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What I'm Listening To: Christmas Music

(Thanks for all the blog comments yesterday, friends! Been busy but will be by with replies as soon as possible. With any luck, later today!)
G'Morning, friends. This past week (or two...?) has been all about Christmas around here, I know, but... I just can't help myself! It's not the most wonderful time of year for nothing. I've been thinking about doing a "favorites" list somehow related to Christmas and was going to do a movie list only to remember I did that last year, and it seems "too soon" to do another. Books were out since I can probably count on one hand the number of "proper" Christmas-themed books I've read, so what does that leave? Music of course!

Here is a sampling of past favorites, new favorites and some I've been putting on repeat - some are singles and some are albums:

BarlowGirl, Carol of the Bells: This sister-trio may have disbanded earlier this year however their recording of this classic, old-time carol is just beautiful! It's made even more so because they sing it acapella, a style that shows what true talent is.               

Luke Bryan, Run, Run Rudolph

 Casting Crowns, Peace on Earth 

Kelly Clarkson, Wrapped in Red: Love Kelly’s music on her “normal” albums so it was a must to check out her first Christmas album – it’s a nice mix of tradition and contemporary plus anyone who puts ‘My Favorite Things’ on their album gets props! 

Katherine Jenkins, This is Christmas: I’ve never been much of a “classic” music fan in general unless it’s Broadway music. When I “met” Katherine on Dancing with the Stars, I thought she seemed like one of the sweetest contestants they'd ever had so needless to say, I immediately looked into her music and purchased her latest Christmas album. It's lovely.

Lady Antebellum, On this Winter’s Night: Always love anything this trio does and their Christmas album is no different. They’ve got an original (its titular song) plus a great sampling of old favorites.

Little Big Town, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: This group is SO much fun, they have a crazy good album out now (Tornado) and when I heard them sing an acapella version of Children, Go Where I Send Thee on a TV special, I was blown away – it proved this group is mega talented. This single isn’t quite as impressive but still, it’s mellow and pleasant to listen too.

Katherine McPhee, Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You  

Kellie Pickler, The Man with the Bag: As usual, Kellie puts her “unique” spin on an old favorite (much as she did for Santa Baby, which is another favorite) and she makes it fun! 
Megan & Liz , Oh Holy Night: This is one of my very favorite classic Christmas songs. The Youtube, sister-duo of Megan and Liz just released their version of it this year and I've really enjoyed it. It's "different" than more of the dozens of other recordings I've heard but that is what makes it special.

Point of Grace, Tennessee Christmas 

Blake Shelton, Cheers, It’s Christmas 

Rebecca St. James, Christmas
How about you? What are your favorite Christmas songs or albums... do share below! 
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  1. Great roundup of Christmas music girl! I always love listening to classic oldies by Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Otis Redding.
    xo TJ

    1. LOVE 'White Christmas,' TJ and of course, any of the songs he sings on the Classic Christmas flicks. Not sure I know any of the songs he's recorded outside of film but... really, those are good uns.

      Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Hold up! Luke Bryan has a Christmas album?? Where have I been? So adding it right now!

    1. ...I wish he had an album. This is (sadly) just a Christmas single. Still... it's better than nothing! ;)

  3. Oooo fun fun! I'm with you. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Why not share?

    I love your music choices. I want to try several of these.

    1. I know, right!? I feel like this year I've overindulged in Christmas-y blog posts, but...really nothing wrong with that, right!? ;)

      Hope you enjoy some of them, Juju. :)

  4. Oooo YES Luke Bryan needs a Christmas album. I'd so buy that!

    I've requested Lady A's and Kenny Chesney's for Christmas - excited for those. And I really love Blake Shelton's - especially Silver Bells. It's my soundtrack now that I live in the city and take snowy walks! :)

    Let's excited to listen to Kelly Clarkson's! And I'd love to hear Kellie Pickler's too someday.

    Katherine Jenkins has long been one of my favorites (along with Charlotte Church) for classical. She has two Christmas albums, and this one is absolutely stunning. Her first track, "O Come O Come Emmanuel" is one of my all-time favorite renditions of a Christmas song!

    All you're missing is Michael Buble's and Scotty McCreery's - both to-die-for. :D

    1. Ditto. Luke definitely NEEDS a Christmas album. It'd be awesome.

      Kelly Clarkson's is gorgeous and Kellie Pickler doesn't have a full album (though she needs one) as this is just a single she recorded this year. It's still great. Ooo! LOVE Lady A's album, Charity. Hope you find it under the tree; I haven't heard Kenny's. Blake's is great - he's got some "crazy, fun" songs as well as favorite classics.

      Katherine is a lovely person or that is my impression; I've not heard her first Christmas album but I'm sure it's just as gorgeous.

      ...I know, right!? I could have sworn I had Scotty's album but I can't find it. Guess this means I'll be snagging it on my shopping trip this week. ;)

  5. Ooh, you've mentioned some great ones! I love Kelly Clarkson's newest, too.

    I agree with Charity, Michael Buble's is a must-listen. I also enjoy Third Day's Christmas album, "Christmas Offerings". And Dave Barnes' single "Very Merry Christmas".

    1. Isn't Kelly's lovely, Courtney!? Just having 'My Favorite Things' on the tracklist makes me happy. :)

      Okay, you and Charity have convinced me; I'll have to look into Michael's. ;) Never heard Third Day's either or Dave Barnes. SO many good ones out there!

  6. I've had Kelly Clarkson's Christmas tunes on replay in my car for the past month... and yes, I have been dancing and driving at the same time =)

    1. Kelly's album has that affect on a person - LOVELOVELOVE it. :)

  7. Fun list, Rissi! I got all intrigued when I saw Little Big Town on here (you know I loved that album I bought for my road trip this last summer!), but I guess it's only a single...? Still. :)

    I'm with Charity - I love Scotty McCreery's Christmas album! Very sweet and fun. :)

    Also love Perry Como's Christmas music (classic!), Peppermint Winter (single) by Owl City (super cute!), and The Polar Express album (one of my favorite Christmas movies!). :)

    I'm curious about The Civil Wars 2-song Christmas album... The samples on Amazon sound pretty, and I love their stuff!


    1. Having Little Big Town release a Christmas album would be epic. They recorded 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' and 'Go Tell it on the Mountain.' I heard them sing 'Children, Go Where I Send Thee' acapella on a TV special once and WOW. They blew me away. Still loving Tornado (their last album), so I wonder how or if they can top that one! :)

      Yay! That settles it: I'm getting Scotty's album when I go shopping. Meant to on Sunday when I was out but then... I was in the checkout line before remembering it.

      Ooo! I like Owl City and that single sounds adorable. *Runs to iTunes* Haven't heard of Perry and you know... I don't think I ever saw The Polar Express. Huh.

      Didn't know Civil Wars had some Christmas music coming. Cool. Again I'll have to check those out! :)

      Love your comment, Amber!

  8. Whoo! It was fun reading your list. I love Kelly Clarkson's album, too! Another of my favorites is Francesca Battistelli's Christmas album :)

    1. Lovin' Kelly's album, Jillian. It's so fabulous.

      You know, I do have Francesca's album (my aunt gave it to me), but it was lost for a while and I'm not sure I've listened to it much. Better get on that. :)

  9. You should try Josh Groban's Noel and Jackie Evancho's Heavenly Christmas and O Holy Night! If you like Katherine Jenkins, I'm almost certain you'll like theirs :)

    1. I believe I do have their Christmas albums. Need to dust them off and put them in the player. Sometimes I forget what I do have. Thanks for the reminder, Hannah! :)

  10. Love your list! You have to listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album, it is my favorite!


    1. Making a note to check into Michael's album - all this raving means it has to be good. :)

      Thanks bunches for stopping by, Cassie. :)

  11. The only one of yours I also have on my Christmas 'playlist' is Casting Crowns. I love their rendering of the classic Christmas hymns.

    Christmas music is all about the classic hymns for me, both well-known and lesser known (British) traditional hymns, such as the Wexford Carol or Sussex Carol. I love to listen to Celtic inspired Christmas music, so groups such as Celtic Women and Anuna and soloist such as Orla Fallon are on my list as well.

    1. I heard Celtic Women on a special once, Birdie and they sounded gorgeous. Classic hymns are lovely but I like hearing the renditions from popular artists. Church usually sings the oldies but goodies which is nice and then I listen to more "modern" recordings on the iPod at home.

      Haven't listened to Casting Crowns this year but love their songs. They have some awesome ones that can bring a person to tears. That's great music. :)

  12. Yes to Barlow Girl, Casting Crown and Point of Grace! Have heard of the others. Nice list. Merry Christmas, Rissi :)

    1. Point of Grace is an old favorite - I discovered them when I was probably 14 or thereabouts and have loved them through new members and members departing - and now they have a "country" sound which is fun. BarlowGirl sounds GORGEOUS on this 'Carol of the Bells' tack and of course, Casting Crowns is always great.

      To you as well, Ganise. Merry Christmas - hope your holiday is wonderful. :)

  13. I love the Casting Crowns album! I like Lady Antebellum's style, too, I'm going to have to look up their album! =)

    1. Casting Crowns is an awesome band - their stuff is so powerful. You totally need to check out Lady A's Christmas album if you like their stuff, Lizzie. It's gorgeous. :)


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