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Top Ten Tuesday ǀ Book To Movie Adaptations

Given this blog’s content, today’s topic is, to this blog what Cinderella’s glass slipper is to her: an absolute perfect fit. Why? It combines both of the blog’s primary content: books and film. What could be more suited? Nothing at all, I say.  
Official November 10th Broke and Bookish Topic 
Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I'm Looking Forward To
or Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch  

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come up with ten titles in one topic so this list may (again) be a mix up of both prompts. Either way, we’ll get started and see how far I can get. 
1. The 5th Wave (Rick Yancey)
I've not read this book nor do I really know what it's about. But considering I normally see all of the YA adapted films (Paper Towns, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, 'City of Bones,' TFIOS, etc.), it seemed like a great film to add - plus the cast seems promising.
The question: to read or not to read?

2. Allegiant (Veronica Roth) 
What's so interesting about the push to promotion for the third film adaptation in Roth's popular trilogy is a. a trailer was just released (how'd I miss THAT) and b. the film series got a bit of revamping. Instead of the common "part one" and "part two" separating the now typical two part and epic finale, the final film gets its own standalone title.
This is very interesting... but is it indicative of anything?

3. The Choice (Nicholas Sparks)
Why yes, I am a Nicholas Sparks romantic-movie-loving kind of sappy girl. Thank you for noticing. *smile* I do watch nearly all of these film adaptations (there was only one I sat through that I felt I wasted time on), and yes, I will admit this: usually I heart them. I love a sweet romance no matter the clichés which is why I do opt for seeing whatever Sparks latest is. Just not before I know if the leading couple will make it to credits end.
Sparks does like to crush us.

4. Fallen (Lauren Kate)
Again this is another novel I know nothing about. But it's in the YA market and a movie has been made far as I know. Just awaiting its release.
Plus, it looks darn amazing.

5. Love and Friendship (Jane Austen)
This might be the one I am MOST excited about. Based on Jane Austen's novella Lady Susan, I lovelovelove the idea of an all-new Austen adaptation rather than a remake. Plus, Kate Beckinsale stars who we all know can carry an Austen film and heroine very well.

6. Mockingjay, Part 2 (Suzanne Collins)
Ah, yes! The epic conclusion is finally here. Though I give this series a really hard time, I do feel like I'm invested in it. More so than THG book, that's for sure. I think I owe that to Jennifer Lawrence.
Is there any role she cannot take on?

7. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Seth Grahame-Smith)
I'm not 100% convinced this is a story that will work for me, but I did love Warm Bodies (BIG surprise because I'm not a zombie girl), think iZombie is cute and of course, I adore Pride and Prejudice. So... I'm trying to go in with an open mind.
Plus, this CAST!? Exclamation point worthy.

8. The Selection (Kiera Cass)
Two failed TV shows later and we've still not seen this made into a big or small screen adaptation. There is talk that a script is being written for a film, so perhaps there's hope yet!
Casting ideas?

9. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (Jennifer E. Smith)
I adored Jennifer's latest book so reading this is high on my priority list, plus seeing Hailee Stienfeld in the lead promises great things. I'm curious about the male lead as I don't believe I've seen him in anything.

10. War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy)
Adding this could be stretching it a bit since this is more of a TV mini series, but whatevs! I'm going for it. With the brilliant cast (Grantchester's James Norton and Cinderella's Lily James) and the complex plot, this promises to be epic.
I loved the most recent version (which was dubbed in English); seeing a British company like BBC take this one makes me excited.


That's it for today. What are your thoughts on these upcoming adaptations. Are you excited about any of them or are there a ton of others I should have been considering? Let me know down below!

Looking forward to chatting with you all (replies today - or that's the plan). Happy Tuesday blogging friends.
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  1. I can't wait for Mockingjay Part 2 as well! It's getting so close. I love the Fallen poster. :)
    My TTT

    1. Mockingjay is super close! Hard to believe... the final and (likely) epic chapter is nearly here! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting today, Jess. :)

  2. I hadn't heard of Love and Friendship (Lady Susan). Now I am psyched, too!
    My TTT movie adapations

    1. As am I, Anne! Anytime we get a new Jane Austen adaptation, I'm stoked. :)

      Thanks for visiting. :)

  3. Great picks. I haven't read War and Peace, but I would like to try this miniseries - James Norton was great on Grantchester.

    Check out my TTT.

    1. I've not read War & Peace either, Lauren (it scares me!), but I loved the last mini series and this one looks amazing! :)

  4. I am really looking forward to Mockingjay Part 2. Can't believe the series is almost over!

    1. I can't either, Chrissi! Seems only yesterday we were anticipating Catching Fire and assured there were TWO more movies to come. :)

  5. Mockingjay Part 2 is in my list of Movies I Must See In Theaters Before 2016.

    Allegiant doesn't look too bad

    I'd only see Fallen for Jeremy Irvine heehee

    As for the casting of The Selection, the only beautiful red-heads I could think of are well into their twenties.
    Deborah Ann Woll, Emma Stone...
    As far as Maxon and Aspen are concerned, I'm drawing blanks at the moment of actors who I think could portray them haha I'll have to come back and comment on this post later, after giving it more thought;)

    1. I'd like to see Mockingjay in theaters as well. But I don't know that I will because I don't know that anyone else is interested (I'm kind of alone with my love for dystopian with my real life peeps). But if I don't I'll buy the DVD! :)

      Allegiant looks good so I'm hoping that holds true. ;)

      I'd probably be like you with Fallen as well. But hey, there's nothing wrong with seeing something only for the cast. ;)

      Ooo, I'll have to look up Deborah, but I think Emma Stone is a fabulous actress! I've often heard the actor who played the eldest brother in Narnia (William something) mentioned fro Maxon/Aspen. I could see that I think... but I'm not sure who'd play them either! I do like Molly Quinn as well (Castle).

  6. I didn't know The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight was going to be a movie. So excited I loved the book. The I'm with you on Nicholas Sparks - my favourite movie adaption is The Notebook. My TTT

    1. "Statistical" is sounding amazing, Sue! I'm hopeful it'll be a sweet little romance that is worth seeing in theaters. First I have to read the book!

      *High Five* Fellow Sparks fan. :)

      Thanks for visiting.

  7. As always, Rissi, I love your lists! Yeah, I give `The Hunger Games Series' a hard time, too. But in the end, it's good and unique writing. Otherwise, I too, wouldn't be invested in it.

    iZombie? Yeah, I'm not a zombie person either. Watched the first episode and decided it wasn't for me. :)

    I an however looking forward to Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

    1. Hi, Miranda! Always glad to have you visit; sorry I've been so lax visiting your lovely blog! That'll have to be remedied. :)

      I like the THG movies much better than the original book. I've not read the last two novels, but hear it all goes downhill in Mockingjay. Someday I'd like to finish the books. We'll see how that plan works out!

      iZombie was surprisingly cute, but as a NON-zombie fan, I totally get where you're coming from. At some point I'd like to watch a few more episodes and see if I feel any differently. :)

      Yay for Allegiant! I love that (film) series! :)

  8. Of the lists I've seen so far today, Mockingjay Part 2 is on almost all of them. I'm extremely excited about it.

    1. I'm not the least bit surprised, Dawn - and I've noticed that as well today. It's really popular. :)

  9. I hadn't heard of Love and Friendship and Lady Susan is the only Austen I haven't read yet so I will have to do so soon! I just started Pride and Prejudice and Zombies this morning!
    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

    1. What do you like of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Stacy? I'm tempted to read it at some point because I'll likely see the film. But either way, I'm excited to see more Jane Austen! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting.

  10. How did I not know about Love and Friendship?? Honestly, though, I'm a little confused about it being labeled as a "romantic comedy" because in the book, Lady Susan is a pretty awful person. Anyway, of course I will see it. :)

    I'll also see Mockingjay: Part 2, and even though I've never seen or read anything zombie related, I might have to check out Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at some point. (Never thought I'd say that. But I just looked up the IMDB page and I'm not sure I can resist Matt Smith as Mr. Collins.)

    1. I'm sooo excited about a new Jane Austen movie, Kristin; given that so many of Austen's works do take on a rom-com persona, I'm not overly surprised this one would follow suit. Hopefully it'll turn out well!

      Right!? I'm like you. Matt Smith as Collins!? Works for me! (I've also read that he and co-star Lily James were or are dating.)

  11. Great list. Love and Friendhsip does sound nice, a new Austen adaptation would be nice I agree. And The selection, even though I haven't read it, would be a good movie.

    1. Thanks, Greg! Anytime something new with Jane Austen's name comes up and I'm excited! Cannot wait to see what comes of Love and Friendship and like you, I'd like to see The Selection become a production. :)

  12. I'm excited about most of the books on your list! Some of them I'm not familiar with, but I am willing to try P&P and Zombies.;)
    So excited about Love and Friendship!

    1. Yay for the Jane Austen fans! I love all of the excitement for her new stuff. The zombie thing could be really good and unique or it might be too campy. Either way, I'll see it and hope for a good outcome. :)

  13. Mockingjay Pt.2 is without a doubt my most anticipate book to film adaptation. I can't believe how close we are to the release date.

    I'm a fan of Robert Sheehan and I'm quite excited to see how he does as Oliver in the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

    As much as I love the Divergent trilogy the films for me were very underwhelming so I'm in no real rush to watch them.

    1. Right!? I agree, Lois. The release of Mockingjay is nearly here and I'm in a bit of awe!

      I'm glad you like Robert; it'll be fun to see him and Hailee in this film. Or that's my early days impression. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Lois. :)

  14. I didn't even know about Love and Friendship until today but yeah - totally going to have to watch that! My TTT

    1. Yay! Another Austen fan. I'm glad to read all of this excitement for more Jane Austen productions. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Carrie, as always.

  15. Nice list!! I realize now that I forgot to add The Book Thief to my list this week too as I still have to read this book or watch the movie adaptation.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

    1. That's a good addition! I didn't add The Book Thief either though I hear the movie is really good. I have a copy of the book too so I'll have to read it and then see the film. Or that's always my plan. ;)

      Thanks so much for visiting! Off to read your TTT meme.

  16. Mockingjay part 2 is going to be a brilliant adaptation! I mean, the trailer was absolutely epic :D I hope you enjoy and great list. Here's my Top Ten!

    Lillie @LittleLillieReads

    1. I agree, Lillie! It looks and sounds amazing which is half the battle in making a great blockbuster! :)

      Thanks for visiting - and for leaving your Top 10 Tuesday post. I look forward to visiting. :)

  17. I totally forgot about Fallen! I really liked the book series so hopefully they don't muck up the movie. My TTT

    1. I know what you mean, Laura. I've not read the book so I wouldn't mind some changes if I liked it purely from a film aficionado. But I remember watching at least one film adaptation that really disappointed; I hope that doesn't hold true for Fallen. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting. Off to visit your post! :)

  18. Good list Rissi!
    I'm looking forward to seeing 'Mockingjay part 2' in theaters this month. I think it's going to be a great end to the series.
    After watching the trailer, I think 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' isn't for me. The cast is pretty fantastic, though. Maybe after reading reviews I will give it a chance.

    1. I hope so, Ella! I'd love to see this series end on a strong note. The plan is to see it this week in theaters, but first I have to watch Mockingjay, Part 1. Guess I'd best get on that. ;)

      I understand that. Ordinarily, I'm not a zombie person, but I have enjoyed a few zombie themed things, so add that to the fact that this incorporates Austen and I definitely will see it. :)

  19. I'm really looking forward to Mockingjay Part 2 (soon!!!) and Allegiant. I'm thinking I'll like MP2 better. Also, count me in for any new Nicholas Sparks adaptation. This one looks good! I'm curious, which did you not like?

    Yay for Austen! Lady Susan definitely has me excited. I'm not sure what to think, though about P&P with ZOMBIES! I'm not sure I'll see it.

    I'll have to check out some of the others on your list I'm not as familiar with!

    1. Cool! I'm really excited about Mockingjay as well and am in fact, planning on seeing it in theaters (my first HG film in theaters to boot). I suppose I ought to see "part one" first. ;)

      Anything new from Nicholas Sparks and I'm in! Albeit their sappiness, I still love 'em. As for the one I didn't like, that'd be Message in a Bottle. We randomly found it on TV (knowing nothing about it) and happened to watch it there, and yeah, when it was over, I just remember being all, "and we watched that for THAT!?" ;)

      Ditto on Austen amazingness! I'm so excited. Cannot wait to see what comes of this new adaptation.

      As always, super glad you stopped by, Courtney. Apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment. :)

    2. Ahhh, you must see Mockingjay part 1! I think I liked it a little better than the first half of the book, if I remember correctly. It seemed to move at a faster pace than the reading.

      Oh yes, Message in a Bottle. I know what you mean! It totally didn't have to end like that. But, I am a Kevin Costner fan (my mom's fault), so I did like it.

    3. I plan on starting Mockingjay, Part 1 tonight (because I start movies so late, I'll probably have to watch the rest the next night), Courtney! It looks epic. I did start the book and am struggling getting through it (but then I'm not surprised), so I look forward to seeing better pacing. :)

      I'm glad you liked Message in a Bottle! I totally get you liking it because of the cast; I've given a pass to a movie I might not have liked had someone else starred. It just happens - plus we're loyal to our favorite actors, right!? :)

  20. so excited and sad for Mockingjay it will be very bittersweet. For the past 3 years (we didn't see Hunger Games till right before Catching Fire) my girls and I have anxiously awaited November and The Hunger Games movies.

    Don't get me started on the big huge dissappointment Insurgent was, so much so we are not seeing the last 2 movies :(

    5th Wave AWESOME! you have to read the book! Can't wait for January.

    Lily James is in a lot right now, did you know she married the 11th doctor Matt Smith. :) Plus that will be the only way i make it through War and Peace is if I watch it on tv. :)

    - Shannon

    1. oh my I just saw the trailer for Alliegiant trailer it is nothing like the book. Big disappointment

    2. I'm so sorry about your disappointment for those Divergent movies. I thought both were really good an am anticipating the final two. That being said, I'm also planning on seeing THG's Parts one and two this week. I never did watch the first one. ;)

      Yay! I'm glad to have a recommendation for The 5th Wave. I'll look forward to that.

      I didn't know Lily and Matt married! I had seen they were dating though. How fun is that!? As for War & Peace the last version was REALLY good, so I'm hopeful this one will be too.

      Thanks a bunch for visiting, Shannon. Always glad to chat with you. :)

    3. I think the whole Divergent thing comes down to we enjoyed the books so much and the movies are just so different!

      We are big Whovians and 11th Doctor fans. My youngest and I watched Cinderella with Lily James yesterday it was so good! :) LOVED it!

    4. my friend that lives in England told me they were married not 100% sure if they are they are not talking from what I can tell. Good for them either way keep some things private :)

    5. I totally get that! I haven't read the books (and am hesitant to do so), so I watch those films more as films than an adaptation. :)

      Yay! I'm so glad you and your youngest liked Cinderella. To me, that was the ideal, perfect, most charming fairy tale I've seen... maybe ever. So beautiful. :) As for Matt (he's an amazing Doctor!) and Lily, I agree. If they are keeping mum on their marriage, good for them! :)


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