Dear Santa; Top Ten Tuesday Style

Morning, friends! I'm so thrilled to actually be putting together a new blog post! I know in reality it's not been that long since last I posted (speaking of which, thanks to everyone who joined in the Tuesday discussion post! Each time I post something like that I'm reminded how fun they are and how awesome you, the readers are), but it feels like it has been. I've been meaning to post a certain Christmas book review and haven't. I think usually, the general idea of that is to only review something once we've finished the book. Or that's what I've had to tell myself as I've nearly wanted to publish the review a time or two.

Anyway, to kick off one of the last posts of 2014 (still have to post the best of lists... and cannot wait plus INSPY stuff is coming), it's the last Top Ten Tuesday of the year I'll be taking part in. It's a good topic too! All about those books we wouldn't mind Santa bringing us. I'm also including some January and February releases. I either didn't realize I had some from the latter month or since my aunt always gets me books and we don't get together with her family until January (sometimes later), I went ahead and added them. Plus, to be on the safe side... just in case Santa doesn't see this list, it never hurts to have secondary plans. Let me tell you, in looking over this list, one thing I realized. I'm being a bit greedy this year.

Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing This Year

Under a Georgia Moon, by Cindy Roland Anderson
This one is kind of a random pick. But it keeps coming across my timelines.
Emma, by Jane Austen
There are some beautiful new covers for Austen's books our and since I don't own Emma...
For Such a Time, by Kate Breslin
Heard nothing but the highest praise for Breslin's debut.
Sealed with a Lie, by Kate Carlton
Looks fun, plus I think I own book one.
All Fall Down, by Ally Carter
I just really want this one. It sounds fun and Ally's books seem to constantly receive good ratings.
Tried and True, by Mary Connealy

When Bethany House had out their fun personality quiz, this heroine was who I came out most like. It took me by surprise considering (multiple things), so though I'm not the biggest fan of this genre, I'm curious.
The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, by Kady Cross

This series looks SUPER interesting, plus I've wanted to read more steampunk.

Burn Bright, by

Landry Park, by Bethany Hagen
With its pretty new paperback cover, I'm realizing how much I want to try this series.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, by Morgan Matson
Okay, I'll confess. I did order this one on Amazon already. I've been hearing SO much about it, I couldn't help it.

Snow Like Ashes, by
One of the hyped books of 2014, been eyeing this one for a while. A Christmas list seems as good a time as any to snag it.
*cough* I'll confess again... I just saw this one on a B&N shelf recently and yes, I did snag it.

What about you...
Let's hear all about your Christmas book lists. As for me, I'll just leave off with this:
Please, Santa...


  1. Great list! You should definitely read's such a lovely book. I'm planning on rereading it in the next month or two. I have the Penguin Threads edition, which is beautiful, but I also love the edition you have pictured! (I have a copy of Northanger Abbey in those editions.)

    I really, really want to read Amy & Roger's Epic Detour! I keep looking for it on Book Outlet, but I haven't seen it so far. (They do have two more of her books on there now, though: Second Chance Summer and Since You've Been Gone.) I've read This Is What Happy Looks Like and really enjoyed it. It was light and fluffy but surprisingly clean and sweet for YA. :)

    1. Awesome! I bought Persuasion in the editions I pictured for Emma. I didn't immediately jump on the "oh, those are beautiful" bandwagon, but I love the simplistic look. Very Austen-esque.

      I'll have to nab '2nd Chance' if I order with the Christmas sale this week. That way, I may just have all of Morgan's books. They sounds darling! I've been told that Jennifer's books are great picks, so I'm eager to read them. Cannot wait to see what they're all about. They look sort of quirky which is fun. Makes them stand out on the bookshelf anyway. :)

    2. Book Outlet keeps tempting us with amazing sales, don't they? I've got a few things in my cart (including Since You've Been Gone), but I'm still wavering between ordering or not ordering...

    3. I know the feeling... I'm still in the "thinking about it" phase too. I just ordered from there on Black Friday but 50% off seems to good a deal to pass up. Those tempters! ;) It'll depend on what's in stock on Friday (from my wish list) and whether or not I remember to look. We'll have to see what comes... !

  2. Gah, there are so many pretty editions coming out for Jane Austen recently--I just want to buy them all, lol! Nice list, Rissi, I hope some of these books make their way to your Christmas tree in a few days ;)

    Happy Christmas! My TTT

    1. Hi, Lianne! Always good to read your comments. :)

      You know I'm SO excited about any and all Austen books, but alas, I just have to read them. Cannot wait to give her novels another shot now I'm older. No matter how it ends (even if I still don't love her books), I'm always a fan of the adaptations. :)

      Happy Christmas, friend. :)

  3. For Such a Time is AWESOME! It's one I want to own as well. And Mary's is quite delightful.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, Dawn! Thanks for sharing. I've heard nothing but good about Kate's and Mary's does indeed look cute. :)

  4. "Snow Like Ashes" is one I want to own/read too. Looks like an interesting read.
    Hope Santa brings you some good reads this Christmas. Rissi. ;-) MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-D

    1. Yay for shared TBR favorites. Or Snow Like Ashes has the potential to be a favorite. ;) Thanks for reading/commenting, Grace. Always appreciate it. :)

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family. Hope it's a memorable holiday. :)

  5. I've been wanting to read more Steampunk as well! I've got my eye on a Sherlock-Holmes-Meets-Steampunk series called "The Baskerville Affair" by Emma Jane Holloway. It's ABA, but a goodreads friend told me it was pretty clean--PG. Let me know of any Steampunk winners that come your way, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Yay for steampunk recommendations, Gwendolyn! I appreciate you sharing and am now curious to look into that series! I will do; if you come across any more good novels in the genre, send them my way. :)

      ...Merry Christmas. Hope you and your family have a lovely holiday, friend. :)

  6. Rissi, thanks so much for adding For Such A Time to this great Christmas list of titles! I just picked up a copy of JA's Emma recently and look forward to curling up for a nice fireside read over the holidays. :) Merry Christmas!

    1. How fabulous, Kate! I'm planning on reading more Austen this coming year because well, it's classic and I do love the film adaptations. :) Cannot wait.

      My pleasure to include your novel. I've heard only glowing reports and in all honesty am surprised I've not read it yet. Plus, this is one of my favorite Biblical stories. :)

      Merry Christmas to you as well.

  7. I can't believe you haven't read For Such A Time yet. YOU MUST READ!

    Over the next couple of months I'm really looking forward to Susan May Warren's Always on my Mind, Rachel Hauck's How To Catch A Prince and Susan Meissner's Secrets of a Charmed Life. Also desperately hanging out for Kate Morton's latest which was rumoured to be coming late-2014 but alas has not. So fingers crossed it will be somewhere in the near future!

    We're two hours from Christmas here in Sydney so by the time you read this Merry Australian Christmas, Rissi :)

    1. I know it, Kara! I am in awe as well. I've heard so many good things about For Such a Time that I cannot believe I didn't pick it up on one of my bookstore trips. *sigh* I'll have to get it if it doesn't show up under my tree. ;)

      Susan's is fabulous (so far); Rachel's elegant and charming; and I've been seeing Secrets of a Charmed Life on GR lists, etc. Guess I need to look into it. :) Hope Kate's arrives soon. An anticipated book seems to take forever to release.

      Merry Christmas, Kara! Hope you and your family had/are having a beautiful day. :)

  8. Replies
    1. Neither can I, Missie. It sounds so good - and I'm glad it was your WOW feature today. :)

  9. Emma is one of my favorites!
    This is What Happy Looks Like is one I will be trying to get my hands on. It looks adorable!

    1. Yay! Three cheers for Emma. I'll look forward to reading it if/when I snag a copy, Amanda. :) I've heard great things about 'Happy,' so here's hoping we both read it. Soon.


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