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When Calls the Heart, Season One - Episode 7 (2014)

The partnership between Janette Oke and Hallmark Channel has been a successful ratings haul for the popular “Heart of TV” station. With the success of the Love Comes Softly saga (one that spilled over into adaptations without novels), they’ve again tackled more of Oke’s popular novels, this time centering on her Canadian West stories. Episode seven follows Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) being challenged with a student who suffers from a reading disorder. Not only does Elizabeth find herself met with barriers from the young man’s father, she is also exasperated by Jack’s attempts to smooth things over in the wake of her now ended romance with a miner – Jack (Daniel Lissing) on the other hand is flabbergasted over how to react to Elizabeth’s behavior towards him which pushes him to ask Abigail (Lori Loughlin) for advice.

Meanwhile, Abigail is experiencing changes of her own. Feeling bereft and as if she no longer has purpose, Abigail decides to tackle re-opening the café that has been shuttered and is now a mess. Signing a deal with the greedy business man Henry Gowen, Abigail has to choose between memories and finding a new identity.  
Highlights of this episode aren’t exactly what the promotional video would imply – or in my estimation it isn’t! Getting that out of the way, once again, this episode is darling. Like CBS’ short-lived (and underrated in my opinion) adaptation of Christy, I like the stories that slow down or “step away” from the more dominant plots (the emotional aftermath of the miner deaths or the romantic entanglements) to watch a new relationship develop and with Elizabeth’s teaching, there are scenes that allow for this to happen. In ‘Second Chances,’ the scenes between Elizabeth and her student are really sweet and I liked the progression of the script. Instead of the back-and-forth in the romance, this installment allows for some solid time in the world of Elizabeth’s profession – helping us glimpse more of the passion behind Elizabeth’s journey to Coal Valley.
In addition to the already widely-known ten episode order, news of more episodes also hit my notice this week (adding in two to the running) and of course, a push is already being made for a second season renewal. When comparing this to costume dramas of the BBC or British productions in general, this doesn’t live up to those same expectations just because the scale of the program isn’t as “big,” however for quality, wholesome family series, fans cannot expect more – or find anything more joyous than this adaptation. The acting of its leads, the pretty costuming and charming bouts of banter all help to propel this into a “classic” kind of series all its own brand. This is where When Calls the Heart shines and anyone who enjoys “bonnet” westerns or sweet faith-filled stories won’t want to miss this. 
Friends, what do you think of When Calls the Heart thus far? Do you have a favorite episode or expectation to come? Those of you who haven’t seen this yet are you anticipating it? Comment below…. I’d love to chat all about this with you!

Tune into the Hallmark Channel this Saturday, February 22nd, to watch,
‘Second Chances.'

Have a look at the promo spot for 007 episode, 'Second Chances.'
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  1. i just finished watching this episode :) so good :) love the natural chemistry between elizabeth and jack!

    1. Me, too, Rachel! I absolutely love these two together - they are really what keep me coming back! :)

  2. I'm in love with this show and just praying Jack and Elizabeth DO get together and stay together! Such a wonderful, wholesome family show which is hard to come by these days.

    1. Same here, Angela! Really adore Jack and Elizabeth together; their chemistry is fabulous. :)

      ...a wholesome family show IS very tough to find nowadays. Makes me happy Hallmark is working so hard to fill the void. (There are at least three more series in the works!)

  3. Do we know if there is going to be a second season? I'm so obsessed I've scoured the web for spoilers hoping for confirmation that Elizabeth and Jack end up together! No luck on the spoilers though, which I guess is a good thing...the suspense is just killing me

    1. There hasn't been an official announcement yet, Angela! Fans are starting a "campaign" of sorts in the hopes Hallmark will renew it - right now we know about 11 first season episodes but so far... nothing else! If you're on Twitter, you can join in just by sending @HallmarkChannel your hope they'll renew it, etc. I'm just wishing that if there isn't a second season, Hallmark won't leave us hanging and will have Jack and Elizabeth together by the end of S1. Anything else would be unacceptable. ;)

  4. Ok dying to read what you thought about last night's episode and especially the previews for next week! I am loving the brewing romance but I'm predicting an old flame comes back into the picture next week. I think in the preview where it sounds like Jack is asking for her hand it is actually someone else's voice??? This better not throw a kink in them getting together!

    1. Hi, Angela! Thanks - I'm going to be watching episode 8 tonight and will share about it this week, so I'm excited to get the feedback of what you all thought. Really!? An old flame could pop up. Wow. I would tend to agree with you that Jack wouldn't propose... yet...! As it stands now, the romance between Jack and Elizabeth is beautiful plus the actors have great chemistry!

  5. I thought that the scene where Jack asks Abigail about the "bear" warning the "deer" about the "skunk" was fabulous -- particularly how, when Abigail gave him a 2-part answer, he got completely confused about his own metaphor!

    1. Jack is really cute when he asks Abigail about anything! I love how he tries to hide his intentions from her (that in reality he's asking about Elizabeth) and wise as she is, she knows exactly what he's really wondering. It's priceless! ;)


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