Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read list

Morning, all. Today's blog post is one I've been equally anticipating and dreading.  I posted my summer reading list (via Top Ten Tuesday) back in June and since the fall to-be-read topic didn't arrive until today, I gave myself the luxury of having until today to try and read as much as possible on said summer list. Overall, I managed to read a decent number of the 13 titles on that list plus while I didn't read everything on the list (some because I never bought them), I did sneak in some that were not on the list, so there is that.
Without further ado, let's just jump into today's topic.

Today's Broke and Bookish Topic Is:

Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read list

At Bluebonnet Lake, by Amanda Cabot
This is one I had been hoping to be on the blog tour for, however I'm not sure that will happen, which means... it's going on my to-buy list. No question; it sounds really cute.
Deceived, by Irene Hannon
Eager to start this one. Irene Hannon rarely disappoints, plus I've loved this series.
The Wishing Season, by Denise Hunter
Reading this one now and aw, this book is darling! If it keeps up as it is, it's going to snatch at least my second favorite in this Chapel Springs series.
Can't Let You Go, by Jenny B. Jones
Jenny's next book has JUST released, plus the fact that Jenny wrote something new is cause enough for celebration.
*This isn't the final cover design
A Bride in Store, by Melissa Jaegers
Excited to eventually add this one to my collection.
Hawk, by Ronie Kendig
Ronie always writes high-action, exciting (and romantic!) fiction, so I'm happy to have this one coming up as well.
Lizzy & Jane, by Katherine Reay
I've read this book and guys, oh my gosh!

...and that's all I'll say.
Also, be on the lookout, the review and a GIVEAWAY are coming.

Thunder, by Bonnie S. Calhoun

Currently reading this one (wondering if there is anything I'm NOT reading in looking over this list), and am eager to see what comes next.

Not in the Script, by Amy Finnegan
Confession time yet again: I've already read, completed a review and fell in love with this darling work of debut fiction. Plus Amy is a fun author to chat with! Hoping she has more to come.

(Check out the sidebar or "giveaway" page to enter for a chance to win this.)
Hit, by Lorie Ann Grover
Read and reviewed this if you're interested in discovering more thoughts on it. Sadly, this wasn't one to go on my keeper shelf.
The Opal Crown, by Jenny Lundquist
Loved The Princess in the Opal Mask so clearly, reading its companion novel is a must.
Diamonds in the Rough, by Michelle Madow
Started this one (oh my, those secrets!), but had to put it aside in favor of two nearly-here Revell tours.
Sway, by Amy Matayo
New adult is a popular genre nowadays, so I'm pretty curious about Amy's foray into it.
How a Star Falls, by Amber Stokes
No matter when its release arrives, reading this one should need NO explanation - it's by Amber.
'Nuff said.
 In addition to all of these, I have a pile of book-to-movie adaptations I want to read prior to seeing the films and am in fact reading one now... no, it's not Divergent, however I did once post a pic of the book I am reading on Instagram - and the cover has a color scheme in blue. Can you guess what it is?
What about you, readers: how did your summer reading lists go? What are your autumn reading plans? Do share any bookish thoughts below... and leave your TTT links if you joined in.


  1. I've got Bluebonnet Lake and Deceived on my list as well. I enjoyed Bride in Store too.

    1. Fun! Hope you enjoy your reads, Dawn; I'm VERY interested in Bluebonnet Lake because I'm a big contemporary fan. :)

  2. The Opal Crown has a very interesting cover, very eye-catching! And of course Lizzy and Jane are on my lookout list ;) Happy reading!

    My TTT

    1. Thanks, Lianne - happy reading to you as well, and yes, I agree! The Opal Crown has a gorgeous cover. So unique. Yay for Lizzy & Jane. Hope you like it. :)

      Off to read your TTT... :)

  3. I think "Deceived" and "Can't Let You Go" will be on my list as well! There are several titles here that I'm not familiar with so I'll have to check them out. (=

    1. AWESOME! Hope you enjoy Irene and Jenny's respective books, Heather. Irene's is up next for me, then I won't let anything stand in the way of reading Jenny's. So excited. Maybe you'll find some others on this list that appeal. :)

  4. I want to read so many of these too! Especially 1-7, 9, & 15! Some of them I have, some I keep hoping I'll get on the tour for them, and others I just need to go buy!
    I read 8 of the 10 books on my summer TBR, one of them is now on my fall TBR and the other I just haven't managed to get my hands on yet!

    1. Excellent choices, Abbi; I agree with all of those, especially since some I am reading or have read thanks to publishers. Some of these I will be buying too because they sound or look that awesome, and like you, perhaps some of my summer TBR will be moved to the fall... or winter. ;)

  5. I can't wait to read Lizzy & Jane! And I was really excited to hear about Jenny B. Jones' new book. I love her books and I'm so glad she's written another one. But I have to read the rest of the Katie Parker series first! Those are the only of her books that I haven't read...I could never find them at the library or the local Christian bookstores, and for whatever reason, I hadn't ordered them.

    Are you reading The Fault in Our Stars? I have the film on my Netflix list. I read the book a couple of years ago, and overall liked it okay. But I think upon rereading it I might not like it as much...I'm just not a John Green fan. I know I'm in the minority there, but honestly he and his brother sort of grate on my nerves. :)

    My fall reading will hopefully consist of finishing my rereads of the Harry Potter series (I have 2.5 books left), starting the Anne of Green Gables series, and reading some other random books that I haven't been able to pick up because I've been tied up with the HP series.

    1. Katherine's follow up novel is lovely, Kristin and her third book sounds awesome as well - she's been spoiling us on Twitter by sharing little teasers for it. Hope you enjoy L&J - it's one I'll give away a copy of at the end of this month, even though it won't arrive in stores until October, I'll host it early then send it out when the time arrives. :D I agree; Jenny's novels are oh-so-fun. I have this one on my tablet and like you, am trying to work through some of the earlier Katie books before diving into this one. Cannot wait.

      You are the WINNER! Yes, I am reading The Fault in our Stars. Believe it or not, it's delightful (so far) to me. I don't think I'll become a John Green fan either (for no reason other than I've a feeling I'd take issue with his books), but I do like this novel and am planning on finishing it soon so I can FINALLY see the movie. Looking forward to it.

      Ooo! Fun, fun! Enjoy finishing up your series and starting Anne. I need to collect those books and love the covers you showed on your blog a while back - those are the pretties I'll want. ;)

  6. Thank you for sharing your list, Rissi. I'm thinking I should probably join in on my blog :-)

    Deceived - I read the synopsis several months ago and who on earth wouldn't be drawn to it? Wow!

    How a Star Falls - Yes. I am interested in that one as well. Go Amber.

    Lizzy and Jane - it was good? Really good? You know this will pique my curiosity even though my TBR pile is growing? Can't wait for your review!

    1. Loved putting this one together, Ganise - and yes! Please do join in on your blog. Let me know if you do, you know, just in case it escapes my notice on my dashboard. :)

      Deceived sounds fabulous, but then I've enjoyed this series from Irene so very much. Hoping it ends well.

      Amber's book = awesome! I'm sure this NA she dreamed up will be lovely. As all of her novels are.

      Lizzy & Jane was very special. Katherine has a knack for creating dynamic, interesting characters that stay with you. I'm already anticipating rereads of BOTH her books and am excited for whatever she has next.

      ...yes! I feel your dilemma with that TBR. Oh, do I ever. :)

  7. YES to what you said about Lizzy and Jane!! It's so wonderful, isn't it? I've been trying to muster up courage to get my review written, but totally blanking on the words to use. SO good! :)

    I'm excited for The Wishing Season and Can't Let You Go as well! And it goes without saying that I am beyond excited for Amber's new book, right?!!!! ;)

    After your enthusiasm for Not in the Script, my interest is certainly piqued for that one too.

    SO many great books to look forward to! :D

    1. I feel your problem with L&J, Kara. I think I wrote most of the review up nearly right after I finished the book, but from now until I publish it, I'll probably constantly tweak the review, thinking it never does the book justice! So good.

      Three cheers for Denise Hunter and Jenny B. Jones love. Those ladies...! Yes! It totally goes without saying about Amber's new book, whenever it is ready for the world, I'm ready for it!

      *bites nails*

      I hope I've not over enthused about Not in the Script; it was just one of those reads I really *needed* at the time - you know, happy-go-lucky and sweet. Plus, I was so surprised that it was a relatively clean YA book, that helped. Hope you like it if/when you read it. :)

      I agree; how will we get all of these books read??

  8. Not in the Script looks fun! Great list! I love the new fall look!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. It is fun, Missie - particularly if you want a cute, sweet read that will make you smile.

      Thanks! I had fun with this fall look. :)

    2. OK funny thing, I was scrolling through the comments. My oldest was like is that Theo and Shailene. I was like no it's not, did a scroll over and she was right. She knows her Divergent actors! :)

    3. Your daughter is one smart cookie. ;) Shailene and Theo were fantastic together - loved them in these roles.

      Ps; so sorry I missed this comment. Not sure HOW that happened.

  9. Fabulous list, as always! I think all Jenny B Jones fans have been waiting for a new book for the longest time - I'm so glad she finally honored her reader's requests! I've just started Irene's newest, which is the first book I've read by her, and it already promises to be amazing. Yay for Lizzy and Jane! I still haven't gotten over how good DMK was, but I'm looking forward to reading more of Katherine's work. Ooh, and Hawk also looks intriguing. I've heard great praise for Rondie Kendig's work as well.

    So many fun titles! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. As am I, Jillian. It's a delight to have a new book from her, even if I have to wait a little while to read it due to other books, but still... just knowing it's there makes me happy. Ooo! You should read Irene's prior books in this series sometime - this has been my favorite from her. Three cheers for BOTH Katherine and Ronie. They are master storytellers in their respective genres. :)

      Thanks for visiting!

  10. Lizzy & Jane sounds amazing! I haven't read Dear Mr. Knightley yet, but I reallly want to :)

    walking in the air.

    1. Katherine's novels are beautiful, Hannah and what's more, there very realistic to life without being depressing, which is a lovely talent. Hope you can read BOTH soon. :)

  11. Lizzy and Jane is wonderful!!! Really enjoyed it! Hope you like it. I've have The Wishing Season and prob. will have Hawk before the weekend's done (via netgalley).

    1. I did indeed love it, Shannon! Thanks for sharing in the excitement. Enjoy The Wishing Season (so good thus far) and yay for Hawk. Hope you liked it. :)

  12. If there's a bird on the cover, chances are I want to read it! I'd want to read Lizzy and Jane anyway, though. :) And, of course, Amber's book is on my list, too! :D

    1. Fun. Then you must pick up Katherine's, Tammy. It's such a sweetheart of a story - oh, yes! Cannot wait to read Amber's whenever it arrives. :)


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