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Aurora Teagarden: A Bone to Pick (2015)

Channeling the success they’ve had with Kellie Martin’s Mystery Woman franchise and more recently Garage Sale Mystery (in which Lori Loughlin stars), Hallmark is starting a new “cozy mystery” series. This is the beginning of what they are no doubt, hoping will intrigue a new fan base. It stars fan favorite Candace Cameron Bure as the titular character. Aurora has always loved a good mystery. She’s a part of a mystery club, reads the odd mystery now and again and cannot seem to stop herself from investigating the mystery that lands in her lap. You see, she’s just recently – and quite unexpectedly, inherited a house from a woman she barely knew. But more interesting is the mystery attached to the house – specifically a human skull she finds hidden in one of the crannies. It would seem her benefactor held the key to solving a murder… and now Aurora has put a target on her own back.

A cute little mystery is never something I can resist, which is why I was delighted to have a chance to review this quaint, “cozy mystery.” Based off a series of best-selling books (authored by Charlaine Harris), there are several books in this series, suggesting Hallmark has lots of material to work with. As a story, this wasn’t particularly a favorite however I loved the idea the story hints at, the settings, the characters and everything else that happened during this “pilot” (or launch pad) film. The story just never took off or succeeded in being that involving (speaking exclusively of the mystery). What I did like was Aurora’s fun sleuthing techniques and the ways she drags her bestie along in following her hunches. It made for some humorous, cute moments. Oh, and the ex-boyfriend plot was entertaining as well, which thankfully didn’t go where most compatible scripts do.  
The cast makes the movie fun including Marilu Henner who plays Aurora’s driven, business-minded mother. What the film lacks in mystery-movie story style, it makes up for in other ways and this film was certainly another must-see “winner” for Hallmark. Aurora’s sleuthing is done in a cute fashion (her ho-hum attitude is sure to tickle your funny bone) and the fun banter Aurora has with her mother is terrific. When all is said and done, if you’re looking for a reason to stay in this weekend this isn’t a bad one.

A Bone to Pick premieres Saturday night on both Hallmark Channel (after Good Witch) and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel.
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  1. Interesting... I've never heard of the books.

    Have you seen 'The Song'? Or seen/read 'Old Fashioned'? I got both for my birthday this week and was trying to find a review by you on them but had no such luck haha

    1. I hadn't either, Raquel. But that's what this is based off, so I mentioned it. :)

      I've not seen either one of the films you mention. I don't think Old Fashioned is out yet(?) as a DVD, but I do want to rent The Song. Hopefully soon.... life's been busy of late, so there is that distraction. Thanks for checking for a review though! :)

      Happy birthday! Hope it is/was a good day.

  2. ooo! This looks good!
    I've watched a couple of Hallmark mystery movies and really liked them.
    I will defiantly keep on eye out for this one:0)

    1. It was quite good, Ella - especially for those of us who enjoy a fun little mystery. I'm glad you've liked Hallmark's mysteries in the past. I enjoyed what I saw of Kellie Martin's and like the Garage Sale Mystery movies as well. Always a fun time with Hallmark films. :)

  3. Since I can't watch Outlander tonight, I'll be watching this instead. Finally, something to look forward to watching. It might be cute. It's something different at least.

    1. Bummer. I'm sorry you can't see Outlander tonight. I know many fellow bloggers/reviewers enjoy that one. Hope you liked this one, Kristin - as you say, it is cute. :)

  4. I love Candace Cameron Bure so I might give this one a try. Thanks for the review, Rissi!

    1. She is definitely a familiar face on Hallmark, and I most always enjoy her films! Thank YOU for reading, Bekah. Hope you enjoy "A Bone to Pick" if ya' see it. :)


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