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Have Yourself a Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers,

Sending out Christmas cards is one of the old-fashioned, time-honored traditions I still observe. Due to time limitations and other reasons, those of you who I’ve come to know cannot all be on my list – though it’s not for wish that it were possible, so I’m doing the next best thing; sending you a blog greeting version of a Christmas card.

In the past 2 ½ year of being a part of this blogosphere community, I feel fortunate to have “fallen into” a group of bloggers who are kind and oh-so-much fun to “know.” I respect you for different reasons and am grateful for what a great journey it has been to be part of that. Thank you sincerely for being so welcoming and teaching me things I never expected to find in this environment.

With some of you, I’ve exchanged emails or cards… and some of you have been avid supporters of Dreaming Under the Same Moon, and no matter what, I’ve enjoyed each conversation.

I wish you all a joyous Christmas Day, friends  - with lots of family, good cheer and food, and love - and hope you are blessed in this coming year.

Merry Christmas!
- Rissi

Just for fun, I'll leave you with this Taylor Swift song... surprisingly, it's one of the most poignant contemporary songs I've heard.
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  1. Merry, Merry Christmas Rissi! Thank *you* for all the support that you give for my blog. Its so fun to get comments from you!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas day!

    1. I enjoy visiting your blogs, Evelyn! You all have different styles and voices and that's fun. Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to more from your blog in 2014!!! :)

      Hope you had a great Christmas full of wonderful memories. Merry (belated) Christmas.

  2. Replies
    1. Right back atcha', Hannah! Merry Christmas; hope it was a good one.

  3. We already 'exchanged' our 'Merry Christmasses', but you can't say it enough, so merry Christmas, Rissi, hope you had/have a lovely day (ours in The Netherlands is almost over...). Thanks for sharing that song, I love it!

    1. I agree; there can never be enough Christmas greetings - people don't wish each other greetings of the season enough. Hope you had a lovely day, Birdie. Ours was quiet but perfect - lots of Christmas movies. ;)

      Me, too! Isn't it poignant?! Love the message Taylor shared.

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Rissi! I so enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing that Taylor Swift song, I am impressed with the message she chose! =)

    1. ...and to you also, Lizzie. From your blog, I gather you and your family had a lovely day (which by the way, I enjoyed reading!). Merry (belated) Christmas.

      I agree! When I first realized what Taylor's message was in this song, I was quite surprised. So unlike her usual songs, but it's one of her most poignant. :)

  5. How lovely sweet Rissi. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too. I hope your day was merry, sweet, and blessed.

    1. ...and to you as well, Juju. Hope your day was full of good memories and sweet fun! :) Merry (belated) Christmas to the Family Whimsy. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Same to you, Sereina; hope your day was special. Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas Rissi!! Hope your new year is filled with many blessings. Hugs! <3

    P.S. I received 2 seasons of "Castle" for which I squealed with delight upon receiving. You've gotten me into a great series! :)

    1. Same to you, Camille; Merry (belated) Christmas - hope it was a special day. Hugs!

      Yay! I'm so glad you are hooked on such a delightful show. ;) It totally deserves squealing, too. We just finished the most recent-to-DVD season and oh, my! We loved it even more. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

  8. Hey, lady!! I hope your Christmas was fabulous - mine was lovely. :)

    So, I've gotten hooked on Castle, thanks (once again!) to you're many mentions of it over the months! I think of you quite often as I'm popping in another episode! I'm just starting Season Three. :)

    Have a great week, friend!

    P.S. And I just now looked up at the comment above mine and realized it was also about getting hooked on Caste, haha! :D

    1. Wonderful! I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas - same here. Quiet but perfect.

      Squee! I'm loving all of this Castle fandom; seriously, it's that good. :) Just finished the last season on DVD and oh, my! I loved it even more. The writer's went back to lighter storylines and it was great.

      You too, Kellie - happy week and new year!

      (What a coincidence, right!?)

    2. Must be your gift to us was knowledge of Castle :) why, thank you!

    3. ...LOL, anything I can do to addict you all to fabulous television... I'm in! ;)


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