Let it Snow (2013)

Candace Cameron Bure has been a popular name on the Hallmark channel for a while now but more importantly she’s been an actress who has risen above her childhood career in the spotlight and actually has standards on top of that.
Christmas means very little to Stephanie Beck (Bure). After her mother died, her father closed himself off from the world and his daughter. The successful business man (Alan Thicke) began traveling and eventually shipped Stephanie off to boarding school where she realized the only way to see her father would be to work hard enough to one day join his company. Now, years later, Stephanie is working with her father at Falcon Resorts and is sent to assess the recent vacation lodge they just bought in a small Maine town that houses the beloved Snow Valley family lodge. Determined to be up to the task, Stephanie finds herself challenged and conflicted when she sees what the place means to the family who runs it – including the owner’s son, Brady Lewis (Jesse Hutch), and it’s yearly visitors whose stay is more about warm traditions than obligatory family vacations.
Just reading about this one and navigating its photo gallery led me to conclude that Let it Snow was not likely going to be one of my personal favorite Christmas films. I underestimated it. Most of the story is similar to several that have come before it, yet there is a magical charm to this one plus having Candace in it didn’t inspire a lot of warm fuzzy thoughts – just because I’ve seen her in so many similar films. Needless to say, I’m pleased to be proven wrong. She was lovely in the role and the cute chemistry between her and Jesse was pleasant to watch blossom as was the innocent romance between them and for once the couple stays together without incident; sure there is some eventual tension, however there’s not a fight / break up scenario and that is good enough for me.
What I respect, love and enjoy so well about the Hallmark Channel is their films are always pro-family. Scripts often deal with some “normal” family heartbreak or discourse, yet they never fail to find a way to heal those impasses before credit’s roll. That’s an excellent quality and one we see all too rarely. Beyond that, none of their films make us reach for the remote or wonder when the next inappropriate scene was around the corner. Speaking of the production aspects, the locations of this film are also quite lovely; so much snow-y gorgeousness and pristine backdrops; several of the scenes that were most comedic took place out on ski slopes or with the characters exploring all of the hidden spaces of Snow Lodge so that all lends credibility to the location and spotlights the “bigness” of the outdoors.
All in all, Let it Snow is another charming piece of Christmas fluff. It’s got a great sense of color (which may sound unimportant but really makes the scenes "pop") and seasonal décor, something that helps put us in mind of all things Christmas. If you are fans of the sweet gems of Christmas-time flicks, then be sure to catch a showing of Let it Snow – it’s one you may enjoy repeat viewings of. Have a peek at the trailer:


  1. Awww! This looks adorable.
    Have you seen Moonlight and Mistletoe? It has Candace Cameron Bure in it.

    1. It is adorable, Ella. Be sure to check the Hallmark channel listings for future showings. :)

      ...and yes, I have seen Moonlight and Mistletoe. It's been a while but as I recall, it was cute. If you liked that one, you'd like Let It Snow. :)

  2. Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked this. It was one of my favorites this year. :)

    1. Me, too! It was really sweet - hope it's one that comes to DVD next year, too.

      ...I owe you an email, BTW, so hopefully I'll get it written tonight, :)

  3. I love this one! We just watched it again tonight. It is not one of the best of the best, but it is still really sweet. We liked that the couple didn't get into a huge fight or misunderstanding just before the end . . . which seems to be part of the typical Hallmark plot.

    1. It is indeed sweet, Livia. LOL, absolutely - whenever the couple stays together, that's cause for celebration. And we know how rare it is (even for big screen) by the fact that it "stands" apart when they don't get into a fight ten minutes before credits roll. Kudos to the screenwriter of Let it Snow! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yay! I'm pretty sure their are more showing of it yet on Hallmark Channel, Juju, so take a peek at the schedule and you might catch it. :)

  5. My mom and I got drawn into this one while visiting my grandparents over the weekend (we don't have cable, but they do). Unfortunately we only got to see the first half before we had to leave. I'm pretty sure I know how it ended (ha :), but I'd still like to see it again and actually finish it. It was cute! I was hoping it was out on DVD so we could get it through Netflix, but I guess we'll have to try and catch another airing this month. (My mom and grandmother kept talking about how cute the guy was, which was amusing. I couldn't really disagree!)

    I love Full House, but this was the first time I'd seen Candace Cameron Bure in anything as an adult. She still sounds *exactly* the same as she did as 16 year old D.J. Tanner, which made me smile. :)

    1. Fun! Glad to know you ladies were enjoying this one, Kristin. It was one of the best of the three I saw on Hallmark this year. So cute and the acting was actually good. I wish there was a way Hallmark would release some if not all of their Christmas programming the same year it airs - one year they did release a few and that was fun. It's hard to wait the entire year and even then, there's no guarantee the ones you want to see will be out (like you, we don't have cable).

      LOL, you girls have good taste. I'd have to agree; Brady was good-looking. ;)

      It's been years since I watched Full House but I don't doubt Candace sounds the same - she has the same "look" even years later. You should watch Moonlight & Mistletoe too; it has Candace in it and while I like this movie better, it's cute. :)


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