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Christmas Checklist

These first two weeks of December have flown by and it's really not fair I tell you, it's just not. I'm not entirely sure where these past few weeks have gone and why they're moving so swiftly by. *sigh* Again, it feels like I'm not going to get everything done that needs doing which is why, today I'm making a list... and checking it twice... and well, you know how the rest of it goes.

If I were organized, my Christmas checklist might look something like this:

How about all of you, friends?
What's on your never-ending Christmas list...
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  1. That's a good checklist!
    So many things to do for Christmas so very little time.

    1. You are SO right, Ella. If only we weren't on the 13th already... where has December gone!?

  2. I'm finished with the actual shopping part of my gift-giving, which only consisted of a couple of things. But I'm not yet finished with the handmade gifts I planned. I made a big list, knowing that I was probably going overboard. I've made pretty good progress, but I still have a few knitted gifts and some embroidery for my niece to finish! :)

    1. Yay for you, Kristin! When we have a list, getting to cross things off is a great feeling. Hope you can finish the rest of your gifts - from seeing your projects on your blog, I'm betting you will. :)

      Happy knitting. :)

  3. Oh gosh . . . Christmas can be so stressful, and it's supposed to be a relaxing time! But I love it all the same (probably because I don't do as much of the stressful work as I should . . . oops). My family still needs to get and decorate a Christmas tree and I need to wrap up all my gifts, plus complete a rather long list of things to do during Christmas break!

    1. Ditto. Christmas is wonderful regardless of the "stress" it may bring - really, most of the time, we probably bring that on ourselves. I need to wrap up the gifts I do have also, Hannah so they can look pretty under the tree before being ripped open then finish up the shopping. Fun, fun. SO many things to do, so little time.

      Happy Christmas break - and tree decorating! :)

  4. We just put up our (little) tree last night. We're almost completely done with shopping, though. Christmas always flies by and I never get to do as much as I wanted!! :)

    1. ...lucky you! Still have to get more shopping in. It just never ends, Tammy and as you say, this season goes by TOO fast. Maybe because it's such a treasured time of year.

      Love putting up the tree and I'm glad you got yours up! :)

  5. Lots of great stuff on that checklist!

    I've had almost all my Christmas shopping done since the beginning of November, which has been nice as I've been fairly busy. Between work and other activities, I haven't been able to listen to as much Christmas music and watch as many Christmas movies as I'd like. I was able to fit a few in these last few days, which makes me happy!

    1. I just have to be organized enough to get it done; the best part of a checklist is crossing things off!

      Lucky you. I'm jealous, Sereina. Usually, we're further along with Christmas shopping also, but alas, this year it didn't happen. We've got more than one Christmas and people who are hard to shop for so that adds more problems. But, three cheers for you for being DONE with shopping - that's great.

      I really enjoy Christmas music (been listening to it a lot - even doing everyday tasks has prompted me to blare the iPod)... and of course, cute Christmas movies, too. Just watched one tonight and while it wasn't "traditional," it was fun. :)

      Hope you enjoy your holiday season. :)

  6. I'm working until the 20th, so that doesn't get much time for pre-Christmas fun... I'll probably be happy if I get to watch 2 Christmas movies (I really want to watch The Christmas candle and rewatch A Princess for Christmas at the very least). At least I can listen to lot's of Christmas music during my work. I've dusted of my YouTube Christmas playlist, that definitely gets me in the mood!

    1. Aw, boo! Sorry you have to work until the 20th... but at least you'll have a bit of a break! There is an upside, right!? :)

      I've heard lovely things about The Christmas Candle and like you, cannot wait to rewatch 'Princess' - just need to pull it off the shelf. ;) Me, too; been listening to lots of festive music and oh, what fun!

      Happy Christmas, Birdie.

    2. Yes, I'm really looking forward to my break. It's just a pity the largest part of the break falls after Christmas....

    3. I hear ya'. Hope it's a good one despite that. :)

  7. I'm still shopping. But I love it. I only wish Christmas was longer.

    1. Me, too, Juju! Just went shopping yesterday and will likely again later this week. So many gifts, so little time. ;)

      Happy shopping.


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