So You Said Yes (2015)

Annabel Blanche (Kellie Martin) is about to open her own small business, a unique vintage wedding dress shop called So You Said Yes. Nothing is going to dampen her mood and plans are set into motion for a grand opening. On the night of her grand opening, two things happen. She meets her main competition Claire (Jennifer Dale), a woman with a more mainstream approach to weddings whereas Annabel’s vision of a bride is finding a unique dress that makes the bride feel special on her big day. Needless to say Claire and Annabel do clash. Then there is Sam Taylor (Chad Willet). A lawyer who seems to take a keen interest in Annabel, things get serious between them in a very short period of time. So much so, they reach the pivotal point of meeting the parents, and Annabel finds herself face-to-face with none other than Claire, Sam’s mother.  
Okay, I adored this one. But then, there was a lot to love about it. Aside from seeing Kellie Martin in something – always a good thing, the entire production was well done. Anyone who likes fashion, specifically vintage will enjoy this simply for the pretty wedding gowns that we glimpse, something we didn’t see enough of if you ask me. Annabel’s wardrobe also has some nice pieces and the costume designers pulled together some fun looks because of her zest for all things old. Annabel’s shop would be a fabulous place to hang out and fortunately for us, a decent part of the film takes place there.  

Though those are all pluses for this one, none of the aforementioned elements are actually my favorite part. I actually found the romance to be one of the most genuine that’s been in a television film. While the romance between Sam and Annabel definitely falls into the whirlwind mantra, the sequences that show them dating shows the passage of time happening so that anywhere from two to three months could be passing. Whether or not that’s what the script intends or how the film wants us to construe the story, I don’t know. Something about the relationship feels very natural, the ebb and flow works well, as if the actors aren’t struggling in portraying this story. Then there are the characters. Sam is a great guy (except for when it comes to standing up to his mother!), but it's Annabel’s character who steals the show. She’s sort of a “mess” in a cute way not to mention, I loved her quirks, the best of which being she turns down sweets because she doesn’t eat them, only she is constantly stealing them.  

If you like wedding movies that get up to no good (never fear, this movie doesn’t get crazy) during the frenzy of wedding preparations or something like Monster-in-Law, then you’ll want to watch this. It’s got a more complete ending to boot, which gives itself extra points. You’ll want to say “yes” to this film. Trust me. 

So You Said Yes premieres tonight, Saturday the 7th on Hallmark Channel. 


  1. As someone who watches ANYTHING Hallmark, this was by FAR my favorite Hallmark movie of the year thus far. Chad Willett and Kellie Martin had the type of chemistry which should be in EVERY Hallmark movie and more often nowadays is not.

    1. I agree! I adored the romance in this movie. Not sure why (because of the actors, the script progression, etc.) but I definitely thought it was wonderful. Glad you liked it too. Hoping to see this one on DVD soon. :)

  2. Love Kellie Martin! Loved this movie!

    1. Me too, Melissa. Me too! Glad you enjoyed it too - it's one of my favorites. :)

  3. I felt this was a little different from the usual Hallmark movie, seeing as the story didn't just end at "and they fell in love." Lol. I was quite hesitant with it at first but actually enjoyed it! Thanks for the review Rissi! Always love visiting your blog!

    Tell the World

    1. I agree - you put it very well. This one gives us the after of "and they fell in love." I do like stories that take things a bit further and I felt like this script dose a nice job of making the romance feel very genuine. :)

      Thank you for the kind words and for visiting, Titi. Always glad to have you. :)

  4. I LOVED Annabel and Sam together. Their meet cute, their banter, her uncertainty and his confidence, they were so perfect for each other. The part I didn't enjoy as much? His mom. She was so horrible to Annabel and her turn around was a little quick for my believability. Yes, I know it's hallmark and romcoms tend to move fast anyway, but still. I just wish we could have spent more time with Annabel/Sam cuteness! Because those two? I loved those two. And seeing Kellie Martin again was lovely. :)


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