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June in January (2014)

Romantic comedies, chick flicks - whatever coined term you wish to use for girly movies, are just one of my vices. With a new year to start afresh, television networks are just getting started on what is promising to be another year of family-friendly productions. When networks continue to put out such adorable films like this, the first in Hallmark's programming, it's easy to imagine it's going to be another fabulous year of programming... and it’s hard not to gush.

Dreams are all June Carver (Brooke D’Orsay) has left of her mother. Dreams and the wishes she’ll be able to make all she and her mother memorialized for June’s wedding day become reality. After two years of dating her wealthy lawyer boyfriend Alex (Wes Brown), June is finally going to be able to use that wedding book long packed away she and her mother put together. An engagement on New Year’s Eve leaves plenty of time for planning the perfect June wedding just like her parent’s had, just as she was named for. The one snare she didn’t see in her plan was Alex getting a job in Ohio and having to start that job the first of February. 

With pressure mounting to pull together the wedding she has envisioned since childhood in a mere four weeks, a soon-to-be mother-in-law (Marilu Henner) who hates June and to find a qualified nurse practitioner to replace her at the doctor’s office where she works, June is in over her head – what does this mean for her heart...?

Like the numerous wedding disaster-esque movies that have come before it, June in January is a charismatic piece of television. There was so much to enjoy about this movie not the least of which was its leading lady who I absolutely adore in her more familiar usual role as Paige Evans on the comedy Royal Pains (and some fans may also recognize Brooke from a prior Hallmark film, How to Fall in Love). And Wes Brown was a perfect, dashing leading man though I didn’t think he and Brooke were “perfect” together; something “felt” lacking in their scenes together wedding planning – as if maybe he overplayed typical male disinterest too much. Also a point of annoyance for some viewers may be the script’s tendency to play up the crazy obsession a woman can have with planning her wedding and sadly, this isn’t just fiction, it’s a reality; becoming over-involved in the planning of the wedding and because of that, relationships suffer.  

Beyond those minor nit-picking comments, this, the first original Hallmark film of the New Year is adorable. It was a nice switch-up to meet a couple whose relationship was already well established and made it seem all the more realistic also given they were “comfortable” with one another and weren’t written to fall in love in a month’s time all squeezed into 80-some minutes; knowing that Alex and June have dated for years instead of weeks helps sell the script and that’s what the film needed as icing on its cake. Throwing in a little “mean girl” drama to add some potential breaking points, a strict mother and a bunch of sweetness, fans of the genre cannot go wrong with this adorable romantic-comedy. It’s perfect for a girl’s night in or watching a romance with little sisters. Hallmark Channel has again produced a sweet treat that will coax a smile from any interested viewer.  
Catch the premiere of June in January tonight, Saturday the 18th
on the Hallmark Channel.
Have a look at the promo video:  
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  1. Oooooo looks good. You make me want Hallmark.

    1. It is very sweet, Juju! We don't have cable either but if I think one looks look, I watch it on-line plus some of the Hallmark movies are on DVD, so maybe check Netflix or something. You may find some there. :)

  2. Replies
    1. That it is, Ella. That it is. :)

    2. That means I will want to watch is once it's released on dvd.

    3. Absolutely! I know it's a movie I'll be sure to snag a copy of if/when it arrives. So cute! :)

  3. It looks like a fun movie. I like how you added a trailer onto the post.

    1. It is, Carlyn! I really enjoyed it plus I like the actress so that always helps.

      Thanks - with these Hallmark movies, I like to add in the trailer. Seems a good incentive for would-be viewers. ;)

  4. This looks absolutely darling! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm a sucker for anything involving weddings. :-)

    1. It is, Renee! And, me, too! I love movies like Bride Wars or Monster-in-Law only this one is a sweeter, more family-friendly approach to the concept and I like that. :) Hope you enjoy the film if/when you see it.

  5. Ooh I'll have to watch that one. Secret (okay, not so secret since I'm writing it here) sidenote: The main character of my third book is a scriptwriter for a Hallmark-esque network...only she doesn't believe in true love. :) Sooo I probably need to watch some Hallmark movies as research. Haha!

    1. ...I'm excited that you're excited about this one, but MOST of all... Melissa! We get a teaser of your third novel!? Squee. That made my Monday. Thanks for sharing that. And watching some Hallmark's in the name of research...? I like that. :)

  6. This looks/sounds really good. We don't have cable, so I'll have to figure out a way to watch it some other way. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. It was, Tressa - especially if you like darling romances. :)

      Hope you can see it soon; its already one of my favorite Hallmark rom-coms.

  7. Enjoyed your review of "June in January", Rissi! I adore Brooke D'Orsay, too! She's so expressive!

    I was just wondering... where were you were able to watch "June in January" on-line? I have Hallmark, but not not Hallmark Movie Channel - so I was wondering if there's a special place where I could see those movies, too, online!

    1. Thanks for reading, Net! I appreciate you stopping by. :)

      Brooke is a great actress - hopefully she'll be in more Hallmark films, too.

      In regards to your question - yes! I'm sending you an email this afternoon with all the details. :)

  8. I'm sorry but this movie was truly awful. All of the women were selfish, self-centered, spoiled stereotypes. It's not adorable, nor admirable.


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