Romantic Moment of the Week: Brooklyn's Eilis and Tony

Brooklyn's Tony and Eilis

Afternoon, friends! I hope you're enjoying a fabulous start to April. Mine has been fine albeit, today, the wind is sure whipping outside which means even the bright sunshine isn't temptation enough to urge any of us outside. Instead I'm happiest doing some Internet work, enjoying some reading (which I indulged in this morning), watching Hawaii Five-o (and likely other TV addictions as the day goes forward) and of course, sipping some mocha sitting here chatting with all of you.

My post today is again borrowed from Silver Petticoat. But since I recently (read: finally) watched Brooklyn, so being about to write about it in a Romantic Moment spotlight was such fun! I'll have a proper review on the blog (soon) where I'd love to get your opinions on this quiet and gentle drama. Until then, I'm glad to share a peek of this moment. There are spoilers in this feature, but I'm not writing about how the film ultimately ends - to discover that, you'll simply have to watch it.

Random: Who else is excited that period drama season is back!? I'm so thrilled to be watching all of my favorites returning! This includes Call the Midwife and some new dramas I recently obtained (one thanks to blogging buddy and #BookBestie, Bekah!). Oh the reviews to come this month!

Back to today's topic. Below is the links and snippet of the romantic moment. If you're interested, enjoy this look at a lovely film.


Romantic Moment of the Week: Brooklyn’s Eilis and Tony

THE FILM: Brooklyn
THE PAIRING: Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan) and Tony (Emory Cohen)
THE MOMENT: Tony Proposes.

In recent weeks, I seem to be drawn to the quieter moments some romantic dramas boast. With several standout romantic moments in Jane Austen dramas or its period drama peers to talk about, discovering those scenes that go unnoticed between lesser known pairings is a fun exercise to undertake because sometimes it’s the gentle dramas that have the deepest impact.

The Story and Lead-In: Eilis and Tony

Brooklyn’s impact and the love story between Eilis and Tony is about poignancy over passion. It’s about a young Irish immigrant named Eilis Lacey who travels to America in search of a better life. Once in America, Eilis finds herself heartbroken. She feels torn in two and alone in the strange new place without friends or the comforts of her home and family. But then, something changes. She meets Tony, a young Italian who treats her with respect and care. They go to the cinema together and he waits for her outside her work, walking her home. As time passes, a friendship and even a kind of subtle pretty romance blossoms. When a tragedy back home happens, it’s Tony she most wants to be with. He offers her a shoulder to cry on and comforting words she needed to hear.

Eilis and Tony

The start of today’s romantic moment begins (in earnest) as they sit in a cafĂ©. Though the moment isn’t passionate (nor is anything about this relationship, but it’s real and I love this) or full of pretty words, it’s the kind of moment that looks beyond the flowers and lighthearted banter. The moment between Eilis and Tony is more akin to a real love that will last. Sitting in a booth, Tony expresses sympathy for the woman he’s come to love: “I keep thinking about what it would be like if one of my brothers died.” He begins and continues. “I’m sorry if that sounds selfish. But it means I can feel what you’re feeling.” Continue Reading ➔


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