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Bridal Wave (2015)

The effort to bring viewers an original premiere every Saturday night continues tonight in Hallmark Channel's, Bridal Wave. The movie reunites co-stars Arielle Kebbel and Andrew Walker (A Bride for Christmas) in a sweet little romance. 

Bridal Wave

The story is about Georgie (Kebbel), a nurse engaged to a doctor – Philip (David Haydn-Jones), and fellow co-worker. Philip is a perfectionist workaholic that serves him well in his plastic surgery practice. But not so well when it comes to making Georgie feel loved. His mother (Jaclyn Smith) is less than thrilled with her son's choice in marriage and feels his choice of bride and in-laws aren't good enough. 

Georgie’s mother has planned the entire wedding for the lovebirds and the ceremony is to take place on a small, commercialized island that sees dozens of weddings in one day let alone an entire year. On the way to their destination, Georgie meets Luke (Walker). Already nervous with “one” cold foot, Georgie’s already skittish heart is thrown into greater turmoil.

It’s always a blast to see co-stars in films together again. When first learning of this film and its cast, I figured it’d be one of my most favorites because I’d previously liked Arielle and Andrew together. While sweet, I have to be honest, this wasn’t a favorite. The cast is great – and it was especially entertaining to see Jaclyn Smith again (yes, I have seen the entire run of Charlie’s Angels), and I liked the setting. 

So this leaves the story. Sure everything is cute and is wrapped in an attractive package. Still something keeps the film from being its “best.” Or that’s my impression. Namely the reasons stemming from the few “awkward” moments that even the wackiest of situations cannot normalize or simply put, they were out of place. That rant being chronicled, don’t let that keep you from enjoying Bridal Wave. In spite of nitpicking comments, I sure did!  

With its relaxing settings (made me wish I could visit the place) and fun shenanigans plus an ending that’s better than most (why can’t movie endings go with the "complete" versus ambivalent!?), this is one wedding you probably want to get an R.S.V.P in for.  
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  1. All your fun Hallmark post makes me wish uverse had hallmark. Or at least my uverse did if some do. :( Looks great!

    1. It was really cute, Shannon! Hope you can see it soon. :)

  2. Your posts always make me wish that I have cable - or at least they would put these movies on Netflix!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Check iTunes, Missie. Sometimes, they show up there and once in a while, I think Netflix will even show one. Maybe it's rare though... Hope you can see it sometime. :)

  3. What a disappointment this movie was! I loved the actors when they co-starred in A Bride for Christmas. Arielle was stunning with her gorgeous outfits and curly hair. She was elegant and quirky and vulnerable. Andrew was handsome and sincere. Here they cut off his hair and give him a buzzcut! He looks awful and his and Arielle's characters are bland and show little personality. I really enjoyed her parents in A Bride for Christmas. Here she didn't seem to have much connection with them or chemistry with Andrew and the story was boring. No magic or sparkle. And the lovely Jaclyn Smith looks like she's had some bad plastic surgery.

    1. I've liked others better than this one as well. However, I still enjoyed this. The personalities weren't as vibrant, I agree. The scenery was pretty and it was fun to see Arielle and Andrew again. :)

      I liked June in January lots more for a compatible wedding script. :)

  4. Funny how people will react to movies in different ways! I couldn't stand "A Bride for Christmas." At all. But I really, really liked "Bridal Wave." No, the script wasn't perfect, but I absolutely loved the main love story--Andrew & Arielle had great chemistry, and I thought their relationship (from the meet-cute in the minimart to the final scene) was near perfection. Of the originals that have aired so far this year, this one's definitely my favorite ... though I think "Love by the Book" looks adorable, so my "favorites list" may change come Saturday!

    1. I know someone else who cannot stand A Bride for Christmas (it's not my favorite Christmas movie though I thought it was cute). Same with this movie, it IS cute. LOL, yes, that is funny how we all react differently. Nothing wrong with that. That meet-cute WAS adorable! I forgot to mention it, but you are right! All about the aww... in that scene.

      I'm glad you liked it so well, Becky - thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you like Love by the Book, too.

  5. This one looks cute! I need to figure out a way to get a hold of more Hallmark movies...;)

    1. It was really cute, Amanda! But then, I do so enjoy any Hallmark movie even though there are favorites among them. :)

  6. We don't have cable either and I wish they let you pick and pay for the four channels I want, such as the Hallmark and BBC channels so I can catch all these movies you review. :) I'll have to check iTunes too.

    1. Right! Get on that, Cable! I wish that too - it'd be so fun to be able to pick the 3-5 channel we'd actually watch. With all the channels there are (I wouldn't even know since we don't have cable either), it'd be nice to pick only a select few! Where do we send our letters!? ;)


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