Top Ten Tuesday - Rewind!?

Hello, readers and friends. It's been kind of quiet around here and the blogosphere in general, which left me wondering what to post today. My usual Top Ten Tuesday was scratched because of an uninteresting topic (to me) but then I remembered this past winter I shared a list of topics that I'd like to participate in that were cool before I even realized there was the awesomeness of Top Ten Tuesday and since the topic today just didn't appeal to me (and the next one that does is about two weeks off), I decided to put together one of the past topics with the hope that I'm not breaking any big rule for this always epic meme. With that, let's get into the one I picked out because - confession - it was totally the easiest on said list.

creation credit to Broke and the Bookish:
Top Ten Books I Read Before I Was a Blogger
But wait... I'm throwing in another "addition" and adding the note that though I've found ten titles I read prior to blogging, they aren't all favorites. Aside from tons of Janette Oke, here are ten titles I read prior to knowing what blogging was all about.

Rekindled by Tamera Alexander

unique premise, but I just didn't love this one.
The Widow of Larkspur Inn by Lawana Blackwell

I remember enjoying this series and that's about it. 
Montana Rose by Mary Connealy

not a favorite. in the beginning I "liked" these well enough but the more I read, the less I liked them.
Stand-In Groom by Kaye Dacus

despite my love of contemporary romance, this is another series I just didn't love. I don't think it was the story (that's darling!) or the writing so much as it was the characters, who at the time were much older than I was and therefore it was tough to relate to them.
The Negotiator by Dee Henderson

you all know I adore this series. book one in particular was always a favorite.
Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones

cute and snappy and fabulous - doesn't that about sum up a Jenny B. Jones book!? 
Hannah Grace by Sharelene MacLaren

don't remember much about these, but I think they were sweet.
The Meeting Place by Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn

unique series that perhaps lasted a bit longer than it should have.
The Princess by Lori Wick

I've said this before, but I think Lori Wick was probably my first "adult" fiction author I ever read so her books hold memories and this one in particular is sweet.
Paper Moon by Linda Windsor

it's been way too long since I read anything by Linda Windsor, however memories of this novel are good - it's a sassy rom-com from what I remember though if I'd read it today, my opinion may be different.
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Your turn: what are some of the books you read prior to blogging or what are some of the books of old you would like to reread today? Are there any books that you loved five, ten years ago and today you think (or know) you'd have a completely different perspective on?

Share any thoughts you have.

...and happy election day, fellow Americans!


  1. I love Linda Windsor's books. Of course I prefer her historicals, but that series was good.

    1. I remember loving her books too - it'd be interested to know what I though rereading them. :)

  2. Interesting topic for your list this week! It's always fun to look back and think of the kinds of books you read before the top of my head, Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy, Garth Nix's Sabriel...I think I read Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth right before I started book blogging regularly...But yeah, still an eclectic mix, though maybe not as varied as it is now xD

    1. Well, it kind of fits, I realized, Lianne because these are books I could reread now. :) So, I sort of did the proper topic. Sort of. ;)

      Ooo! I've heard a lot about Garth Nix's books though never read them. Looked into Pillars of the Earth before the show, but eeh... it didn't appeal. Hope you liked it - and eclectic is good! :)

  3. Rekindled - is that one Tamera's debut (with the Jacob guy)? If so, you didn't like it? Aww. That's alright, I understand. I almost ended up not liking it but I remember enjoying its depth. (The pace, plot and character developement were a bit slow if I recall.)

    Save the date - It's been a while but I remember thinking it was sweet and very funny.

    Lori Wick - She's one of the first Christian Fiction authors I heard of. I think I read one of her books.

    1. Yes, I do believe this one is about Jacob, Ganise - or at least it's the story about the woman who believes she is a widow and maybe she has a child too? I'm not sure. It was the first book by Tamera I ever read (too long ago now!) and though I did like it at the time, as I finished the series and reflected, it just wasn't a favorite. I've read 4-5 books by Tamera and though I think she is talented, they just aren't my kind of story. She does have a slow storytelling tendency and I also remembered not caring for the romance in the last novel I read by her.

      Save the Date is darling if you like that kind of book - and I quite do. :)

      Lori's books, heavens I read SO many of hers throughout the years it's tough to name them all! I probably read very nearly all of them.

  4. I remembered reading Lori Wick's "The Princess" as one of my first Christian reads! However I don't remember anything about it except it being sweet! I have read "Save the Date" at least 3 times! My copy looks pretty rough!

    1. Same here, Laura; I don't remember much about The Princess, aside from it being sweet. I'll have to reread it at some point.

      Aw, Save the Date is totally worth re-reading - someday I hope to rough up my copy too. That is the sign of a well loved book, after all. :)

  5. I was just thinking I needed to re-read The Widow of Larkspur Inn and the rest of the books in that series...I read them sooo long ago, and like you, all I remember is that I liked them...and not much else about them. :)

    1. Yes, same for me. Someday I'd enjoy rereads and I'm pretty sure I still own them. Somewhere in my stash. Hope you enjoy them as much as you did the first time, Hayden. :)

  6. I read your number 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 book choices before I became a blogger too! Other than that, I just read a whole lot of Lori Wick, Janette Oke, and Robin Jones Gunn back then. :) This was such a fun post, Rissi--I always look forward to your Top Ten Tuesday's! :)

    1. Some were books I still remember fondly (hence maybe I don't want to reread them *smile*), others not so much but they've all found the right audience and I think that's great! Lori Wick and Janette Oke were a huge part of my teen reading life.

      Thanks for reading - always enjoy your input! :)

  7. Yes! to Dee Henderson. One of my favorite series. And I so agree, the first one remains a favorite of mine as well. :)

    Kaye Dacus' books have been hit and miss for me. More miss than hit, and that particular series falls in that category unfortunately.

    Ah, Linda Windsor's! I remember reading one of that series in the airport and bursting out with laughter, getting so many strange looks. But I couldn't help it! Haven't read them in years though.

    And Lori Wick. I have some old favorites of hers still on my shelf, The Princess being one of them. Very sweet. But after a while, all her stories began to feel like the same old same old, just with different character names. It's been ages upon ages since I've read one of hers.

    As for books I read a long while ago...I still enjoy bringing out a couple of Stephanie Grace Whitson's old series. And Erynn Mangum's Lauren Holbrook series. SO fun. :) Oh! And Susan May Warren's Team Hope series. Love those!

    1. Definitely. There is just something about that first book that is awesome - makes me want to reread this entire series. :)

      Wish I liked Kaye's books more because they're in a genre I heart, but yeah, I just didn't love that series. I haven't read Linda's in years either - though like you, I have fond memories. I know what you mean about stories being the "same old, same old." I'm not sure if I'd want to reread some of these that I liked (with exception to Dee's) just because I probably wouldn't have the same opinion now many years later, after I've changed and hopefully, matured for the better.

      Susan May Warren is a "classic" for her genre - she's quite the talent. My mom always says her books never cease to make her cry. I'll have to look into these other you mention - I think I had some of Stephanie's at one time, but probably got rid of them somewhere along the way.


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