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Arrow, Season Four Trailer │ Hashtag Team Olicity

Today's blog post was meant to be a second "ship" post continuation feature TV couples. That didn't happen because, um, prep work has to happen. Then, I was going to go the professional route and post a review I had written and though I still would have done just that, I was pursuing Twitter and guess what I saw: the season four Arrow trailer! I mean, there has to be room for that on a Friday, right? This brings us to today's random blog post.

(And this photo is just a "preview" of ONE of my all-time favorite TV ships.)

I am so ridiculously excited for this fourth season. (First I will naturally have to watch the darkness of season three. And I will.) The new twists, changes and of course, a certain "ship" is sure to make me smile... a lot during this season. If first impressions are anything to go by, I'm going to adore this season. Aside from Thea's new story, I'm not "worried" about much of anything this year as I was with the former season.

Enough talk. Here's the trailer.

Now it's your turn. I'd love to hear your excitement, disappointment or fan-girl gushing.
Leave it all down below.
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  1. OMGGGGG. THAT #OLICITY PICTURE. They are the one "ship" I can actually go crazy over. Seriously, I am SO excited for season 4!!! Thanks for sharing that awesome trailer, Rissi. Loved the beginning, the middle was crazy, and the end with that felicity scene...*sigh*. This is gonna be good. ;)

    1. This is my excited hope as well, Bekah. I mean, if writers don't realize the wisdom in giving Oliver and Felicity happiness (even if it does involves new baddies), they're not too smart. or that's my opinion. ;) Like you, I fangirled over this. A lot. So exciting and I cannot wait to see how everything plays out! :)

  2. Ooooh so exciting!!!! I can't wait to watch season three and then catch up with S4 and become a regular Arrow watcher ... gah! And that #Olicity picture/beginning scene! So so so happy :D

    Dance A Real
    walking in the air.

    1. Me too, Hannah! This entire trailer made me grin throughout... even the new baddie (whom I cannot stand because the actor played a really creepy role in another show) couldn't damper my excitement. In terms of where this show is at just now, Olicity is everything. ;)

  3. YAAAAASSSS!!!!!! I am thoroughly hashtag Team Olicity. That trailer made my heart melt. Cannot wait for this season. I need some happy Ollie for once!

    1. This excitement is making me glad, Renee. So love these two and as you say, we need some happy for Ollie. Despite all the harping and criticism he takes on, he IS worthy of enjoying a better life. (Not to mention, he and Dig best be pals again this season; sooner rather than later. :D)

  4. Aw, I love that ship --totally on Team Olicity! ^_^

    I know Black Canary/Green Arrow were "canon" in the comics and some of the animated tv, so I was torn for a moment (I normally don't like when people change stuff like that in adaptations), but ... I just don't really care for her in Arrow. I think Felicity is a much better match for Oliver ... ;-)

    I don't hang around the fandom too much because I'm so behind (saw a handful of season 1 episodes, saw about half of season 2, DVR'ed and am working my way through season 3), but can you tell what the majority of fans are rooting for?

    1. First off, before getting to your comment, my apologies for the delay in replying. I'm not sure how I missed this!

      I am team Olicity as well. 100%.

      I like Laurel, but Felicity... I think she's stolen 99% of fans hearts and because of that, she's the "only" one for Oliver. Plus, they are pretty perfect for each other.

      I haven't seen any of S3 as of yet, but am definitely excited when it releases to DVD later this month. It promises to be epic albeit dark. Hoping Olicity is end game. Otherwise, I'm gonna be mad. ;)

    2. No worries, Rissi! I can't reply to comments on my blog as quick as I'd like to, so I totally understand!

      Once I catch up, I'm going to go crazy looking up Comic Con panels and interviews and fansites because I'm really anxious to see what other people think --most of the people I know seem to ship Olicity. =)

    3. This blogging community is awesome, and I'm so glad we totally get the time constraints. Some weeks replies are more prompt (around here) than others. This happened to be a busy week. :)

      How fun! I love going and looking up all of the spoiler crazy stuff. It's neat to know what others are thinking and enjoying. I would agree most people ship Olicity. In fact, I read the other day that there is a hashtag for Laurel and Oliver, but well, I only see #Olicity. ;)

  5. Oh yes! I'm only halfway through series 3, but I'm already looking forward to this new series!

    1. Hooray! I'm so glad, Birdie. I'm excited to watch S3 and read all the spoilers of S4. Because I'm weird like that. :D Enjoy season four.


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