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All of My Heart (2015)

All of My Heart
The last in Hallmark’s 2015 “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” movies, tonight’s premiere is as cute as it is full of mishaps. It stars TV favorite Lacey Chabert as Jenny. An aspiring chef, for now Jenny works with a catering company, which all changes when she learns she has inherited an old house. Once she makes it to the small town where the home is located, her mood is dampened by unexpected news. In actuality, she’s only half owner of the house. Turns out Brian (Brennan Elliot) also has a stake on the home. Jenny wants to keep it – she has visions of a bed and breakfast, Brian wants to sell it as soon as possible. As a successful Wall Street trader, he has no need for the home. When things turn sideways for him, the house becomes a place to start over... for both of them.  

This story is cute in a traditional way and its familiar faced cast ensures that it has that “likability” quality viewers look for. For me, I have to confess in the back of my mind I had a smidgeon of reservation about the leading man because he plays a dude up to no good in a Hallmark series. Putting that aside, this is a nice story that most of us will enjoy tuning into on this Valentine’s Day. Constant in their quest to bring wholesome stories to the world of television, this script is a nice “journey” story about two people who didn’t know what they were looking for and found it in unexpected places.
All of My Heart
The setting is quaint; lots of small town mannerisms and chatty, friendly residents. As the story progresses, I have to admit this blossoming romance again felt more “natural” in comparison. There is obviously some passing of time and circumstances ensure the two spend a lot of time together. Oh and I cannot sign off without mentioning those humorous scenes showing Brian attempting carpentry, which make for some great laughs. If you’re looking for a new romantic comedy to stay in, curled up on the couch watching, this one is a good bet. It’s definitely got heart and some spunk to boot!

All of My Heart premieres tonight, February 14th on Hallmark Channel.
Don't miss it!
Happy Valentine's Day.
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  1. Watched this one when it came on last night. I'm not a huge chick flick person, but I can't deny that enjoyed this one ;)

    1. I'm glad, Hayden! I thought it was really sweet, too. Lots of crazy and fun moments - and the goat! :D

  2. I wish I had the Hallmark channel! Although I might spend way too much time watching it:)

    1. Very true, Sarah. Sometimes it can be addicting... though I love that all their programs are so wholesome. :)

  3. How did I miss this?? I will have to catch it the next time it is re-aired! 😂

    1. Yay! Hope you like it when you watch the film, Sharon. Really cute, as is the normal for Hallmark.

  4. I have to admit, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I started watching this, but after about 10 minutes, I was completely sold, and it just kept getting better and better from there. I found the script especially to be very impressive, as it kept up a nice brisk flow, was smart, and very believable...up until the end, where the writers seemed to want to make up for the surprising lack of cheese in the rest of the movie by piling it all into that last scene.

    Though I also unfortunately did not sense any overwhelming romantic sparks between Jenny and Brian, their evolving relationship did end up feeling very natural, like you said, and not at all forced, which I appreciated.

    The highlights of this movie for me however, were definitely Brian's 'trips' to the General Store and friendship with the owner, as well as his attempts at carpentry. And who could forget those adorable goats?!

    Thanks for another great review!
    Eleanor Rose

    1. To be honest, this was one I was least looking forward to, Eleanor. But as you said, it was lovely!

      I'd agree. I probably didn't love these two together as a romantic pairing (maybe partially because of Brennan's Cedar Cove character), however the sweet friendship that develops and seemed to evolve more naturally made up for it.

      Brian's attempts to fix up the hour were hysterical! I thought those scenes helped "make" the story. Loved his eventual acceptance of the life in the country, too. So cute.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eleanor! Always great to chat with you. :)

  5. Watched this one when it came on last night. I'm not a huge chick flick person, but I can't deny that enjoyed this one ;)

  6. I was a little apprehensive about this one simply because, like you mentioned, Brendan has played "bad" so well and I wasn't sure what to expect. Although I DID really enjoy the nanny Hallmark movie he was in so that helped. But this was so adorable! I actually surprised myself with wanting to watch it a second time and then a third time! I liked how natural their growing friendship (and their feelings) felt. And Brendan's character and his inability to fix anything right the first time, plus how adorably confused he was over his feelings for Jenny, too cute! I'm so glad I finally found the time to watch this one. :)

    1. Oh my, I forgot about Brendan in that film! It was cute... and why couldn't I remember that while watching this!? ;)

      This one is adorable. I'd not mind seeing it again as well just for the quirkiness of it. Plus as you say, again the romance felt more "sincere" and natural in its progression. That bit about the character have a disastrous touch when it comes to handyman things = hilarious! Loved it. :)


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