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October Kiss (2015)

Once again Hallmark sets about enchanting us. With its seasonal flavors and eye on that of an unlikely romantic pairing, its next-to-last autumn movie introduces us to Poppy (Ashley Williams). Poppy is a free-spirited 20-something who is more like her mother than she'd like. Her sister sees it, Poppy simply wishes to believe she knows what she wants, and hasn't found it yet. This leads her to a new job (after a string of failing nearly every other job - from pizza chef to yoga instructor) as a nanny to a single father. Successful in his work, Ryan (Sam Jaeger) is struggling with his two young kids. Zoe and Zach (Hannah Cheramy, Kiefer O'Reilly) aren't exactly open and welcoming to their new nanny, but temporary or not, Poppy may be just what they need to make them remember what it feels like to be a family.

TV MOVIE REVIEW: Harvest Moon (2015)

As is the standard of any and all content from this channel, a bit of magic and cute romantics is the make up of this charmer. Ashley Williams (a face you'll likely recognize from other similar roles) is fantastic fun in this rom-com role; her free spirit personality makes the role "pop" with some unique traits and I enjoyed her interpretation of the character - it was a kind of roll-with-the-awkward punches to see what good might come. I also have to say I love her name. So cute! The entire cast is great really; the kids are darling and I appreciated that their resistance towards Poppy wasn't for the normal reason.

If I had one tiny quibble, it'd be the romance. The relationship didn't feel quite as fleshed out as some of its peers. That being said, I think that was mostly because the script focused on the family angle - its importance, rather than anything else and for some reason the story seemed to disallow really good scenes between the couple. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the film 100%, I just noticed a lack of... something during some of the scenes that should have been igniting sparks. Oh, and fun fact, this was once titled, Temporarily Yours, which ties nicely into the script: which title do you like best?

Same as always, my recommendation remains the same (Hallmark's are one of my weaknesses - they're always such sweet treats). Those looking to enjoy a darling romantic-comedy will love this. Plus if the weather for you is anything like mine, you'll want to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn (or candy), slippered-feet and a cup of mocha, and then sit back, relax and enjoy the seasonal delights October Kiss has to offer.

October Kiss premieres tonight, October 17th on Hallmark Channel. Are you tuning in? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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  1. I missed this tonight! Lost track of time watching Grey's Anatomy with my sister. This would've been much easier on the emotions though than that. ;)

    1. LOL, I imagine so, Meghan. I don't watch "Grey's" but am aware what's going on because of all the trailers. Hope if you see this one you end up liking it! :)

  2. Romance came at the end? The scene dancing in the kitchen at breakfast time <>!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this one, Lisa! It was really quite cute. :)

  3. I really liked this one! It did remind me a bit of The Nanny Express, simply because of the whole widower/kids/nanny story line, but my weakness for all things Hallmark kept me from caring too much. I agree with you on the romance, but I found that overall it was just so fun that I didn't mind. I also really like Ashley Williams, so that helped :-)

    1. I did too, Becky. The whole premise and sweet message (family importance) was well written and developed. I'm with you; my love of all things Hallmark ensures I don't care overmuch about the similarities. The films are just TOO cute too care. :D

      And oh my goodness, can you believe we're going to see the Christmas movies start now!? :)

  4. This one is adorbs! I do think you're right in that the couple didn't get fleshed out completely, but it didn't really matter in the end. So glad I had the chance to watch it! :)

    1. Right you are, friend. Hallmark flicks are just plain and simple CUTE! And that's all that matters - plus Poppy's character was TOO FUN! :)


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