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Morning, Top Ten Tuesday friends and readers! Like last week, this Top Ten Tuesday topic really didn't interest me - if you're interested, let's have a look at the official topic.

Broke and Bookish November 11 | Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book (minor or just maybe a semi main character you wish a book was from their POV).

It does have an appeal, but seriously I feel like I'm repeating books so often and since I'm trying to get ahead of the Top Ten Tuesday memes as I was this summer, I just didn't feel like searching my physical or virtual bookshelves for the books/characters that would fit into this top. As always, if you all took part, please leave your links as I'd love to visit.

This brings me to my own version of today's "Top Ten Tuesday," which is talking about booktube or more specifically my favorite booktubers (is this a word?). This topic came about after great blogging buddy Kristin and I talked about this world inspired by a past TTT blog entry, so here we go.

So far, I haven't found a lot of vloggers who discuss inspirational books, but since I'd like to branch off from just Christian fiction into some secular YA fiction, I have really enjoyed following some of these channels. I am now 100% a fan of booktube, especially seeing the vibrant personalities some of these book addicts bring to their channel and while there are a host of reasons I'm not a part of the awesome-ness, just one of which is I don't think reviewing would go well for me in video form. (Edit: I've since opened a channel!) I'm definitely more writer than conversational book recommender.

Below are some of my more frequented booktube or vlogger channels and just as an FYI, I'll be back to following Top Ten Tuesday rules next week.

Really enjoy Heather's Bookables Youtube channel. She talks about the books she's read, book hauls and even has some fun memes she participates in.
Sasha's was actually the first channel I followed that I remember and each new video she does I enjoy. She seems to have tons of fun with her videos, does a great job editing them and I enjoy the content she puts on her Book Utopia channel.

Another channel brimming with fun content. I like Kassidy's style, and Youtube page - she has reviews (and does a great job with them), and features other booktube basics like tags or book hauls.

Shannon does a nice job with her fabulous Leaning Lights; I like that she does "week in review" vs. anything else although as with the rest of these booktubers she does some fun reviews too.

Zoe has some cool stuff on her channel, and best of all, guys, she's an Austen fan! That alone is epic.
(NOTE: since this post, I've started my own Booktube channel. If you want to check it out, please stop by and visit. I'd be glad to chat all the books with you.) 

Your turn! Do you have any booktube channels you stalk err, I mean follow - or are you on booktube? If so, share them with us. What do you think of booktube?


  1. Interesting list this week! To be honest I don't follow any booktubers; it's just a personal preference, I prefer reading people's thoughts than watching videos. I could of course just leave it open as I do other things, but for some reason when it comes to youtube videos, I have to watch it, even if they are just talking directly into the camera.

    I'm weird, I know xD

    My TTT

    1. I've thought off and on about Youtube, Lianne or more specifically Booktube, but like you, I'm fine reading people's reviews. Some booktubers don't really share a lot of informative material about the book and personally, it's easier to write my opinions about a book than it would be to verbalize it. That being said, it's fun to follow some. :)

      Off to read your TTT... :)

  2. Wow! I had no idea people even devoted channels to books on YouTube. I knew that there was such a thing as reviewing books in a video ... I guess it just never crossed my mind to have an actual channel.

    I really need to get back in the book blogging world. I guess that would actually involve some reading--haha, I don't think I've read anything in a month! It's terrible of me. I should go peruse my reading list and order something from the library.

    walking in the air.

    1. It's a fun world! Kind of addictive, same as with blogging. I'm more writer than book conversationalist, so probably I'm better suited being a viewer and I don't like the idea of writing becoming a lost art, but it's fun. :)

      Well, we'd love to have you back in the book blogging world, Hannah; hope you can find a good book to enjoy. :)

  3. Great post! :) I love watching BookTube videos, and it's something that I would do myself if I wasn't so camera shy and awkward. And if I didn't have terrible luck with making videos. (I filmed a bookshelf tour months ago and haven't been able to upload it yet because it's so long and because the file size is so big.)

    The only one of these that I watch is Heather at Bookables. Even though I don't read tons of the same books as her, her personality seems so sweet and cheerful. :) I'll have to check out the others that you mentioned! I've heard of A Book Utopia and Kassidy Voinche, though.

    Besides Bookables, here are my favorite book channels, in no order:

    - booksandquills. She reads a variety of books and lives in London so she sometimes has really pretty non-bookish videos that she films around the city.

    - getbookish. This was the first book-related channel I subscribed to. Sometimes they review nonfiction and/or memoirs, which I like. It's good to have something different when most BookTubers seem to read YA exclusively. :)

    - RamblingsandGreenTea. She loves Jane Austen and classics, and she's from New Zealand so she has a lovely accent. :) Plus she's a Christian, though she doesn't really review Christian books.

    -WordsofaReader. We like lots of the same sorts of books, especially when it comes to middle grade and children's books. (She's doing a children's lit month in November.) And she reads a lot of classics.

    It's a shame that there aren't more BookTubers who talk about Christian fiction. Honestly, I don't think I've come across any who do, except for a few people who have mentioned Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers.

    1. Thanks for reading, Kristin - and I sympathize with you about learning to be cool with filming. Really, I do. I hope you can figure out something that works for your bookshelf tour - those are always fun. I'm guessing there are some programs out there, but if they cost a fortune, I don't blame you steering clear of them. :)

      Heather is sweet and I agree, her videos are just enjoyable to watch. Since I want to find more YA fiction, I'm loving getting the Booktube exposure as well as written.

      I'm so glad you shared your favorites and the reasons why, Kristin - I'll definitely look them up. Sasha is just fun (her personality makes for good videos) and Kassidy, like Heather is really sweet. Finding Booktubers who review or discuss Christian fiction is a problem. I've not found any per se either. Hm... it's too bad.

  4. I have watched most of these youtubers too.
    I like Read by Zoe book haul videos the best.
    I recently found youtubers that I like- Katskywriter24 and Jojo's Corner.

    1. Zoe always seems to have fun in her videos - and thanks for sharing some of your favorites, Ella. I'll have to go look them up now. :)

  5. JoJo's Corner is great but I haven't seen any new videos of late :( I am a Christian BookTuber called Christian YA Books and More :D You can find me here:

    There is a few others now too. I think we started a trend!! For fictional book tubing like mine, you can check out:

    Angela at Coffee & Chapters:

    Lindsey from BFCG:

    Shantelle and Books:

    There is also:

    Olivia Rose in Bloom: and

    Grace Morris (who just started) :

    For Bible, devotions, etc. you can check out:

    Girl Defined ministries: (which I love)

    If you are looking for those who read clean books & Christian, I can recommend that and great authors who post about the books they read that are Christian too :D

    1. Hi! My apologies for the delay in responding to this comment, but THANK YOU! I so appreciate you introducing yourself and your channel (definitely coming by today!), as well as sharing some of your favorites.

      I do subscribe to Shantelle's channel (she's such a sweet blogger/booktuber), but am not sure I am to Lindsey and Angela's. So appreciate you sharing - and yay for Grace Morris. Always fun to meet new booktubers. :)


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