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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser

Because I am a (film) comic book geek, I saw this just-released trailer of the upcoming DC Comics film Batman v Superman and thought, "why not share?" From the little I understand, this is going to help launch a bigger universe for DC Comics a-la Marvel's Avengers. Since I'm not overly attached to the Christian Bale Batman (I've seen only one of the Christopher Nolan films), I have no opinion on Ben Affleck taking on the role of the iconic character, he looks convincing enough. In 2016 and 2017, DC has a LOT of superhero films in the works. Everything from Justice League (an "assemble" piece) to Wonder Woman.

The plot for this March 2016 film is still "unknown," but I do want it to be a good set-up for the Justice League formation. But enough rambling. Let's have a look:

The voiceover is fantastic (creepy!) and the "tone" of the film looks much darker than even Man of Steel. Beyond that, I will admit, this looks... interesting and possibly "fun" depending on how it all goes down. A host of superheroes are rumored to appear (The Flash, Wonder Woman), which might be fun with Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane - two actors I always enjoy.

Your turn! What do you think of this trailer? Are you curious about the DC Comics world expanding like Marvel or do you have a favorite character from this world? Share thoughts below.
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  1. Oh my goodness oh my goodness!! This trailer was so good! I love Marvel, but I love DC Comics even more. Ahhh! So excited to see Amy Adams play Lois Lane again! If you couldn't already tell, I'm really really excited for this. Lol.

    Agreed, this does look darker than Man of Steel. I've only ever seen one of the Batman movies too, but those are intense from what I've heard. I don't really understand the Ben Affleck controversy either...I think he's fine? Haha. And wait up! The Flash and Wonder Woman? How cool! Hopefully that happens and Grant Gustin reprises his role as the Flash. :)

    Thank you for sharing, Rissi! I watched this with my little sister and we both can't wait for this to hit theaters. :)

    1. Yay for DC Comics love! They ARE awesome. ;) I'm actually doing some "research" on both (Marvel and DC) for a Silver Petticoat article and it's been fun to read up on the various superheroes and learn more about them. I'm thrilled Amy is going to reprise her role as Lois Lane. Like Ben being cast as Batman, there was "controversy" when she and Henry were cast as the iconic couple because of an age-gap. My reaction was something like: ...?

      I liked Man of Steel in spite of the negativity although will admit it should have been shorter. As for the Nolan Batman films, I'll eventually watch them, but like you, heard the sequel is intense. If this trailer is any indication, Ben looks great as Batman. I'm thrilled about the various DC characters entering this film too! It'll make for some great interactions and a larger world.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Always fun to read what you think. :)

  2. Oh, this looks exciting! I didn't really enjoy Man of Steel, but this movie looks awesome. I just hope the trailer won't be the end of it....

    1. I agree! This DOES look exciting. It'll be exciting to see what comes the closer we get to the release date. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Oooh. My, my, my. This looks quite interesting indeed.

    1. Yes, yes it does! I'm curious to know how it all shakes out - some of those things look quite ominous. *bites nails* :D

  4. I've been on the anti-Ben Affleck wagon, but am reserving my opinion until I see the movie, of course. I just have never been a fan of his, but the clip looks good, from what I can tell. I love super hero movies, so I'm thrilled about all the Justice League and Avenger movies going on!!

    1. I totally understand that, Tressa. I'm not a fan either way of Ben (in particular). I've like him well enough in what I've seen him in (with exception to Daredevil, which was more about the story/filming not the acting).Me too! I adore these superhero comic book adaptations. They're the best. :D


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