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Downton Abbey Series Six Promotioanl Video

I've been out of touch with the social media-ing and blogging these past few days. Because of this, I missed a key, important new promotional video. We'll get to what it is in a moment, but first I'll just say those of you who were interested in this have likely already seen the video, however because I'm a total fangirl for this series, I wanted to share the video regardless. Let me tell you, this trailer is beautifully and compelling and intriguing and thankfully, full of happy faces.

BLOG POST: Downton Abbey Season Six Promotional Poster + Images

Of course, we are talking about Downton Abbey.

Yesterday, the ITV phenomenon released its sixth and final season promotional video. I watched it today. Let me tell you, it was not only bittersweet (that music...), but they'll might be some tears when I finally have the chance to watch this final season. Hopefully, they'll all be of the happy variety.

What's your opinion on the shape of series six? Have you any expectations or does this trailer get you excited? Share your fangirl comments (or dislike if that's your preference) down below.
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  1. Oh my goodness! This trailer made me want to cry! I need to catch up so that I can watch these last ones!!! AH!

    1. Same for me! I nearly did tear up (I can admit this). Likely, I will during the watching of the final season. :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm really bad at keeping up with stuff like this, so if you hadn't posted, I wouldn't have known about it. :)

    I'll admit that I teared up while watching. I'm sure there will be lots of tears this season...I'm not good at endings. (Also, Carson and Mrs. Hughes- aw!)

    1. Yay! I wasn't the ONLY person to not see this the second it was released. :D

      Same for me. I was getting all misty-eyed, and thinking, "nooo!" With this coming to an end, I'm on pins and needles about the conclusions. Here's wishing (and hoping), they'll all relatively good. Carson and Mrs. Hughs are adorable! :)

  3. Oh my! You are right - that music! I'm sure there will be tears! Hate that I have to wait till January to see this in the US. I hadn't seen this yet so thanks for sharing it! :) I really hope they've written happy endings for all the characters!

    1. As do I, Rachel. If my favorite characters don't get a happy ending, I'll be super unhappy with Fellowes. And Edith, she definitely deserves happiness.

      Wasn't the music choice spot-on? So bittersweet. :)

  4. January can't come soon enough! Or maybe it can take it's time... so sad to see Downton Abbey go!

    1. True. It's kind of a catch-22, right? We cannot wait, but the longer the wait, the longer the prolonged run of a favorite. Thanks for sharing the excitement, Miranda. :)


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