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Cover Reveal: The Heir by Kiera Cass

Oh, my goodness! Guys, I may have already posted something today (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 if you want to chat about it), and I'm not usually the kind of blogger who publishes multiple times a day, but golly! There are some photos to share and I must partake in the awesomeness of them.

First is the cover reveal for Kiera Cass' fourth full length Selection novel, The Heir. Drumroll, please...

Isn't it gorgeous!? The dress isn't as vibrant as America's covers were, which does seem to lessen that "eye-catching," wow factor however, I do love the snow/sparkle effects against the vivid dark blue (or black?) background and the concept remaining in line with the prior books. Needless to say, I would love this one on my shelf... like now! What do you think of this fourth novel in the once-upon-a-time trilogy?
 Synopsis: Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won Prince Maxon’s heart. Now the time has come for Princess Eadlyn to hold a Selection of her own. Eadlyn doesn’t expect her Selection to be anything like her parents’ fairy-tale love story. But as the competition begins, she may discover that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she always thought.
- Goodreads
What are your thoughts?
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  1. Replies
    1. Right!? It's really gorgeous and one I wish wasn't as many months away as it is. ;)

  2. Stunning. I love covers with anything starry.

    1. Me too, Juju - and this one definitely has that whole starry scene down beautifully. :)

  3. There's another one?!? I had no idea. This just reminded me that I *really* need to read book two. Haha. Gorgeous cover--thanks for sharing!! :)

    1. There are TWO more full-length novellas along with some novellas, and I'm so excited. Cannot wait to see what else comes in this world Kiera created - and I sure hope you enjoy book 2, Bekah. It was good. :)

  4. Hi! I'm so excited about this book! I just finished what The Selection series (so far) and it was amazing and I cannot wait to read this book. Oh, I can't believe that's America and Maxon's daughter. Thank you for sharing this. I probably wouldn't have found out otherwise. Btw, I'm Ellie's, from the blog Uniquely You, sister.
    In Christ,

    1. Hi, Sarah! How lovely to meet you - and thank you very much for introducing yourself. Please, visit anytime. :)

      I'm so glad you are excited! I'm nervous about this being 20 years later after falling for Maxon and America as main characters and their story, but then again their story is complete, so it'll be cool to see what comes next - and hope you enjoy it. I still haven't read The One, which I'm looking forward too. :)

  5. I'm absurdly obsessed with this cover! Can you imagine how pretty the sparkles are going to be??? And she's holding her tiara! I'm dying. I want it so badly!

    1. Ditto, Rachel! I'm so there with you - and like you, really want this one on my shelf. Too bad we have a wait ahead, but then again... it'll be here before we know it. We'll wait it out together. ;)

  6. I really want to read this series...and that cover is gorgeous!!!

    1. This cover is indeed gorgeous, Heather - and hope you like the series. It's a fun, lighthearted one and that's what I like best about it. :)

  7. Love the dress and cover! I lost interested slowly with this series. I really think she should have wrapped it up and made it a trilogy. I think is a magic number for book series. Not even sure I like the splitting of MokcingJay and Allegiant into 2 movies. 3 books should equal 3 movies otherwise your just dragging it on. However I think I'm the only one that thinks this. I LOVED The Jewel, wish she would start book 2 so it would at least have a release date. However 3 books is enough even for that series.

    1. *splitting of the books MockingJay (not MokcingJay) oops sorry about that typo

    2. I don't necessarily disagree with that strategy, Shannon; I'd have been happy with just three books in Kiera's series (particularly since it ended as I wanted - yep, I allowed myself spoilers *wink*), but am glad to get "more" in the world too - especially seeing as it's kind of "new." (New perspective, etc.)

      As for the movie biz, that's what filmmakers do - guess it's to get more money out of the franchise and us! Sad thing is, Mockingjay will cut at the worst possible moment. I just *know* it. ;)

    3. I know and then we will have to wait a whole year! :( Not enough Peeta in the MockingJay book for me so hope for more Peeta in the movie! :) He is such a cutie and who wouldn't want a Peeta in real life such a romantic, those guys only exist on paper and film.

      Will check out the new selection you peaked my interest! :)

    4. Ha! Found your comment, Shannon - it was hiding in the spam folder!

      I suspect Peeta will play a larger role in the movies, but then I still have to read the books. I felt that way about Gale in THG (book), which I read before knowing how it all ended. Since it was a love triangle, I wanted to be able to get to know BOTH guys well and I just didn't with Peeta. Here's hoping. I agree - can't some of these guys step out of the pages and into our lives!? It's worth trying. ;)

      *bites nails* I hope if you ever do try these again, you like them. :)


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