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Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015)

The second in Hallmark’s 2015 Countdown to Christmas campaign airs tonight. On this chilly November day, let’s chat about its cuteness.

As a little girl, Callie was fascinated with ice sculpting. She had unlimited access to the beautiful sculpture’s the pros created thanks to her father’s employment at an exclusive upscale club which hosts an annual competition. Now, years later, Callie (Rachel Boston) is all grown up. Having achieved her goal of becoming a chef, she’s now ready to work with the best in the business and someday, to have her own kitchen. Having been to culinary school, she also learned the art of ice sculpting, a passion she enjoys as an aside to cooking. She finally lands a job as a dishwasher, but it places her next to one of the greatest chefs which is more than she could ask for. 

Her new job also reacquaints her with David (David Alpay), the boy she once knew when they were kids. Members of the club's elite list of guests, David is being groomed to inherit his father’s wealth and business (a buyout firm), which puts he and Callie worlds apart. Yet impulsively David takes a chance, nudging Callie out of her comfort zone and changing her perspective on their respective worlds.  

Sparkly and bubbly are two words one could use to describe this. The plot weaves in a unique – and competitive, world with its focus on ice sculpting not to mention tying it all in with yet another cute romance. For once, the Christmas festivities don’t seem to overwhelm this film. I mean, certainly the story’s setting is apparent and is indeed rooted in Christmas fluff, but nothing is over the top nor is the entire script caked in jingle bells. This helps set Ice Sculpture Christmas apart from the fray.

With its adorably appropriate clichéd misunderstandings, there isn’t much to find fault with. I enjoyed the characters and especially liked Callie’s character. She’s a hardworking kind of person that is, sadly, a rarity in today’s society; she understood the need (or perhaps requirement is a better word) for hard work if one wants to achieve their dreams. This isn’t the kind of film that “needs” to look deeper, but it’s nice to see if it does not to mention offering some nuggets of wisdom. Traversing through the familiar, and somehow comforting, clichés of this story is the refreshing use of a common trope. Instead of the competition being presented in the “mean girl” mantle, which is normally an ex or wanna-be girlfriend, here it is instead someone threatened by Callie’s talent and wholesome, hard-working attitude.  Last but not least, Callie's cute relationship with her father is precious.

Same as with every other network production that has been and is sure to follow, if you’re craving something sweet to curl up on the couch and enjoy, this might be your cup of tea – or hot cocoa might be more fitting. In fact, that’s sort of what this film resembles; a sweet and rich cup of cocoa.

Share your thoughts on Ice Sculpture Christmas. I’d love to read them.  

Premiering tonight on Hallmark Channel, have a look at the promotional video for Ice Sculpture Christmas.

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  1. Oh this sounds so good! I'll need to watch it sometime :)

    Dance A Real

    1. It's SUPER cute, Hannah. As usual. :)

  2. I loved this movie! Rachel Boston is so cute!

    1. This one was really cute, Caryl! I'm excited about seeing what else Hallmark has in store for this year! :)

  3. I watched this one with my gram and sister. My gram and I thought it was super cute, while my sister said it was too cliche. But hey, that's what Hallmark movies are about, right?! This is an absolutely perfect review! Love it. :)

    1. I 100% see your sister's point, Bekah, but I have the same opinion as you: this is what Hallmarks are! Sometimes when I watch them, I shake my head at their cliché happenings, but in the end, I love 'em too much to stop watching, and every once in a while one comes along that stands out. (Plus, I DO love these regardless.)

      Thank you so much for reading, Bekah. :)

  4. O, I love Hallmark Christmas movies! This one looks great. I find Rachel Boston quite comical in her Hallmark movies. I definitely look forward to this one. =)

    1. I hope you enjoy this one; I thought it was indeed really cute and am looking forward to what else Hallmark airs this season; like you, I LOVE Hallmark films. They're so cute and happy. :)

  5. This one is definitely going on my favorites list, I think. The chemistry between the leads, SO adorbs! And I so agree with you, her relationship with her father was awesome. (Also, I loved his little side story too. ;)

    1. This one is now on DVD, so I bought it (at Walmart because, where else!?) the other day and watched it with my mom. We both agreed on its cuteness and it was fun to re-watch this one without watching it with the purpose of reviewing it! :) :) :)


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