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When Calls the Heart, Season One - Episode Six (2014)

Receiving rave reviews from those of us who prefer quality family filmmaking over imitations and quantity this Hallmark Channel series shares the next chapter in its saga. Here’s what comes about in episode six; it starts off with excitement high for the local Miner’s Games that every year the locals celebrate. Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) has captured her student’s attention and that of their parents, though she still has a long way to go when it comes to her baking skills. This is no small problem with the games nearly upon them which also includes a chance for the ladies to show off their baking skills by auctioning off pies – and for Elizabeth she especially wants to make a good impression on her would-be beau, Billy (Andrew Walker). Aside from his worry over Elizabeth's safety, distracting Mountie Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) are the thefts that continue to plague the families.  

What transpires in this episode is much the same tradition as its previous installments. The “feelings” are all about community and being there for neighbors, friends and family when needs arise. Just some of my brief ramblings for this episode, ‘These Games’ can be summed up by saying this is one of the cutest of the bunch (I know, I keep saying that, but...). More of Elizabeth’s personality is chipped away; she’s spunky and a little bit sassy, and no matter that we’ve experienced it before, I couldn’t stop the silly grins over her attempts at baking in trying to keep pace with the skills of the women around her.  


Also a pleasant resolution was the sweetness lent to the focus on relationships (most special was the friendship between a grieving son and miner) and how far a bit of trust can carry those willing to go forward on faith. I’ve been pleased with the progression of the plot if you can view the stories as a “bigger picture” scenario rather than individual vignettes; if the show has a weak point, it is the individual forty-some minute scripts. The heartbeat of the series is really Elizabeth and Jack’s romance; their cute banter is what makes the story so engaging and I think producers hit gold when casting Erin and Daniel in these roles. And if I wasn’t convinced of this in the opening episodes that belief is further cemented each passing installment. Because of its fabulous sense of humor and one resolution that – I think – will leave many fans sighing in relief, this is an episode not to miss!

 Tune into the Hallmark Channel tonight, February 15th to watch, ‘These Games.'

Have a look at the promo spot for 006 episode, 'These Games.'
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  1. So looking forward to when this comes out on DVD, because until then... I'm just waiting in suspense!

    1. I cannot wait for the DVD announcement either, Natalie though if you cannot wait, I think you can purchase episodes on Amazon or iTunes. Hope it's worth the wait! :)

  2. I loved the scene where the men were bidding on Elizabeth's pie. It was so funny and adorable! :)


    1. Me, too, Cassie! That was the best scene yet - it really was priceless in a sweet kind of way. I'm smiling just thinking about it. :)

  3. How did I not know about this!! I'll have to check it out! (=

    1. Fun! Hope it's something you'll enjoy, Heather - if you like wholesome series, this one is a keeper. :)

  4. Love reading your reviews! I guess I'm another person waiting for the DVD release. :D The show sounds so cute.

    1. Hi, Faith! Thanks for reading.

      Here's hoping the DVD's arrive. Sometimes Hallmark doesn't always release their stuff though given it's high ratings, this series should come to DVD. *fingers crossed*

  5. Rissi, I think that auction was probably the most entertaining scene of the whole series! I can still see a delighted Cat, thrilled with a bid of 80 cents for Florence's cake, awarding the cake to "the man with all the money"! The bidding war between Jack and Billy for Elizabeth's cake was hilarious. After that display in the very crowded auction, Jack is officially the only adult in Coal Valley unaware of his crush on Elizabeth. And having Jack and Billy sheepishly follow Elizabeth outside for what they knew was going to be a tongue-lashing was so funny! A delightful scene. And I loved all the miners' games --- it was fun seeing the tug-o-war, egg toss, etc.

    Of course, I was delighted to see Caleb bring home Mr. Graves for pie.

    Finally, I loved how Elizabeth told Jack about the newspaper story telling of how she, a rich heiress, was moving west. They don't admit they have romantic feelings yet, but it is great how her trust is in him is so implicit that she knew he would be as appalled as she was at the idea that someone would want her for her money. Money is completely irrelevant to these two, and I admire that about them both.

    Thank you for your responses to all my late posts. I'm enjoying this tremendously, and am glad that another latecomer or two has also posted thoughts also.

    1. This sequence of events did have to be a high point in all 12 episodes, Jordan – I agree. Jack competing with Billy was a hilarious scene as was Elizabeth smartly chastising them for embarrassing her - plus I loved seeing her attempts to learn how to bake go array. How cute was all of that!? Those Miner’s Games were great and I adored the interaction between Caleb and yes, Mr. Graves. Such a wonderful exchange.

      Elizabeth’s willingness to move to Coal Valley and attempt to make a difference in the small town is a testament to her good character and the wealth was added to demonstrate a different between Jack and Billy – Elizabeth telling a falsehood about losing her wealth by disinheritance was amusing too. The girl has spunk!

      Happy to respond, Jordan! Thanks for reading and being a part of the readership. :)


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