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Top Ten Tuesday and Author Appreciation

Sitting down to put together any Top Ten Tuesday is always fun. But today's topic allows us to one up that. Writing this, from my viewpoint, is a chance to throw out some author appreciation (which we also get to jump on with next week's topic). All of us book nerds know if there weren't the creative minds that are authors in this world, we wouldn't have these amazing stories to become lost in. The hard work, thought, creativity and genius they put into every story is amazing. We get to experience emotions that only the written word could evoke, travel to exotic places without leaving our favorite reading nook or meet a majestic lion who has a very special plan for four young siblings. In short, authors are amazing. Basically, it can be boiled down to these few words...

Thank you, authors!

As has become the norm, I am breaking the rules today. Again. But as previously stated, this is more about author appreciation than being a rule-follower. Over a year ago, one of the "top ten" topics was "Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From." To be honest, those authors (including Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter, Susan May Warren, etc.) are probably the authors I've read the most books by as well as being names I own the most books from.

Below, I've listed some of the authors I own a lot of books from and may or may not have read a lot of their books, and if I haven't, I really want to read said books. So. That kind of counts for today, right?

Broke and Bookish August 11th Topic
Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

This author is probably my "worst pick" on this list. I've only read one of her novels, but want to read more... which I felt kind of counts. Doesn't intention count... for something?

Elizabeth's novels are always fantastic. She's the only historical novelist I consistently read... this has more to do with knowing I'll enjoy her stories than because I don't like anyone else.

After reading Jody's YA debut, reading what she has next has me excited. Her adult historicals are also charming, though one of my favorites remains A Noble Groom.

Anything Jenny writes is hilarious! I may not have read all of her books, but I own nearly all of them (if not all) and her latest new adult novella (part of the Just One Summer Collection) is amazing.

Julie's books came about in my young, teenage reading years and I can still remember her first novel. Following later, my favorite remains, A Passion Denied. Gotta' love Lizzie and Brady.

According to Goodreads, I've read five of Michelle's books! Wait... has it really been that long since I discovered this author? It was her debut, Remembrance. A novel that's really quite sweet.

Technically, I've only read two-and-a-half of this author's novels, but there's a reason for that: she's only written three novels. Plus, she's an amazing author... and deserves lots of shout-outs because of this. (By the way, just go forth and buy all of her books!)

I've only read one of Jennifer's books (her upcoming September release - go buy it, by the way), but I own nearly all of her books and have her two re-prints pre-ordered.

Again, another author whose books I own (nearly all of them, I believe), only this time I've not read any of aforementioned books. Which is YOUR favorite?

Huh. Oh, look, another author I've been wishing to try (I own 5 or 6). (Guess, Hester Browne wasn't my worst addition.) Why I haven't is beyond me.
Where should I start in the Kiersten White library?
That's a wrap on another Top Ten Tuesday subject.
Which authors have you read the most books from? Give them some shout-outs down below.
...and as always, leave your blog post links for today's meme. I'd love to stop in and visit.

*Ps; excuse any graphic mistakes. I'd already corrected mistakes once and it's late, and I'm of the opinion it's too much bother to fix anything... I'd rather be reading.
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  1. I haven't read *any* of the authors on your list! Ah, that's crazy.

    Also, I really love your blog design and graphics! They're beautiful.

    1. Perhaps they'll be some you might enjoy trying someday, Carlisa. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting and the comment - and the compliment. Visit anytime.

  2. So wild how a lot of these authors could've been on my list, especially if I had stuck to more recent times. However, over my lifetime, my TTT is sort of lopsided in favor of more prolific writers rather than especial brilliant authors who might write less. This was a hard top ten for me to figure out just how to decide how to qualify why certain authors made it on the list.

    1. I tend to include books and/or authors that don't always apply in the strictest sense. In today's case, I chose to bend the rules because when I put together my "authors whose books I own the most," that is also a list of the authors I've READ the most from. That's why my selections today are a kind of mish-mash of authors and books I've read/not read. ;)

      Thanks so much for visiting; off to visit your Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  3. I've only read Jennifer E. Smith and I hadn't remembered her. Most of the authors on my list I've read 5+ books from. It was hard trying to think of ten because so many that I adore only have the one series out so far!

    My Top Ten.

    1. True! There are a lot of authors who only have one or two books out, yet we count them favorites and *have* in fact, read all of their books. Off to visit your post next! Thanks so much for visiting.

  4. Great list! I really need to read Lizzy & Jane before Katherine Reay's new book comes out. :) And I need to go back and read Jenny B. Jones' Katie Parker series.

    Here are the authors I've read the most from: Lemony Snicket (17 books), C.S. Lewis (15), Shannon Hale (10), Gail Carson Levine (9), Roald Dahl (9), J.K. Rowling (9), Laura Ingalls Wilder (8), Deeanne Gist (7), and Jane Austen (7). After trying to figure this out on my own, I realized that Goodreads has a most-read authors feature. :)

    1. Yay for new reading! Hope you enjoy L&J, and those re-reads! I haven't finished the Katie Parker books, but book one? Typical Jenny B. Jones. Lots of sass and amazingness!

      Amazing list, Kristin! You're read such a great variety with varying levels of literature. Good for you. I saw that on Twitter yesterday too (the GR feature), but I'd pretty much put this together (or done a lot of the work) plus, when I looked at my most-read, it was indeed most of the authors I featured on my most-owned. So... I went ahead with my mish-mash list. ;)

    2. Oh, that's a fun Goodreads feature, Kristin! I tried counting it all up myself, too, and then I noticed your comment...

    3. A win for Goodreads as far as being user friendly. :)

  5. I've read a lot of books from many different authors... hmm.... Colleen Coble, Lynette Eason, and countless books from Robin Jones Gunn are probably the top 3 authors that I've read books from the most. Lovely post!

    1. Colleen is one of my favorites, Kara as is Lynette. I don't believe I've ever read any of Robin's, but am sure hers are lovely too. Thanks so much for visiting! Had fun with this post. :)

  6. Great list Rissi! Again I've only read Katherine Reay's book but thanks to you I'm keen on checking out her other novels sometime soon :)

    My TTT

    1. Hi, Lianne! Thanks so much for stopping in; Katherine's books are always a delight and her new novel? Amazing! Hope you find some new author to enjoy.

      Off to read your TTT post... :)

  7. Great list!! I've read all by most of these authors too :) Need to check out a couple that I wasn't familiar with. My TTT

    1. Fun! It's always great to meet people who like similar authors! Hope you find some fun new authors too, Carrie. Thanks for visiting... off to visit your blog. :)

  8. Love this idea for this week's topic! I felt like a lot of my authors overlapped from the previous topic too, so I just made a list of authors that I have loved multiple works from! I will be checking out a few of these authors as they are new to me!
    Thanks for stopping by the The Local Muse

    1. Fun! Finding new authors is always a cool thing... and I hope that perhaps you discover some you enjoy, Mallory. :)

      Thank YOU for stopping by and visiting. Appreciate it. :)

  9. Julie Lessman just missed the cut of my TTT list because I included my childhood reads as well. I LOVE Elizabeth Camden's novels --academic librarians rock with research! =) Jody Hedlund is awesome as well.
    Which of Jenny B. Jones' books would you recommend to someone who has never read her work? I keep hearing about her ... =)

    1. I didn't much considering childhood reading... but I should have! I've talked about my childhood reads (i.e., American Girl or Janette Oke), so I kind of went with "whatever" topic this week. :)

      Elizabeth's and Jody's are both wonderful.

      Jenny B. Jones: if you like adult rom-coms, I love her Save the Date novel. It's been years, but I feel like it'd still be a favorite. YA lit, There You'll Find Me (which is the little sister's story from Save the Date) and her novella in the collection Just One Summer is really cute (that one's more New Adult). Happy reading! :)

  10. Katherine Reay is the only author on this list I've read, and although I've only read one of her books, I agree that she's a very good writer!

    Hmmm... Goodreads says I've read the most of Donita K. Paul (11 books), unless you want to count Heartland by Lauren Brooke (21) or the Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley (14), two middle grade/young adult series that I devoured in middle and high school. C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling are close behind with their 7-novel series, and I can't post this comment without a shout-out to Marguerite Henry (5)!

    1. Katherine's books have a presence... if that makes any sense. They're elegant and wonderfully

      C.S. Lewis is one author I need to add numbers to on my "read" list. I have read the first three Narnia books, I believe, and loved all of them! Now, it's well past time to finish that journey. Thanks so much for sharing your lists of authors, Serena. Great to see what everyone is reading. :)

  11. I have read books from half or more of the authors you have mentioned above. Katherine Reay and Kasie West being my faves. I have only read a novella of Jenny B. Jones, but it definitely made me want to read more. Also, I just ordered the paperback of Honeymoon Hotel by Hester Browne. It just sounded so good and something that I would enjoy, so I took the leap.

    1. Katherine's books are amazing and I anticipate reading Kasie's because, just yes! Her books look darling. Yay for discovering new authors (Jenny B. Jones) and I hope you like Hester's! The one I read by her was really cute, and I think I did order another of hers as well. It's high time I read it. ;) Thanks so much for visiting!


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