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Good morning, all! Today the blog is featuring yet another Top Ten Tuesday subject and this one is all about recommending! Since I frequently discuss newer novels and don't seem to be afraid of sharing my honest opinion, I thought some of my picks should look back at the books I read before book blogging was even a thought in my head.
Some of these books I read years ago, so that while I am confident they deal with nothing any different than all of the fiction I read today, I am a tiny big skeptical of using them just because my adult mind may not think them as good as my younger self did. That being said, I hope you find some new novels to look into or maybe can be reminded of an old favorite you once loved.
                                                      The Broke and the Bookish Topic:

Top Ten Books I'd Give To Readers Who Have Never Read X
(examples: New Adult novels, historical fiction, a certain author, books about a certain topic, etc)

If you like historical fiction, read Against the Tide, by Elizabeth Camden
this novel making the list is a no-brainer, there's adventure, a great sense of history (but not "too much") and a heroine who is both spunky and easy to like, plus... there's Bane.
If you like contemporary fiction or haven't read Lori Copeland, read Now & Always
while my memory of this novel isn't the brightest, I do recall thoroughly enjoying this contemporary (it was a more unique premise in comparison to what I was reading at the time), especially since the majority of Lori's novels are historical.
If you like the 1930's, read Rules of Murder, by Julianna Deering
if you've not tried Julianna's novels yet, please do. they're very reminiscent of Marple or Foyle's War (in terms of the crime solving and camaraderie), which is one of the series best strengths.
If you like "cozy mysteries," read Misery Loves Company, by Rene Gutteridge
read this for the INSPYs and I'll confess, I'm a bit giddy that I got to read it and grateful to whomever nominated it. it's a bit slow moving in spots, but it one of the more clever mysteries I've read.
...and if I dig the file out of the archives, I just may review this one on Goodreads this week.
If you like historical (western) fiction, read Loving Libby, by Robin Lee Hatcher
oddly enough, this "oldie" just made it on last week's meme, and my main memory of it is reading it while on a plane to Alaska. aside from that, I'm pretty sure it was one of my favorites some nine years ago.
If you like contemporary romance, read Once Upon a Prince, by Rachel Hauck
when this came out last year, it skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list. there was just "something" about its delightful whimsy that won me over - well that, and its very British hero. *wink*
If you like dystopian, read Anomaly, by Krista McGee
this is the first Christian dystopian I've read and considering prior to this, Krista wrote "cute" teen fiction, I was eager to try this novel. it did not disappoint.
If you like historical (western) fiction, read Leather and Lace, by DiAnn Mills

don't have the most vivid memories of reading this one, though since recently finishing Firewall by DiAnn, I was reminded of this oldie series and one thing I sure of, I enjoyed it at the time.
If you like contemporary fiction, read Dear Mr. Knightley, by Katherine Reay

there are really no adequate words to describe this novel. it's really that good.
If you like contemporary mysteries, read Heather, by Debra White Smith

this one is full of fun and if I remember correctly, it was one of my favorite series at the time.

What about all of you?

What old or new novels do you or would you recommend to fellow book addicts?
Have you read any of these, did you like them?
Comment away in the section below.


  1. I loved Katherine Reay's new one Lizzie and Jane it comes out October 28th! It is great!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Lizzy & Jane, Shannon! I'm super excited to read it as well and cannot wait to get a copy in October. :)

  2. Out of these I've only read Dear Mr. Knightley and Rules of Murder, both of which were amazing. I got Against the Tide as a gift for Christmas and I'm dying to read it, but I just haven't had the time yet. And as for the others, I've seen most of their titles around but haven't gotten a chance to pick a copy up.

    Heather looks like a fun mystery! I've never heard of it, but I love mysteries so I'm adding this to my TBR list. I'll also be anticipating your review of Misery Loves Company on Goodreads :)

    As always, thanks for a fun post to read, Rissi!

    1. I understand a lack of time, Jillian; it is tough to sneak in all these books. I keep saying this but once I get caught up, I'm determined to get back on track in terms of not overwhelming myself with review copies, that way I can read some of my books that aren't for review, too. Once upon a time, I was ahead of my TBR.

      Heather is a very fun mystery; it's about three modern women (best friends) who are "debutantes" and they solve mysteries instead of buying into all of the glamour their world provides. Thanks! I was just thinking about 'Misery' this afternoon. Once I'm caught up, I'm going to find it and see if it's ready to post. :)

      Thank you for reading - as always, Jillian. Always appreciate your comments.

  3. Great lists! Seems like a lot of bloggers are opting to diversity their lists this week instead of sticking to one genre--which is cool! =D Some of these titles are familiar from other lists I've read from you, so I'll definitely have to bump them up the wishlist ;)

    Seconding Shannon's comment, are you looking forward to Reay's next novel? I almost requested for an ARC over at NetGalley but refrained from doing so if only because my to-read pile is too large as it is! xD

    My TTT

    1. I'm noticing bloggers sticking more to one genre in my dashboard, Lianne, but well, I just went with this diversity. ;) Either way, it's all fun.

      I am SO excited for Katherine's next novel. It looks/sounds wonderful and of course, DMK was a breath of fresh air. I'm tempted to request it also, but my main problem with that is, my mom is the primary reader on our tablet and I'm not sure I could sneak in reading Lizzy & Jane. ;)

      Off to read your meme.

  4. Yes to Against the Tide. I really liked it.

    1. Same here, Ganise! It was SO good. :)

  5. Rissi, Thanks for adding Dear Mr. Knightley to your list. I so appreciate that! I've read most of your list and couldn't agree more that they are wonderful stories... And there's Bane. Loved that comment and it's so true -- we need more heroes that we call out by name and... 'nuf said. :) I also agree with the comments enjoying the mix of genres listed... I do a lot of genre-skipping-reading myself and got some a couple new titles from your list. Thanks!

    1. My pleasure, Katherine - thank YOU for writing this story. Because of how unique it was, it seriously is still one of my favorite novels. Ever. :)

      Bane is awesome! He's one of the most memorable heroes I've met and of course, it helps tremendously how realistically flawed he's written. Elizabeth did a superb job with his character.

      I'm a big fan of jumping from various genres. Sure, I have favorites, but overall, it's more fun to have some variety. :)

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. I haven't read any of these but I'm definitely adding 'Once Upon a Prince', 'Dear Mr. Knightley', and 'Against the Tide' to my to-read list! Lovely blog, I always enjoy reading your posts!

    1. All are excellent choices, Sofia. I sure hope you enjoy those books if/when you read them.

      Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and you stopping by. :)

  7. I love how you did this meme today! I am going to have to add quite a few of these to my TBR!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Thanks, Missie; I have too much fun with these, don't I?? ;)

      Hope you enjoy those you read.

  8. Ooooh yes. Against the Tide is a good one. "Cause...well, Bane :D And of course, Dear Mr. Knightley is probably one of the most delightful contemporary-era novels I've ever read. Rules of Murder is fun too, and I also really liked Anomaly. I have a free ebook of Misery Loves Company, so I really need to start reading that one :D

    Great list! I might have to start doing these Top Tens... ;)

    1. You picked out excellent titles as favorites, Hayden. I'm so glad you like some of these; for me, all you mentioned will be re-reads for moi, and I confess mainly Against the Tide will be for Bane. *sigh* ;)

      Fun! I'd love to read your top tens. :)

  9. Of course I agree about Anomaly, and Dear Mr. Knightley was my fav novel of 2013! I've had Misery Loves Company on my Kindle for a very long time, and I keep thinking I should start it. Maybe once I make some headway on my review pile :-)

    1. Same here, Becky! DMK was high on my favorites if not at the top of 2013. It was (and is) so good. Cannot wait to read Lizzy & Jane.

      Yay! Hope you like Misery Loves Company whenever you have the chance to read it - I understand that review pile taking over. :)

  10. Replies
    1. Hope it appeals to you, Juju; I remember loving the entire series. :)


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