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Romantic Spotlight on Film | Leap Year's Anna and Declan

Today, over on Silver Petticoat, I am again spotlighting a classic romantic moment. The reason for this is simple: there are simply too many (or is there such a term as "too many" when it comes to romance?) poignant, cute and darling romantic moments in cinema. This one falls into the "darling" category, and is found in one of my absolute MOST favorite contemporary romantic-comedies.

This film is, Leap Year.

I'd argue that the end scene is still, these many re-watches later, one of my favorite "proposal" scenes - maybe even one of the best among its peer group. But instead of my continued ramblings, I'll just leave a portion of said scene down below with links to read it in its entirety. Then, let me know what you think of this scene or what your favorite scene from Leap Year is.

FILM REVIEW | Leap Year (2010)

Classic Romantic Moment: Leap Year – Anna and Declan

THE FILM: Leap Year
THE PAIRING: Anna Brady (Amy Adams) and Declan O’Callahan (Matthew Goode)
THE MOMENT: “Making Plans.”

There are a lot of romantic comedies out there. Some are good for a night’s worth of laughs. Others are the kind we never tire of, no matter the clichés. For me, one of those movies is Leap Year. Cute in a more wholesome way, the plot is also darling. With 2016 being a leap year, I figured there was no better time than now to revisit on of my favorite romantic moments among the ranks of contemporary romantic comedies.

The Lead-In: Leap Year

A Boston girl through and through, Anna Brady has everything; the perfect career and boyfriend. Her dream shatters a little bit when, after four years together her boyfriend gifts her with earrings rather than the shiny engagement ring she was expecting. When he leaves for a conference in Ireland, Anna learns of the Irish tradition that allows a woman to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day. Not about to be dismissed, Anna takes charge and books a flight. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat ➔

This "Classic Romantic Moment" article first appeared on Silver Petticoat Review.
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  1. Leap Year is one of my favorite chick flicks. My favorite scene is the proposal scene where he answers her proposal with his proposal at the cliffs. Even before I saw Leap Year those Cliffs have been my dream proposal site because of The Princess Bride. Another favorite scene is the end scene with them in the car driving off with the suitcase "Louie" on top of the car.

    1. Me too, Carissa. I adore this little chick flick. It's one of those modern romcoms that I never grow tired off - and from the moment she returns to Ireland to the end, the film is pure magic. :)

  2. I love Leap Year...such a cute movie! :) I need to watch it again soon.

    1. As do I, Kristin. It's one of those rare romcoms I never become tired of re-watching. And PS; this is the perfect year for a re-watch. :)

  3. My mom and I are watching this movie next week in honor of the month ending. Such a sweet, hilarious rom-com. I do have to say I prefer Matthew Goode in this role to his role in Downton Abbey. ;)

    1. Aw, that's fun, Meghan. That's part of the reason I decided to re-watch/spotlight this film too - that and I never get tired of this. It's one of the sweetest romcoms ever. I never disliked Goode as Henry, but his character had to grow on me. Suffice to say, by the end I totally "got" and liked him a lot more than his early days. That's thanks to some better character development which, thankfully, the writer's realized he needed. :)

  4. Leap Year is such a fun chick flick! I love how grouchy Declan is.;)

    1. Me too. The banter between Declan and Anna is so fun. :)

  5. Replies
    1. For me as well, Lisa. It's darling. :)

  6. Such an adorable movie! I had a blast twitter-watching it with Amber last weekend. It never fails to make me grin! :)

    1. This one is worth watching any year, at any time, but it's a must on leap year, right!? Your tweets with Amber were so fun. *She admits* Yep, I eavesdropped. ;)

  7. My Mom and I love this movie a lot! It's one of our favorites! :)

    1. Same here, Jessica. It's one of my most favorite contemporary romcoms. :)


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