Top Ten Tuesday and Characters

I'm a big believer that characters can make or break a book. If I read a book in which I don't connect (or like) to the character, it's a hard sell. On the other hand, if I love the characters, I will tend to overlook nitpicky things. Does anyone else read like this? That is why this weeks Top Ten subject was yet again difficult! I love the idea of picking out specific groups of characters, but much to my own disappointment (in my lack of blog skills), I wasn't coordinated enough to do so (plus this whole not-talking-about-specific-books mindset I have to put myself in right now, is tough). That being said, I chose to keep things mainly light and go with some of my recent (and old friend) favorites. Some are from TV shows, others are from books, but wherever we met them, they have one thing in common: they're pretty darn awesome characters. Just so you know, I want some of them as besties.

Broke and Bookish Topic for April 28th 2015
Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who _____
(who are musically inclined, have lost someone, have depression, who grow up poor, etc.)
I'm reading Morgan Matson's delightful debut now. It's full of so many interesting things and heartfelt emotions that I'm sometimes forgetful this is a YA title. There are moments when some of that comes roaring back (i.e., needless profanity or a college dorm party), but for the most part I am very impressed with these characters.  
Yep. That's right, I added Youtuber Lizzie Bennett - again - to a favorite character list.
What's this!? A new character on my list!? Yes, you are reading this right. Sidney is a character with origins from a novel, however I had the pleasure of "meeting" him in the ITV miniseries Grantchester (review to come) and yep, he's... fabulous. With exception to one royal mess he gets himself into, he's one of the good guys.

Introduced to us in Michelle Madow's debut novel, Lizzie was as fun character who - yes you read that right - travelled back in time to set right her present and future.

Eleven. Love him. That's all.

Who doesn't enjoy Alexis Bledel's bookish, studious Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls (TV)? She's a fabulously fun character who many of will probably relate too.

Paige is from Emery Lord's The Start of Me and You which reminds me, why didn't I add Max to this list? Both of Emery's characters were spot-on perfection even in their imperfections.

I've over-shared about my love for Emily Owens (CW's Emily Owens, M.D.), so I won't talk more about her (or Micah) except to say that Emily is again another easily relatable heroine.

Okay. Yes I know Steve isn't a real American hero (he's comic book awesome-ness though), however I do adore this Avenger. He's the fictional definition of an American hero, plus, he's not the kind of guy who would ever describe himself as a hero. Someone's got to.  
Don't judge. Again another popular choice on my lists. Felicity is too awesome not too add.
Who made YOUR lists this week? (If you joined in, leave those links.) Or if you were going to make a list, who would you add? Let's talk about why our favorite characters are so awesome. 


  1. Great list and I would have Rory Gilmore for sure on my list. I want to slowly read through most of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge list. I think I'd add Katniss and Prim they would be girls I'd want to hang out with but not during the hunger games. I'd also add all the princesses from Melanie Dickerson and Lady Merry Ellison.

    1. Ooo, what fun additions, Shannon! I adore princess characters like Mia (Princess Diaries) and have as yet to meet Lady Merry. As for Rory, she's awesome. I love the fact that she's a bookish soul. :)

  2. Oh yes. The Cap is DEFINITELY a character driven guy. Plus he's just totally awesome. He's my second favorite Avenger next to Thor. :)

    1. Excellent picks, Dawn. Thor is awesome (I really like he and Jane together) and the Captain is an all-around stand-up guy. He really cares about people and seems to be one of the most humble characters I've run across.

  3. I loved Max from The Start of Me and You, too :) Batman has always been my favorite, but Captain America has made his way to next in line.

    1. Max is DARLING. I love him so much. Cannot wait to meet Emery's debut hero and her 2016 hero. :)

      Aw, Batman is cool. I've not really "met" him properly since I've yet to watch the entire Nolan trilogy. But I really like young Bruce in the TV show Gotham and liked Christian's portrayal in the first film. Have you an opinion on Ben taking on the role? :)

  4. Steve Rogers and Felicity Smoak are my favorites on your list <3 <3 <3

    Btw, how did you get those nice-looking Share buttons??

    1. What brilliant characters those two are. Two of my always, go-to favorites! :)

      As for the share buttons, they are embedded in the template minus the "share this" (an online app) buttons which I added (the colored square) to the "share this story" buttons. I thought they were quite nice too! :)

  5. How did I not know you are a fellow Doctor Who fan?! It's such a fun series.;) I think the time travel is what I love the best, but the whole deal is awesome.;)
    I will have to check out Lizzie Davenport's story.....

    1. *Hive Five* to you fellow DW fan! It IS a fun series. I've only watched 11's years, but I adore him and cannot imagine liking anyone else as much. Thanks - as always, for visiting, Amanda. :)

  6. I have to say I'm extremely delighted that you included Sidney Chambers on this list!!! He is a fabulous character. And that one mess he got himself into -- whoa, wasn't exactly expecting it. I just wish the first season would have included a few more episodes. I was sorry to see it end :)

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I loved adding Sidney. He's one of the good guys with exception to that ONE (big) mistake he made. I wanted to slap the dude for that. You said it right, that first season was way too short. When it was over, I went on a search spree, hoping to find news of MORE. Glad there is more to come. Bring on more adventures with Sidney. :)


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