Top Ten Tuesday: Sequels

Hello, dear readers! Every week I read these fun memes on multiple blogs I visit and yet rarely do I join in the fun. Last week, I posted the first "Waiting on Wednesday" around here and today, I wanted to join in Jamie's (from The Perpetual Page-Turner) "Top Ten Tuesday" list. Though this weeks topic is really supposed to be Top Ten Best/Worst Sequels, I'm playing copy-cat with Jamie and going to list sequels I really want to read, but haven't - and there may be one or two thrown in that I did read and was as pleased with it as its prequel.

Read on below if you want to chat all thing sequels.

1.) Bewitching by Alex Flinn: following up Flinn's Beauty and the Beast re-telling, Beastly, this novel again features Kendra. Though not a sequel in the traditional way, this book was a BIG surprise. I was amazed how likable and "good" Kendra actually was. She isn't someone to fear like the movie may depict her - she's vulnerable and the sort of girl anyone could befriend.
2.) Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins: yes, still need to read this book. Most of you know I have "issues" with THG however I plan to finish out the series and with the movie upcoming, it seems a good time to finally read this one.
3.) Dark Road Home by Elizabeth Ludwig: much to my surprise I adored Elizabeth's first novel, No Safe Harbor. That put this book high on my TBR list and it's still there.
4.) The Elite by Kiera Cass: this book excited my so much I did something I never do - I had it delivered from Amazon the day of its release. Though I was able to start it, finishing it had to be put on hold, now I'm sort of "freaking out" to finally get through this book, particularly with the recent excitement about The One!
5.) Forget me Not by Amber Stokes: this one isn't out yet, however I couldn't resist adding it. It's a sequel I am definitely anticipating - both to find out more about the characters from Bleeding Heart and to see what Amber does with her already talented pen. (PS: stayed tuned, a little over a week from now is Amber's next cover debut!)

6.) Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren: yes, I know this isn't exactly a "sequel" since it's actually the third in the series. However being the final book in the Grand Tour trio, it definitely has a follow-up branding as we come into the final journey of Cora and Company. It promises to be one last exciting and compelling journey - to a place where Cora will finally find "home."
7.) Love's Awakening by Laura Frantz: earlier this year, an opportunity to read Love's Reckoning arose and while I did have some reservations about the book, I was unusually impressed with the attitude of its heroine, Eden. Raised in a home without love, her quest for spiritual fulfillment was one of the most pure and lovely I've experienced in a long time. That alone is enough to make me curious about this sequel.
8.) Timeless by Michelle Madow: if you've guessed that again this is not really a sequel proper, you'd be right. I wanted to add Timeless in this list and thought it appropriate since the middle novel in Michelle's debut series is actually a novella. Timeless may not be quite as good as the first book, but I thought it was a nice way to end the series and thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.
9.) Trapped by Irene Hannon: this is without doubt one of, if not the best yet from Hannon!
10.) When a Secret Kills by Lynette Eason: not sure if it's her strongest book, but I absolutely loved this novel from Lynette Eason! This was the story I was waiting for throughout the whole series and its didn't disappoint.

Victory! I actually found ten - that was tough, believe it or not.
Now, it's your turn! What sequels lived up to your expectations or are there any sitting on your shelf waiting to be read or finished? Share below.


  1. Rissi! I'm so honored you included Forget Me Not in this list, and to hear you're looking forward to it! You are such a dear friend and encouragement. :)

    I've had The Elite forever, too, and I have yet to read it! *sigh* I also have Love's Awakening and Glittering Promises, both of which I'm hoping to finish soon. :)

    I've pre-ordered Joanne Bischof's My Hope is Found, which should be coming next week (squee!) - really looking forward to seeing how the series ends, although I confess I'm concerned for the characters! And I think I'll be getting Elusive Hope from MaryLu Tyndall soon...curious to see how that series continues. :)


    1. Been looking forward to FMN ever since you announced more books. Cannot wait. Fortunately, that winter 2014 date will be here before we know it. :)

      I'm determined to finish The Elite. Soon. It's pretty-ness has been taunting me for what seems eons now. *sigh* Cool! Hope you enjoy Love's Awakening, someday I'm reading that one and as for 'Glittering,' that is the next book I'll be reading after The Captive Maiden. :)

      Hope you enjoy Joanne's last book. I've heard only good things about her novels. Enjoy MaryLu's also; do you know, I'm not sure I've ever read one of her books... again though, I've only seen rave reviews. :)

      Happy reading!

  2. I had no idea Alex Flinn had another book in that series. . .I need to put that on my list! Though I'm not absolutely sure if I should read them or not. . .I guess I'll decide when the time comes and when I read the synopses.

    1. ...I'm not sure it's a "sequel" in the traditional sense, Hannah, however it does have Kendra in it and I've seen Beastly and Bewitching listed as "The Kendra Chronicles" one and two, respectively. Either way, both are fun.

      Hope you enjoy if you ever read these. :)

  3. Great list Rissi! Yay for participating in TTT :D I haven't read any of these titles but some of them sound really interesting (I may or may not have added Glittering Promises, I can't remember)

    1. I've been meaning to join this for a long time now, Lianne. So glad I finally did - and thanks for stopping by! :)

      Those I have read (on this list) are good and I'm hoping those I haven't are the fantastic reads I have pegged them to be. :)

      'Glittering' promises to be spectacular; here's hoping it is.

  4. You must let me know when you read Catching Fire!! It's my favorite of the three. I'm also really looking forward to reading Glimmering Promises. It's sitting on my nightstand, waiting for me to get to it. :-D

    1. I've heard great things about CF, Rosie - including it being the best out of the trilogy, right before things go downhill from there. I'll for sure be sharing about it! :)

      I'm *dying* to read 'Promises,' it looks and sounds delightful. :)

  5. Finally made it here! :) Yay. I've been meaning to comment ever since this came out, but I'm here. :)

    "Catching Fire," that's the second one, yes? If I remember right, like Rosie, it was my favorite of the three. Though the first one was pretty good. Other than the fact that first person present tense always bugs me, really not too bad though I didn't love the series and haven't reviewed them.

    "Dark Road Home" I'm currently reading and meant to finish weeks ago. College keeps me busier and away from my books which is horribly sad! I'm thinking I liked the first book better, but I'm definitely enjoying DRH.

    Amber's book! I have the first one in digital form and really need to read it. Again, so much busy!

    "Glittering Promises" -- I actually finished that one not 10 minutes ago and got on now to write my distracted by this post again. But it was really good and I REALLY liked it! Excited to review it later today. :)

    "Trapped" and "When a Secret Kills" -- both favs of mine. :)

    Good post! Hope your weekend is lovely!

    1. Charity, whenever you can drop by is awesome - I totally understand you are busy nowadays. :)

      Yes, Catching Fire is book two. Hoping I'll get to it soon with all the hoopla surrounding the film. I liked the HG movie lots better than the book, so we'll see how the rest of the series pans out.

      'Dark Road' sounds really good plus I adored Elizabeth's first book. Cannot wait.

      Amber's book is charming! She did a really nice job with it and I am excited to watch her grow in this career - she's definitely an inspiration. So proud of her. Hope you can experience it soon. :)

      YES! Happy to hear you praise 'Glittering.' It's been tempting me for weeks but other books come first. Hoping to finally get it, along with Beloved read next week. Soon as I get through The Captive Maiden that is! ;)

      Trapped and 'Secret' = BRILLIANT!

      Thanks for reading, Charity - and to you as well. Happy weekend.

  6. How fun! I'm going to have to try these books out :)
    xo TJ

    1. Absolutely! Please do, TJ. They're pretty awesome. Or the ones I've read in this list are. ;)

      Hope things are going well with you.


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