Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

Originally, I wasn't going to take part in this week's Top Ten Tuesday merely because I wasn't sure I had the extra time to get it put together. I changed my mind and wound up putting something quick together and as always, this weeks topic is fun.

Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, this week's topic is:
Top Ten Blogging Confessions
I didn't manage to come up with ten blogging confessions, but there are enough to make an entry.
Authors. Since I've started blogging, I've been able to "meet" many authors and it's been an honor to have opportunity to not only review their novels but also to be able to converse with them. Despite their busy schedules, they always seem willing to chat with you or answer a question, which is not only kind, cool and all that jazz, but also a fun way to learn more about the reasons behind their story.

Dashboard. Okay, I'll confess. I am lost without Blogger's "dashboard" (or reader...?). It's pretty
much my best friend when it comes to reading friend's blogs because it's how I see when someone put up a new entry. Recently it was down and it just so happened that I'd been away from Blogger/Twitter for a few days, which meant I was in the "catch up" mode and wanting to see all the newsy stuff, instead I was left with, what awesomeness am I missing?? Fortunately, it was up the following day. Crisis averted.

Design. One of the best things about blogging is its design capabilities. They're open-ended for anyone who knows their CSS/HTML coding and while those two entities are a villain to me, I love the chance to teach myself how to work around standard templates. Part of the process is going wild with designs, and Blogger, specifically is open to that.
I Heart Blogging. In a nutshell, this is all a girl can say about blogging. It's not only a fun place to hang out if you've found a "niche" or a community who makes it pleasant, it's a great way for anyone who loves to write to work on their favorite hobby and make some fun new memories as well as blogging friends.

Making Recommendations. I'll confess (after all, that is the theme of this, right??), when someone tells me they bought/rented/read something on my recommendation, I am a tiny bit nervous. I know that all comes with the blogging territory, but I suppose, maybe when I'm writing my reviews, I'm thinking more of what I respected, loved, enjoyed about the book instead of "who else would love this?"

How about you?

New Finds. In my experience, blogging is really a community. It's a place where you can chose whose blogs you most frequent and because of that, whenever you find a new blog that is maybe the "one" you've been looking for or a new book recommendation that blows you away, well, that's a happy day indeed.

Planning. The fact that there is the option to "schedule" posts makes me very happy. I appreciate not having to rush to publish something (unless I chose too) and being able to have blog posts planned out weeks in advance if I wanted. I never do because, well, I'm unorganized, though there are times when I have Top Ten Tuesday ready weeks in advance or when I'm thinking about what to post for the next couple of weeks, and that is an aspect of blogging I do appreciate.

Replying to Blog Comments. Replying to comments is one of the best things about blogging in my estimation. I enjoy everything about it even if it is a bit more time consuming, it's a "rule" for my blogging. It's been a joy to meet and converse with so many people who share similar opinions.

...and then there is You. It's not a confession per say, but I do have to say this. Without you, the readers, friends, bloggers I admire, this blog wouldn't be what it is. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of that journey. You're awesome. 

That's all of the "confessions" I could think of. Such as they are, and yes, I realize most of them weren't really confessions. We now reach another conclusion to another Top Ten Tuesday meme.
What about you?
What are some of your blogging confessions? 


  1. Great list! I know what you mean about book recommendations, sometimes I wonder since I'm a reviewer do I read books differently know than before I became a book blogger!?!

    1. Thanks for reading, Gidget. :)

      I definitely read books differently now as a reviewer, and for me, that's awesome. I *need* that in order to be able to better determine which genres I prefer, because at the end of the day, I don't like having to "force" myself to finish a book, so my reading goes better when I know what I like and with few exceptions, stick to that. :)

  2. Lovely list Rissi! I agree when someone buys/borrows/reads a recommendation of mine, I get nervous too - but when they love it, I kinda do a happy dance :)

    1. Me, too, Jamie! I always want someone to like something when it's on my recommendation, but sometimes... there is some nail biting going on. :))

  3. I love the Dashboard as well! I'm still experimenting with Blogger design too. When I recommend something, it's funny because I one of the ladies at church will find me the next Sunday telling me she bought the book. Of course her daughter then follows on her heels and lets me know that I need to stop recommending books to her mom. :)

    1. *High Five* Gotta' love that dashboard. :)

      The design aspect is part of the fun with Blogger, unfortunately, you have to pay for nearly EVERYTHING on Wordpress, hence the reason I never switched over. Or one of them.

      Aw, that's a cute story about one of your church friends! Ah, well. Maybe we should have less books, but... well they are one of life's great joys and are meant to be read and loved. :)

      Thanks for reading, Dawn.

  4. It's always a little hard recommending books to people, because you're never exactly sure how they'll connect with it (or if they'll connect at all).

    I use the Blogger dashboard, too. I kind of panicked the other week when it was only showing one new blog entry at a time, so I went over to Bloglovin (where I created an account last year) and finally updated my list there. Just so I'll have back-up if the Blogger dashboard ever acts up. :)

    1. Right on, Kristin. I relate to that - plus with secular novels, you never know what their standard of content may be. It's why I'm so big on being honest. I just write honestly what I think and hope that, above all, that is what comes across.

      Ditto on being panic-ridden about the dashboard! I wondered if this was some kind of new feature from Blogger, but fortunately it was merely a snag - whew. Glad that was fixed. Like you, I headed over to BlogLovin' eventually as well, which was much easier at the time - I could actually see who had awesome new stuff up. :)

  5. I love the design work you do for your blog! You are uber talented!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Thanks, Missie. It's been a blast to do all this because a.) I have fun with it and b.) it's been a good excuse to learn how to use my design program better. :)


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