Gambit (2014)

Gambit Colin Firth
Zany comedy seems to be the new “it” factor that appeals to movie watchers these days (that and remakes, both characteristics, this title falls into). Sometimes it pays off, other times it’s a bit of a disaster.

Harry Deane (Colin Firth) has a plan. It’s a good one too. His brilliant thought revolves around conning his one-of-a-kind-jerk-of-a-boss Lionel Shahbandar (Alan Rickman), who underappreciates Harry and still expects the impossible from him. As an art expert, Harry is responsible for authenticating all of his boss’ expensive pieces of art work and in order to make his plan work, Harry must bait the trap – one that involves putting a sliver of doubt in his Lionel’s mind about whether or not he actually owns the genuine Monet he had coveted for years prior to acquiring.

In order to pull off the con, he’ll need to recruit an American Texas cowgirl, PJ (Cameron Diaz), who also happens to be a descendant of the man who once owned the Monet. In his mind’s eye – and maybe a perfect world, the plan works like clockwork, without flaws or setbacks… in reality, Harry finds he may have undertaken more than he can manage.

When I saw this sitting on the video store shelf (yes, I’m old-fashioned and still walk into a video store to rent DVD’s), it immediately caught my eye because of its British talent and then there was the sunny-looking Cameron Diaz on the cover art, which made me think, “That’s an odd pairing,” albeit one I needed to check out pronto. Reading the back made the film sound like a lighthearted bit of escapism, and something that would at least offer non-stop laughs if nothing else, so I rented it. The results were, overall, worth the fee.


To set the stage for a similar film, this reminded me in some respects of Wild Target– which starred Emily Blunt. Between its wacky characters and humor, there were certainly lines to be drawn though thanks to the casting in the Emily Blunt flick, I have to say, Gambit is really much more entertaining. (Call me shallow, but I couldn’t quite get past some of the casting choices in Wild Target.) Anyone who likes Colin Firth (Pride & Prejudice, The King’s Speech) will get a kick out of seeing him in so drastically a different role as well as seeing his interplay with Cameron Diaz (because… really, who would have ever put them together in a film?). He plays a proper British gentleman, who is just a little bit of a bumbling goofball albeit a very likable one… and still, despite everything there are a few surprises thrown in here and there.

The beginning is, admittedly, somewhat hard to get into just because it’s not filmed as an image of – realistically, what is happening. Instead we see the stage set as Harry imagines it versus what really happens – the script keeps Cameron Diaz silent during this sequence and a narrator setting up the stage for what is going to unfold. Beyond this point, things pick up and there is plenty of wacky fun to be had – including the appearance of a lion, a chair that won’t move and some fun hotel mischief. What does this all mean? Find out when you run out those strategies with Gambit.

CONTENT: Rated PG13, there are two instances of male nudity, one instance is frontal with a statue used as a “play” for laughs to cover anything inappropriate. The second scene is a full shot of backside nudity, there are some innuendoes [a hotel manager assumes something that isn’t true] and a woman brings a man up to her hotel suite [she’s seen in her underwear], then the scene cuts to the next day without telling or showing anything else. There may be a minor profanity or two.


  1. I haven't even heard of this movie! And I usually try to catch Colin Firth flicks because I often love them. This one sounds pretty fun. But then, I tend to be happy any time the words "zany comedy" are involved. :)

    1. Knowing your love of oldie flicks, I think you'd enjoy this one, Melissa. It's got that kind of "style" to it. If you see it, I hope it's one you like - I thought it was quite for a new movie. :)

  2. Netflix keeps recommending this to me ... maybe it's time to check it out! I'm glad you said the beginning is hard to get into but it gets better, as normally I'll give a film about 10 minutes to interest me before moving on to something else. But it sounds like I might really like this one!

    1. Fun! I hope you do then, Becky. It's "different" compared to most "blockbuster" comedy, however I enjoyed it for a new movie rental - plus Colin and Cameron are hilarious together. :)

  3. I recently saw the trailer for this one and was interested mainly because of Colin Firth. ;D It was great to read your review on this one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was actually pretty cute, Bekah - in spite of the "zany" comedy. ;) If you see it, I hope you like it.

  4. Colin Firth was wonderful in this. We stumbled upon it and laughed our way through the evening. Glad you enjoyed it! Just watched Nanny McPhee with the girls -- He's pretty fun there too. :)

    1. He was indeed, Katherine - I get a kick out of seeing him in a more "bumbling" role after the starch properness of Darcy. I'm glad your family enjoyed it as well; it was all laughs for us.

      Oh, my! I forgot about Nanny McPhee; that one is darling as well. :)


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