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One Starry Christmas (2014)

The first in a string of 12 all-new movies in the 2014 Countdown to Christmas kicks off tonight with the opening premiere that will take us through new movies every weekend from now until mid-December. This first in the string of said premieres is a story about a woman who has just graduated with a doctorate in astronomy named Holly (Sarah Carter) whose hope is to someday teach. Her grand Christmas plans – something that includes making new traditions with her longtime boyfriend Adam, go array when he leaves their home in Chicago to fly to New York hoping to land a client. This forces Holly to make the choice to follow Adam to New York where she can surprise him and be with her parent’s for the holidays – and along the way, she meets a charming cowboy named Luke (Damon Runyan) on his way to a genuine rodeo.  

It’s nice to see some movies can give us all the trimmings of the seasons normalcy along with the healthy dose of romance (even if it is full of, and I say this with love, well-worn sentiments – come on, we know that’s why we heart these movies) and still be a story with a voice all its own. As far as this title is concerned there are two things I really enjoyed about this one. The first being that though this was a girl-returns-home kind of script, it wasn’t the typical “small town” kind of homecoming (and in future, may I just give this note to writers: living in the city isn’t bad and we could use more city-heavy stories) and within that, for those of us who do enjoy the smaller-setting, the sets do lend a cozier feel to the big city, which is nice – in particular, the sequence that has Holly and Luke spending the day together was very reminiscent of a smaller setting without actually being a small town. There is a sense of holiday nostalgia because of this.  

Following that up is the cuteness of having a cowboy as the leading man and the travelling sequence between Luke and Holly, which is seriously adorbs. The dialogue in the scene is especially cute and I liked the true gentleman vibes that the character gives off in these moments. The ending wanders into some stereotypically, “silly” fairytale fluff, but it’s also perfectly appropriate and in its own way, sweet. As films in the genre go, this one is a darling way to kick off the season. It was better than anticipated and is sure to get you into the sprit of the season, which is just what any Christmas movie should do.  

Tune into Hallmark Channel tonight to see the premiere of One Starry Christmas. Until then, have a look at the promo video and see what you think – and let me know if you plan on or did watch this!
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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reviewing this movie...I have been looking forward to watching it for over a month!! Unfortunately, it's still not available on the internet where I am, but hopefully soon. And when I do, I am coming back to share my much more informed impressions...but until then:

    The first reason this movie sky-rocked to top place on my most-anticipated Hallmark Christmas Countdown list as soon as I read it was the story; I mean, giving the woman protagonist such a unique (and awesome) job as an astrologist, and then having the love interest be a cowboy (and a very attractive one at that) she meets on the bus on the way home for's like this movie was tailor-made for me!! And then I watched the trailer, which sold me on it even more (though I was a bit taken aback to discover as I was watching Midnight Masquerade (not my favourite Hallmark, to be honest) that the guy who plays the most mean evil son, Emmett, in that is the same one who plays Luke in this!).

    Bottom line: thank you for confirming to me even more how much I am going to love this movie, even with (or maybe because of) the 'silly' fairy-tale fluff; when it comes to Hallmark, I wouldn't expect anything less.

    Oh, and the other film I am more than abnormally excited about is The Nine Lives of Christmas, which I believe is to be the next one broadcasted; please tell me you'll be reviewing it?

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Wonderful. I'll look forward to your thoughts, Eleanor - this one was certainly darling despite the ending getting a tiny big unrealistic, over-the-top. Still.... I really liked it and would buy the DVD if ever it was released. :)

      Bummer. I'm sorry you don't love Midnight Masquerade; I recently finished it and thought it was sweet albeit not a lot of good development in terms of the romance. Beyond that, it's a cute movie. As for this film - YES! I so agree - the clichés aren't as bad because of the "twists" in the story and that's nice. You'll like Luke or I'm pretty sure you will - he's one cute cowboy and of course, I liked the idea of him being a cowboy as well.

      Same here - I go into a Hallmark expecting it to be silly fluff (of the best kind) so that's what I come away with and love it each time. I hope you're not disappointed by One Starry Christmas and will look forward to your thoughts regardless.

      As for "Nine Lives," I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll review it early. It's coming to DVD this year (yay!) so I may just wait or I may give in to my curiosity because, the hero is a fireman! ;)

      Always good to chat with you.

    2. I've always thought the mark of a truly good film is if it makes you want to watch it again so many times, you just have to buy it on DVD! When it comes to Moonlight Masquerade, I guess I was just expecting more from it than it ended up giving, especially in the romantic development department, which you pointed out. I really did enjoy the main character though, my favourite parts the scenes he has with his sister, co-workers, and's just a bummer I didn't enjoy his interactions with the person he ends up marrying WAY too soon as much.

      The fact that the main guy in 'Nine Lives' is a fireman is definitely one of the big draws, I will agree, not to mention that the trailer makes it look super cute! However, there is also the factor that actor who plays him, Brandon Routh, was Superman in Superman Returns, Daniel Shaw on Chuck, and most recently stars in Arrow as the future Atom and Oliver's current love rival for Felicity!

      God Bless
      Eleanor Rose

    3. Wise words. That is the sign of a great movie, Eleanor. I confess, I bought nearly any Hallmark film that came to DVD, now I'm able to screen that a bit more and that's good. As regards Moonlight Masquerade, I agree with your points. It was weaker than I'd have like and that's a bummer. Plus, I have liked Autumn in what I've seen her in.

      For sure, the fireman aspect is a draw. It does look cute - and if all goes well, I should have something up about it this weekend. Seeing Brandon in something again will be fun but oh no! Not a rival for Felicity - man, I so like her and Oliver together even if they're not really together. ;)

    4. Ok, so how unfair is it that there are no cowboy's like Luke in the real world?! Yes, I finally watched it and, as I knew I would, I fell hook, line, and sinker in love with this film. I literally didn't want to fast-forward a single moment, and you know they've done something right when they make even the most cliched lines sound beautiful and believable.

      My favourite part is, of course, the ending, but I also LOVED their day in the city, and their first conversation on the bus, and pretty much any Luke and Holly scene really. I also enjoyed the parts where we got to see the sweet relationship between Holly's parents, and Bull and Luke, when he's giving him advice near the end. However, aside from all that awesome stuff, this movie also gave me my new favourite song, The Ballad of Wild Bill, which I am seriously considering buying online.

      Now, about Felicity and be honest, I was actually all for Oliver to be with Laurel for quite a while. The chemistry between them in the first season was just off the charts. However, the achingly intense build-up between Felicity and him over the last season has pretty much blown his connection with Laurel to smithereens. He needs someone who can help put things in perspective, and make him smile. I'm hoping that fingers crossed, Brandon's character is just a temporary obstacle to help Oliver get off his butt and do something about his feelings for Felicity.

      God Bless
      Eleanor Rose

    5. I agree - you took the words right out of my mouth, Eleanor. Like, really!? Why don't we meet real-life Luke's? :)

      YES! Aside from a couple over-the-top instances, I thought this one was less cliché than some of their past productions and I loved that. Their banter while travelling was fabulous as was their shopping day; so much cuteness. Aw, how fun! It's cool when you are introduced to new music or the like in movies/TV shows. :)

      Nothing wrong with rooting for Laurel and Oliver. It's not that I don't like Laurel, I suppose I just loved Felicity as a person better - she's just too cute, really. I like your theory for Brandon! I hope he is merely the reason Oliver finally realizes he cannot protect Felicity from EVERYTHING. Ugh. Silly guy. Right now I'm watching The Flash and am way behind on Arrow, but I'm keeping up by reading spoilers. ;)

  2. This looks so cute - hopefully it will be on Hulu or Netflix soon :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I hope so too, Missie; it's just a good, cozy kind of Christmas movie! :)

  3. Anyone know when the dvd will be released for One Starry Christmas? Loved this movie!

    1. As of now, there has been no release date set. I suspect at the earliest this one won't arrive to DVD until Christmas 2015. Glad to know it's a favorite - it IS darling!

  4. I have been looking for this movie and I can't locate it. I can't wait to buy the DVD. Anyone else find the movie yet?

    1. At best, you likely won't find this on DVD until this 2015 upcoming Christmas season. :)


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