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The Other End of the Line (2008) - A Cute, Sassy and Multi-Continent Romance

Seeing this film was a long time coming. It wasn’t available to rent at the local rental store so instead I bought it (thank you very much impatience) and had to hope it was worth the price.

The Other End of the Line

On the brink of losing his job if he doesn’t secure a major advertising deal, Granger Woodruff (Jesse Metcalfe), and his friend Charlie (Austin Basis) are desperate to impress. Their target is hotel tycoon Kit Hawksin (Larry Miller).  Unfortunately for them, their first presentation fails miserably which is why both are grateful to be given one more chance to impress Mr. Hawksin with a new advertising campaign. 

To make his life worse, coinciding with this, Granger's credit card is stolen. This prompts a representative from the credit company to initiate a series of phone calls with Granger. Enter, Priya Sethi a.k.a. Jennifer Davis (Shirya), an Indian girl who works for American customer service of Citi Bank. Soon to be married through an arrangement made by her parents, Pryia is unhappy with her lot in life, craving independence over duty.

Phone call after phone call develops an unusual camaraderie until Granger’s business brings him to San Francisco – the place Jennifer is supposed to work. This means things are about to get complicated when Granger suggests he and Jennifer meet. 

Much like its American predecessors, this latest Indian romance is as crazy (endearingly so) as it is charming. If there is one con, it’s the difficulty in following the dialect. Primarily because the conversations trip over themselves. It’s often hard to know exactly what is being said or what is going on, in part because of the excited rushed chatter, and also for the unfamiliarity of the culture. Because of that the subplots can be mildly confusing, but for the most part everything important is made certain.  At its heart viewers will find in this a charming romance that trisects itself as a story of self-discovery.  

During her life-changing trip to American, Priya realizes that her “purpose” in life has been to make others happy. When asked what makes her happy, she begins to think back on what she’s done and ultimately decides to do something exceptional for herself. While she meets much opposition from her family, her father eventually comes around to his daughter’s dreams in a touching scene that shows him defending her when her honor and loyalty are being called into question. Both Priya and Granger are good for the other. Granger likes to pretend he’s someone he isn’t and as his friend Charlie points out, he rarely lets anyone see the real him.  

The film does get off to a slow start, but once Priya gets to America, things pick up at a nice pace and the story really gets interesting. The Other End of the Line is very unique even though other “communication” romances (You’ve got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle) have been made; there is something completely innocent and lovely about this story. It is one of those that you never want to end and while I did have mild complaints about the conclusion, it was still worth watching. Two of my favorite sequences/scenes are when Granger takes Priya sightseeing and they end the day on the beach and later a scene nearing the end. Dialogue is smart without being crass and the music is fabulous. My family and I kept recognizing oldie classics with songs such as Pretty Women and The Way you Look Tonight and even a Christian song feature. If there was a soundtrack available, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it as everything about the music only added to the charming romance of this story. 

(Parental concerns: there’s one implication that a man would like to join Priya in her room [the relationship remains sweetly innocent]; then there are two sensual scenes between an unmarried couple. Granger hires some exotic dancers for someone’s bachelor party, they are shown in their slinky outfits; likewise a charge shows up on his credit card from a “sex pleasures” store [brief computer images]. There’s a brief hotel room tryst depicted in a commercial [woman’s back as she walks toward the bed, dropping her robe]. There is social drinking and a few profanities/minor innuendoes. ‘Line’ is rated PG13.)
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  1. This movie sounds cute, my library has it so I put it on hold. Now if only they could get all the wonderful Hallmark movies you watch! :)


    1. Exactly! Let's hope that more Hallmark's DO release and those that are get more recognition. Are you able to request Hallmark's through your library? I don't use mine, so the inner-workings of library's is lost on me. :)

    2. You don't use your library? We use ours so much they have seen my girls grow up, they got their library cards on the way home from the hospital :)

      No for some reason we have an amazing video section but not hallmark movies.


    3. I know being a book reader, it sounds strange, but my family didn't growing up. If I remember right, there was going to be some sort of fees associated with it because we lived outside the city limits or some such issue. As a result, I've never joined as an adult. Just something I don't make use of. :)

      It's nice you have a good selection otherwise! You're able to pick a lot of different things that way and try something new. :)

  2. I've never heard of this movie, but after reading this I think I have to check it out!! I love how you said it was "as crazy as it is charming"...that's pretty much a perfect explanation of a lot of Indian/Bollywood movies. Haha! It sounds kind of similar to 'Bride & Prejudice'...have you seen that movie? It's one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for the great review, Rissi!!

    1. I would agree that most Bollywood films are like that. And I kinda love it. ;) Yes! I so enjoy Bride and Prejudice as well. It's epically awesome in its own way. Another one I have seen and like is Marigold. It stars Ali Larter, if my memory serves correctly. Hope you enjoy this one if you decide to see it. I've watched it a couple of times and liked it both times.

    2. Haha, I like the craziness too most of the time. ;) I saw this one last night with my mom and we both really liked it, so thank you for sharing! We both agreed Jesse Metcalfe was the best part of the movie...haha! Mmm, I've never heard of 'Marigold'...that will be our next movie night pick, I think. Thanks again! :D

    3. Sometimes those song and dance numbers (in Bollywood) get a bit over the top or the cultural barrier (since I don't know anything about it) gets in the way, but overall, I love this genre. It's unique and bright and awesome. ;)

      Aw, yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing what you thought. LOL, I don't blame you. I haven't seen Jesse in a lot, but have liked what he's been in.

      Marigold is cute too. If I'm not mistaken it's about an actress who, of course, finds love in unexpected places. I'm not sure if I have an archive review for it or not. But I do remembering having enjoyed it. :)

  3. I watched this movie ages ago and remember thinking it was cute! I actually just saw that it was on Netflix after reading this it kinda makes me want to watch it again!

    1. It's really cute, Abbi. I'm glad you liked it. I've seen it a couple of times and enjoyed it both times. :)

  4. I found a copy of this last weekend for really cheap and thought, "why not?". I knew you'd watched it, and for only $2, I figured I wouldn't be out much money in case I didn't like it. But I did! I didn't love it, I admit. But it's definitely cute. And yes! You absolutely have to pay attention to the dialogue sometimes to be able to catch everything. But after years of watching British dramas and having to turn on the captions to understand everything, I had no problems doing the same with this one. Just a fun movie overall! :)

    1. Whew. I'm so glad you at least enjoyed it - even $2 is a waste if the story doesn't suit at all. :) I'm not sure if I loved it either (or did I say that in my review...?), but like you I did think it was really cute! I've watched it a couple times and thought it worth the 2 hours. It's just an easy-to-watch, lighthearted film.

      ...aside from that challenging language barrier! Sometimes that does present a problem. Though I'm glad the captions helped. That's always a plus. :D

      Thanks for swinging by and sharing your thoughts, Kara.


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