't mean to overwhelm, but just keep this in mind when entering future giveaways. I'd sure appreciate it! 

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Evangeline is about to discover what is different about her. She has had suspicions all along, but it is not until an aunt she never knew about turns up that her life tumbles into an adventure. Now, she is in the northern wood… a place where nothing is as it seems, where the ancient house of Dragonspire shifts its rooms around, and an unknown evil lurks nearby.

All she wants are answers to her questions.

If she is not a witch, what is she?

What is the creature that continues to follow her to and from school?

Why has her mother never told her about her aunt until now?

Has the great inventor, Nikola Tesla, anything to do with it?

And most of all, what is really in the northern woods?
October 2013
Here's a little bit more about the book, in Charity's own words:
Thornewicke is in the style of Libba Bray… but without the occult overtones. It has magic, supernatural gifts, faith, fancy, and a truly unforgivable villain. It’s the first book in a historical series that spans different generations and eras but links its books together through a theme of Christianity and Spiritual Gifts.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

As always... best of luck!
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  1. You're a darling for doing this. :)

    It's Christian Speculative Fiction / Fantasy, for readers who would enjoy Libba Bray if not for the occult overtones. It can be a bit serious and/or violent at times so I wouldn't suggest it for very young readers.

    1. Happy to help spread the word, Charity in any small way - gotta' put all this social media to use! :)

      Thanks for sharing more about the novel also; I've added in your comment about it mirroring Libba's style.

  2. Replies
    1. Cool, thanks for sharing your favorite in the genre, Melanie. :) Good luck!

  3. I haven't read any speculative fiction. . . . But this looks wie interessant :)

    1. My thought also, Hannah; I have been intrigued by this one ever since Charity shared the synopsis! Cannot wait to read it. :)

      Good luck.

  4. It's funny, I've never really referred to sci-fi and fantasy as "speculative fiction" even though awards and magazines refer it to such. Anyways, I'm a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy: LOTR, Frank Herbert's Dune, Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series...I could go on and on about it xP

    Anyway, great giveaway, thanks for hosting it :)

    1. It's nice to have a title for it now, since what do you call vampire stuff, or werewolf stuff? Speculative Fiction is kind of all-encompassing, which means the stuff that isn't really horror OR fantasy OR vampires or whatever now has a genre.

    2. Lianne: that's me, too. I never really "got" what speculative fiction was either, however I sort of assumed it was along the same vein as sci-fi or fantasy. Guess that was an accurate guess. :)

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

      Charity: it's good to know that speculative fiction encompasses all of these books/genres. I was just wondering the other day what the heck Warm Bodies fit into...

      For authors, having a "generalization" must be nice.

  5. I loved the Hunger Games series. I read it twice. It just makes me appreciate the struggle to fight for what is right.

    1. Cool; I'm glad you liked that series, Rena. I've only read THG so far. Now that the film sequel is close to releasing I need to make it a priority to read the rest of the novels. :)

      Best of luck - and thanks for entering.

  6. Sounds like a charming story. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

    1. Haven't had a chance to read it yet, Renee, but knowing Charity, I'm betting it *is* a delightful story. Love how unique the plot is. :)

  7. I adore Lord of the Rings (read it when I was eight), but I find it sad that not enough spec fiction has good female heroines. Whether or not I'd win a giveaway, I definitely want to read Thornewicke.

    1. Awesome! I know many people are fond of those books. :)

      ...I'll bet that Charity has written a wonderful female heroine. Or that'd be my guess. :)

      Best of luck, Hannah.

    2. If you like spunky, opinionated, bold heroines -- you'll like Thornewicke. There's more than one of the above therein. ;)

    3. Spunky? Bold? Opinionated? Who could go wrong with this story!? ;)


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