Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Morning and happy Top Ten Tuesday. I say this every week, but seriously, this week is again another fun Top Ten Tuesday. This go round, the ladies are having us take a step back from all things books and asked us compile a list of favorite stories other than well, books. I was going to do half films and half TV shows, then decided to stick with television considering I probably talk more about movies on here than I do television shows... or maybe not. Either way, I had fun with this topic and hope you enjoy looking over it.

Let's talk about other types of stories! Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows!
 (can break it down to top ten favorite romance movies or comedy shows etc. etc.)

 Army Wives. Just recently got hooked on this thanks to remembering a friend who had listed it as a favorite show, and after a bumpy first season, the second shaped up to be better (deeper, great script, less drama), only now I am thinking the latter half of season two is going a bit soap opera (again) on me. Still, it's a unique show that hasn't lost my interest.

Arrow. A modern day Robin Hood-like premise? Um, I'm in!

Covert Affairs. When this first began, everyone was saying Alias was SO much better but as this USA Network show has progressed, it's come into its own and deserves some notice. Plus, I just finished season four and I'm telling you, as a girl who detests everything going wrong for its leading characters, the writer's upped their game even amid that. Loved the fourth year.

Doctor Who. After a so-so outcome when I watched episode one of 11's years, I am now hooked on this series, which does little to explain the reason why I've not gotten back to watching this. What's wrong with me??

Hawaii Five-o. The cast, its setting and the cases make this an awesome show to watch.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Is it okay if I just do a happy dance that this is returning for a third series?? Yes? *happy dance*

The Musketeers. Recently finished watching series one of this British import and yep, by the end, I was a total fangirl. Girls, this series is the PERFECT bit of summer fun. If you're watching it, let me know what you think - or wait to gush until a review is up, which should be here soon.

NCIS. Since this is the first "modern" show I ever got hooked on, it's still one I admire. Plus, the fact that it's the only scripted show in the top ten (or thereabout) TV ratings scale, attests to the fact that whatever this show has, it's still got it.

Person of Interest. One of the best crime dramas out there, this show takes a more unique approach to crime solving by trying to prevent the crime.

Pushing Daisies. I still love this show. I still miss this show. Please, give us more of Ned in that rumored movie.

Royal Pains. Just because it's summer, it seemed good to add something breezy and this got my pick. It's far from perfect, but I always love visiting these wacky brothers.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Much as I gushed about When Calls the Heart, I actually liked this Hallmark series LOTS better. The writing was fantastic and I respected that they weren't afraid to write stories that weren't always of the happy ending variety without turning the series into a weeper. It takes skill to do that.
...and that's it.
What about all of you?
Share your favorite picks - movies, TV shows or anything else you want to chat up...


  1. I've only seen one of the shows that you mentioned, "Doctor Who," but "The Musketeers" looks interesting, as well as "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered." Look forward to your Musketeer review. :-)

    I'm an oldie kind of girl, so most of the shows I like were filmed years ago... Some of them are "Bonanza," "The Waltons," "I Love Lucy," "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Christy." I have found some modern shows I like, but even some of them have stuff in it I'm not big on. *sigh* "When Calls the Heart" was pretty nice, but it just didn't give that WOW feeling. It was safe, but there wasn't much daring in it. It's a Hallmark series, I get that, but I still would have liked to feel more for it. Still, I did like it so I'm looking forward to season two.

    1. You might like Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Grace. It's really sweet and I love that while it remained upbeat, it was MORE than what When Calls the Heart gave us. The writing is better in my opinion. :) The Musketeers is WAY fun. If you like that kind of thing, it's a perfect summer addict.

      Hey, oldie stuff is awesome too. I enjoy several oldies too, I just cannot always get past some of the old production styles. We watch Magnum P.I. and The Andy Griffith Show among otheres, and sometimes on Saturday afternoons, my dad and I will watch an episode of something like The Rifleman on the telly. As a kid, I loved Christy and now own the DVD set, which reminds me, I should watch it again. I get what you're saying about WCTH. Much as I liked it, sometimes the script DROVE me insane just because the dialogue didn't always "feel" authentic - and I'm with you. Just because it's a Hallmark series doesn't mean that their programming can't live up to "more."

      Doctor Who is awesome. Always enjoy that.

  2. I'm curious to check out The Musketeers but only because of Peter Capaldi working those outfits as Richelieu, lol xD I'm so excited for his Doctor on Doctor Who (can't believe it's going to start soon/next month! Seems like yesterday he just regenerated...)

    I'm still behind on Covert Affairs, can you believe? Even my parents are caught up with the show! And hee, I checked out a few episodes of Arrow recently and found that I rather enjoyed them! My favourite version of Green Arrow is still the one from Smallville though, I thought he was perfect from what we know of him in the comics :)

    Great list! My TTT

    1. Aw, really?? Did you not like Robin Hood? Because if you did, you'll love The Musketeers for more than just Peter. ;) You know, Charity has been on pins and needles about the new Doctor too. I'm just so-so about it. I'm still loving the years of 11 and happy as a clam because of it.

      Charity said the same about Arrow. She really liked the character in Smallville too. Never watched that, so again, I'm happy with Arrow. ;) I really liked this last season of Covert Affairs. Usually I am SO not a fan of everything falling apart for the characters, however this season... I don't know it was just EPIC.

      Thanks for reading! :)

  3. My top ten favorite TV shows would be, in no particular order: I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Full House, Boy Meets World, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Monk, Psych, and Gilmore Girls.

    I loved Pushing Daisies, too! I watched the first season when it aired on TV, but a year or two ago I watched both seasons through again on Netflix. Besides the content issues, it was one of the loveliest, most quirky shows I've ever seen. :)

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. How did I forget to include Sherlock!? Clearly, I wasn't thinking when I put this together. YIKES! That is definitely a BIG favorite. Doctor Who is so much fun.

      Ditto on Pushing Daisies. The creativity of it is... flawless or as close as TV gets! I rewatch some episodes now and again, it's about time I watch some more!

      Thanks for stopping in, Kristin. Always appreciate it.

  4. Oooh! Now I am curious to watch Pushing up Daisies and Royal Pains and of course, Signed, Sealed, Delivered.
    My favorite TV shows would have to be White Collar....who couldn't love Neil??? makes me laugh so, so much. And right now I'm watching Parks and Recreation. I also adore Downton Abbey.

    1. Cool! Hope if you try any of these, you enjoy them, Maria. Royal Pains is the same network as White Collar, which is part of the reason I love that one so much too - sad that all it has left is 6 episodes. Hope they make the most of it. :)

      LOVE Downton Abbey. It's not just lovely to look at, the characters have become interesting studies which is always a huge plus.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I liked Crisis but sadly that is no longer :( . I I will dvr things then never watch them so I delete them. I do wish I had Hallmark channel since those movies are sweet. I did dvr the first Crisis and was hooked. I watched every episode and even got my girls hooked. Now we own the whole season on Amazon. However I always say I'm the shows kiss of death. If I watch it, like it and dvr it it will be cannned. So dvr all the Stalker episodes and Secrets and Lies. Since I've seen the previews and think they look awesome. Stalker looks beyond scary!!! :)

    Gidgets Bookshelf (picture - YA)
    My never ending reading pile... (mom type books, mostly christian)

    1. Ooo! I've seen Crisis on Amazon and never rented/bought it. Maybe next time I'm looking for something, I'll check it out. Right now, I'm on the lookout for something light a-la Pushing Daisies or something of that sort.

      Ahhh! Stalker looks awesome, plus it doesn't hurt that I really like the lead actor. Hope if you watch it, you'll like it - the promos sure have promise. :)

    2. Oh yes Dylan is wonderful eye candy! Maggie Q was great in Divergent so I think she will be really good in this.

    3. He is! ;) I saw him in the short lived Dark Blue and a few movies, so I'm a fan.

      As for Maggie, I don't think I've seen her in anything though am curious about Divergent, which means I'll be able to see her in that.

    4. You got to watch Divergent, it comes out on digital download on the 22nd. We are buying that and then the actual dvd on August 8th. Big Divergent fans here. She plays tough girl Tori.

      I've loved and crushed on Dylan since Steel Magnolias. He just better with age. Aww he is my McDreamy :)

    5. Awesome! Thanks, Gidget, I'll definitely see the movie then. It looks interesting and is a movie that's been on my radar, though I think the trilogy ends sad...? Sounds like a fun character for Maggie. :)

      Never saw Steel Magnolias, but everything I've seen him in, I've liked - he even starred in a little unknown about an Indian woman who was a kind of "healer," only she couldn't leave her store - and of course, Dylan played a love interest.

  6. Once Upon a Time and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are my favorites. But what can I say--I don't watch a lot of TV shows. I also really enjoyed When Calls the Heart from Hallmark. :)

    walking in the air.

    1. I enjoy "Once" also, Hannah, and expect to like "S.H.I.E.L.D" as well - who doesn't love superheroes?? Are you going to watch Agent Carter this fall?

      I liked When Calls the Heart too. It was cute.

      Always glad to see you stop in.

  7. *squeals* Yes! Love this list! I am such a tv junkie. Totally agree with Arrow, Hawaii Five-0, Covert Affairs (my fave!), and Signed, Sealed, Delivered. The only ones I would probably add is Psych, Chuck, Veronica Mars, and Once Upon a Time. Now I want to check out Army Wives, Royal Pains, Doctor Who, and Person of Interest. I have been trying to get my sisters to watch The Musketeers with me, but I might just have to start it on my own…lol. Thanks for such a fun post!

    On a side note, I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie this weekend. It wasn't what I was expecting. Is it bad of me that I was rooting for Piz?! Oh, well.

    1. Same here, Bekah. I'm a BIG TV junkie. My dad thinks I'm nuts. ;) Ditto on those shared favorites (and I loved Covert Affairs last DVD season - so fantastic). I've never watched Chuck, but remember it looking funny when it aired on TV. Ugh. First I forget Sherlock, then I forget Veronica Mars, what is my deal?? ;) "Once" is fun also and Royal Pains always makes me smile - the characters are fun. Army Wives has "issues," but this second season started out way better than even the first (which was more soap opera-esque). Doctor Who is SO much fun, and POI is clever plus the cast = fantastic.

      Ooo! Your sister's aren't interested in The Musketeers?? My mom and I watched it, and both were like, "YES!" by the time it ended. Glad it's getting a second season too.

      Did you like the V. Mars film overall though...? I sure hope so; I thought it was a great tribute - and no! It's not at all bad you were rooting for Piz, I love that dude! He's sweet and kind and perfect, and Veronica treats him horribly. Badly done, Veronica. If she has to stay with Logan, I'm glad he has grown up - makes it easier to accept. :D

      Thanks for commenting - it's always fun to gush.

    2. Lol. Chuck is a must see! It's funny and endearing, plus Zachary Levi is AMAZING. *wink* I'm a Sherlock fan too, though admittedly I've only seen season one so far. I'm really excited to check out the shows on your list I haven't seen, probably when I'm done with my summer internship and need a good tv binge.

      I made them watch BBC's Robin Hood last year and they hated it (no idea why) so they're a little reluctant to take my suggestion for another "alike" BBC show. I WILL get them to try The Musketeers though, it just might take a while. Lol, it sounds really good!

      I did like it overall-- it was sooo funny and I loved the clever way they included things from the series for the fans, like the man singing the theme song in the street. I was really happy that they made it, but it just seemed like it was an entire movie just to show LoVe got back together! Lol, ditto with the fact that Logan was more mature...I definitely appreciated that. And have you heard that they made a book series for the fans as well?! I haven't read the first book, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, but I am really looking forward to it!

      Your posts are always such fun! :)

    3. Awesome! Now, I have another show to check out. You know, in-between all of my other TV addictions. ;) I like Zachary Levi in the rare roles I've seen him in, he was in a Hallmark Hall of Fame (Remember Sunday) and I think he was in one of the chipmunk movies, too.

      Ah, I see. Well, if they didn't care for Robin Hood, perhaps The Musketeers wouldn't go over well. My mom and I were pretty much fan-girling by the time the series ended and both of us were like, "is there a season two??" There are similarities to 'Hood,' in terms of it being a sometimes sassy romp with good-looking guys running around with swords and antique guns - no bow and arrows this time. It's one of my new summer guilty pleasures. When you see it, let me know what you think, Bekah. :)

      I do agree, a large part of the V. Mars movie was to satisfy fans displeasures over V and Logan being apart. I suppose, I was just so thrilled to see more of Veronica doing her thing that I didn't really care... or maybe I like Logan more than I thought? (He has moments of brilliance; Piz still *has* to be my favorite though.) Did see an interview with Kristen Bell about her character's romantic choice and she made the comment that she doesn't know if Veronica's decision is "final," so yikes. What does this mean? With rumors for another movie and of course the books (which I too am *dying* to read - have book one), who knows who she'll wind up with??

  8. LOL I haven't watched any of those...I have some TV viewing to do! Hehehe...when deadlines are past, that is.

    My favorite shows:
    Gilmore Girls (loooooove)
    24 (the finale of the new season last night...oh man, ripped my heart out in a good way)
    Sherlock (does that count as a series since it's more like mini-movies?)
    Bonanza (don't know why but I love those Ponderosa boys)
    Mary Tyler Moore Show

    1. Yay! Hope if/when you try any of these you maybe find some new favorites, Melissa. There are some good ones. :)

      Gilmore Girls - clearly, after all your blog posts, I *need* to watch this.
      24 - you know, I love this one. :) Oh, nooo! Please, tell me the ending isn't awful??
      Sherlock - I cannot believe I forgot this one. LOVE it.
      Parenthood - my aunt/uncle watch this one.
      Chuck - I have a friend who likes this one, I never tried it... hmmm...
      Bonanza - I binge watched this as a teen. Always liked it, though the ONE thing that "bugged" me was that no one ever married, and well, it seems like they would have in that time frame.
      Mary Tyler Moore Show - don't think I've ever seen an episode of this.

  9. Nice list! This definitely was a fun topic. :)

    1. Thanks, Melanie - and I agree. What fun we all had with this topic! :)

  10. Doctor Who tops my list. After that, Sherlock, Smallville, Stargate, Sanctuary, Moonlight, and Fringe. All either sci-fi or vampires. I need help. :)

    1. Yay for Doctor Who fans! You know I love that one as well as Sherlock (what was I thinking leaving that off the list??). Hey, I'm surprised my top ten weren't entirely all crime dramas... I'm rather proud of the fact that there's some variety. ;)

      Glad you stopped by, Charity.

  11. Of course you already I know how much I love Doctor Who, but I'm really loving Signed, Sealed, Delivered as well. I haven't seen Arrow yet, but my family is obsessed with it. They've been watching it almost every night! I've heard good things about Person of Interested, but have yet to watch it myself. It looks like something I would like, though.

    Some of my favorite TV shows (that weren't mentioned above. DW would be #1!) are:
    -Boy Meets World
    -The Dick Van Dyke Show
    -Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    -Gomer Pyle, USMC
    -Happy Days

    There are many more that I enjoy, but it would take a while to list them all! I definitely watch much more television than I do movies.

    1. Awesome! I'm glad to meet more "Who" fans (and I've enjoyed your blogging about the series) as well as Signed, Sealed, Delivered. That one is really precious in my TV viewing and I'm eager to a.) finally see the pilot movie (hoping it arrives on DVD soon) and b.) see what S2 brings. If you ever try Arrow, happy watching. :)

      - Monk, my cousin/uncle watch this one and it drives her nuts. ;)
      - Boy Meets World, aw, I vaguely remember this one. Used to watch it as a kid growing up on Friday nights (it was one of the few my parents let us watch). Are you going to watch the spin off?
      - The Dick Van Dyke Show, don't think I've seen any of these.
      - Star Trek, love the new movies; haven't seen the show.
      - Gomer Pyle, never saw this either.
      - Happy Days, same as above.
      - Flashpoint, you know I've looked at this one, but haven't given it a try.

      It's the same for me, there were more to list, but I kept it to ten. That was BIG for me. ;)

      Thanks for stopping in, Sereina. Always glad to chat with you.

  12. Some of these are new to me. I seriously cannot get over how much I loved Pushing Daisies!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. *High Five*

      I'm feeling some re-watching for Pushing Daisies. It was... wonderful! Bring it back, ABC. ;)

  13. I love Pushing Daisies. I just watched it about a month ago for the first time. So cute. As for Doctor Who, I'm obsessed. Ten is my Doctor. I was not thrilled with Eleventh Hour, probably because I had a hard time adjusting to a new Doctor. But as time has gone by and I've rewatched it numerous times, it is actually my favorite Matt Smith episode and one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. I'm really excited for Peter Capaldi. I've watched him in some other things and really like him.

    1. Cool. I hope you like the new series of Doctor Who, Alison. I'm not very "into" the idea of it because I'm kind of "obsessed" with Matt Smith's doctor - just because his characterization is hilarious plus I adore he and Amy together. Hope you like the new doctor! :)

      Me too! Pushing Daisies is a ray of sunshine and one I wish was still on. Makes me sad when I think of it being over.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Just thought I'd drop by and check out your list. I totally forgot about Pushing Daisies when I made mine.... I really liked the quirkiness of that show. And NCIS, I watch that too, though it's not the type I would sit and watch over and over. However, I do enjoy it and I honestly think Ellie has breathed new life into it. Amazingly, I like her far better than I ever liked Kate or Ziva! I love how the show is so highly rated even though most of the actors are older than average. Of course that's just because it has run so long, but still. That show has got some awesome stuff going on, and it has even run longer than it's predecessor, JAG!

    So anyway, yes, you seriously should check out Gilmore Girls. I think you'd love it. It's got some awesome humor. It's easily my most favorite show of all time. I've seen every episode twice, and others many more times than that. :)

    1. ...and I'm thrilled you did stop by, Valerie. Thank you.

      Pushing Daisies is lovely. Wish it still had more to tell, but I love my DVD sets so I can rewatch it anytime I want. NCIS is a staple at my house. We have all the DVD sets and are anxiously awaiting the new season. It's SO good - and has grown a ton since that first episode. You have no idea how thrilled I am to know you like Ellie. I think some viewers are (were) skeptical, but I'm open to new characters, especially when though it's still sad, Ziva didn't die and could possibly return for guest spots. That'd be great. I say, keep NCIS going - the acting is awesome (maybe it's that maturity people respond to...?) and let the stories keep coming. The writing is very honoring to the military and that's part of its greatness.

      That's it. I'm sold. Gilmore Girls is going on my next Amazon order. No question. Thanks for the endorsement. :)

  15. Army Wives was such a good show. I'm still sad it is over. I cried so many times while watching and I just loved all of those characters. I love the graphic you made to display your favorites!

    Kay @ It's a Book Life

    1. Hi, Kay! Thanks for visiting and for the kind words; I always have a blast with these graphics. :)

      Army Wives is a new favorite. I don't always like the soap opera bits, but yep, I'm addicted - plus it makes me tear up - a lot - and I never do that. :)

  16. Oh, Army Wives. I was with it from beginning to end. However, I watched when I was an Army wife and couldn't help but laugh at the inaccuracies of it. Thankfully they fixed the caps in the second season...drove me nuts the first season. :-)

    Dr. Who and Musketeers....those British know how to put on a good show!

    1. I didn't know that about you, Kate! You were an Army wife?? :) You know, it's in the "soap opera" moments of this show that I think, "hmm... is that true??" But overall, I really like it. There are some great moments of honor to the troops and that makes me happy. Season two is better all around in my opinion, though there are still some "issues." What were the most glaring inaccuracies?

      Doctor Who and The Musketeers = awesome! Love both and you are right; the Brits do series right. ;)

      Glad you stopped in, Kate.

    2. I was, I was. Stationed up in the frozen tundra...blah! :-) I will say the most realistic friendships in the show are Roxy and Pamela. You become friends with your neighbors really well (usually) and Claudia Joy and Denise. Friendships amongst the wives of the lower ranking members and the CO's wives was rare. Friendships with the NCO's wives were easier. I will say that in real life, most Army wives are in the late teens and early 20's. So the drama runs rampant.

      The uniforms the first season were wrong. Later on in the seasons with one character moving up in ranks is a bit off for the time frame. And some personal issues that happen were a little off in responses. The housing is also a little off for some characters. However Roxy's housing is pretty spot on. I'm trying to not give to much away. :-)

      Great list! :-)

    3. That's a cool fact about you; I'd never read/heard that. Brr... I don't envy you that. Who likes the frozen cold?? ;)

      Pamela and Roxy are fun together as are all of the main characters. Considering it's more unrealistic than not for these women to become friends, on reflection, I like that there is such a "big" event that brings them together - perhaps that's why the writer's did that. It's nice to know that even if women of higher ranked officers aren't friends with woman like Roxy or Pamela that friendships do develop and you have that support system.

      I believe ya'. Drama and young women? Yep, that goes together. ;)

      I suppose if there wasn't some embellishing and drama, a show this would not make. Sometimes I'm annoyed by the smallest things in a show, other times I let it go. Just depends on my mood I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting! Always fun to chat with you, Kate.

  17. I've never heard of Musketeers! That looks like one I need to look into. I've been enjoying some Agatha Christie recently, so Miss Fisher looks fun, too.

    1. The Musketeers is WAY fun, Tammy. Hope you enjoy if/when you see it.

      Ooo! I love Agatha Christie. Are you reading the books or watch the BBC series. 'Miss Fisher' is fantastic! It's fun and flirty. ;)

  18. Oh.....your list is perfect timing. I'll have to check Netflix for some of them. Well, I already posted about my personal favorites on my blog, but Josh and I watch a LOT of shows together, too. Sherlock being one of my favorites! A few others...

    White Collar
    Downton Abby
    Murder She Wrote (oldie, but goodie!)

    We also just started watching Doctor Who!

    1. Hi, Heather! Awesome, I'm glad the list is (maybe) helpful. Happy Netflix shopping. :)

      White Collar - love it.
      Bones - love it.
      Parenthood - never seen it, though the trailers look fun.
      Revenge - not sure I can say that I "love" this one, but it's clever.
      Psych - I watched part of S1 and laughed myself silly.
      Downton Abbey - love it.
      Monk - haven't seen it.
      Murder She Wrote - yes! My mom and I watched the entire run. So fun.

      Yay for Sherlock and I think it's fun you and Josh watch most everything together. That's neat. (Doctor Who is awesome. What year are you starting with?)

  19. I LOVED Pushing Daisies. I still miss it and wish I could own that pie shop. *le sigh*
    I'm totally going to try Miss Fisher's soon.

    1. Same here. That show just oozed personality and the cool factor was off the charts. Wish we had more time with it.

      Yay! Hope if/when you see 'Miss Fisher,' you enjoy, Juju. It's pretty great in my book. :)


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