Anything For Love (2016)

The last of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day films is here with their premiere of Anything for Love. Cute in the traditional way of this network and sassy in the vein of popular romantic-comedies, this one is a must see for those of you who enjoy the genre without the mess of adult content.

As the heir to her father’s company, Katherine (Erika Christensen) has a prominent role in the business world; a role that most men find intimidating. This is why she’s in a tepid relationship with a man (Antonio Cupo) whose idea of a proposal is that they move in together. Katherine’s assistant Debbie (Ali Leibert) believes that her boss needs to put her profile on an Internet dating site… and while doing so, bend the truth. Just a little truth-stretching won’t hurt, right? She gives Katherine her identity as an executive assistant, and then they watch the requests to meet Katherine pour in.

Jack (Paul Greene) is proud of his work as a nurse. But according to his friend, his profession is anything but an attractive quality for women. This is why, while he’s registering for his own dating profile, his friend tells a white lie on his profile page by making Jack a doctor. When Jack and Katherine both express an interest in meeting, they decide they’re interested in a face-to-face date, but it’s only a matter of time before their respective facades catch up to them.

Anything For Love Hallmark Movie2 EDIT

Like any good romantic comedy, this one is rife with happy accident catnip. There is a bowling scene (always a popular device), a weekend trip away and of course, mistaken identities that give the characters an excuse to pull away. In this way, the film mirrors (ever so slightly) the Kate Hudson film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. There are many differences, but just the idea of the characters (or, at least, Katherine) trying to become someone else for love has a ring of familiarity.
Casting so many familiar faces made this story a fun one. Paul Greene has starred in Hallmark films prior to this and not only have the familiar faces of  Ali and Antonio been in films on this network, they also appeared together on the WWII drama Bomb Girls. The camaraderie between the cast members makes the experience more fun, especially that between Katherine and her assistant. Their friendship is darling as is the role reversal Debbie gets to pull on her normally in control boss. Likewise, the scenes between Paul and Erika allow us to enthusiastically root for them as a couple. The flaw in the romance is the timeline which could have been more elongated without a need to make the movie longer in order to better depict a healthy and believable “love” declaration.

Anything for Love Hallmark - EDIT

Minor complaints aside, if you’ve been watching the five films comprised of the 2016 Valentine’s Day celebration, Anything for Love is an entertaining way to close it out. Despite the white lies that dictate the better part of the script, the characters have a sense of guilt over how they begin the start of a fresh relationship with promise (this makes the darling ploy to get them back together so much sweeter), which makes disliking them difficult no matter what. The story is sweet with a much different yet effectively good twist on the usual hallmark of this network’s genre.

Anything for Love premieres tonight, Sunday, February 14th.

Have you seen this or any of Hallmark’s 2016 Valentine’s Day titles? Which has been your favorite? Comment down below with any thoughts. I’d sure like to read them.

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  1. Awe! Enjoyed your review, Rissi! I enjoyed this one, too, but like you, thought it needed a few more dates or filler sequences of them together! That aside... Overall, it's a perfect fit for Valentine's Day and I love any Hallmark movie with Paul Greene! Agree with you... Very sweet movie... Hope everyone keeps warm, cuddles up, and enjoys Anything for Love tonight! Happy Valentines Day!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Net! I saw your review come through my feed, but am sadly a TERRIBLE blogging friend just know - I'm way behind visiting all my blogging buddies amazing blogs, yours included. But, I will be by, hopefully sooner rather than later.

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I'm looking forward to read your full review, and agree. Despite the minor flaws, this one is cute. :) Like you I hope everyone enjoyed it for if they made "night in" plans. :)

  2. Surprisingly, I have been able to watch every movie in Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day line-up this year (except for Dater’s Handbook), and have loved every single one, with All Things Valentine and Appetite for Love absolutely tied for first place.

    When it comes to Anything for Love, although I agree with you that the evolution of the romance would have benefited from a lengthier timeline, it was still hilarious and sweet, and I loved the genuine sparks flying between Jack and Katharine. Like you, I also greatly enjoyed watching Katherine and Debbie play off each other, as well as the friendship between Jack and his best friend, and the sub-plot with Jack and the kid he got to read Catcher in the Rye.

    I also found Valentine Ever After to be another winner for Autumn Reeser; the relationship developed believably, the scenery was fantastic, the two leads had a really great rapport, and the hero was a cowboy!

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Aww, both of your favorites are darling. Hope you can see Dater's Handbook sometime. It was my favorite, but then I know that's probably because I really like the lead male and female as actors. :)

      Sadly, Hallmarks don't do well with timelines (put in some sequences showing the passage of time!) or endings. Most of the time their films end too abruptly. That being said, I'm a sap for these romances so despite my petty complaints I do so enjoy them.

      Love all of the things you mention especially Jack in his work environment and Katherine in hers. SO cute.

      Missed Valentine Ever After. Boo. Though I really wanted to see it. Ah, well. Here's hoping it'll show up on DVD next year. :)

      Thanks - as always, for sharing your thoughts, Eleanor. :)

  3. This was sweet! Yes, definitely could have used a little more time to set up the whole "falling in love", but that's just the nature of romcoms, right? :) I've been enjoying Paul Greene's charming turn in Hallmark movies! I like him. :)

    1. Definitely - and despite my petty complaints, I still love each and every one (among my favorites that is). :) Glad you like Paul Greene; he does well in these Hallmark flicks!


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