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Top Ten Tuesday | #BookNerdigan Instagram Stalking

One of the best things about the book blogging community is discovering fellow book nerds. Why is this? Well, the reasons are quite obvious really: the more amazing #BookNerdigans we meet along the journey, the more amazing people we can fangirl with or relive all the feels with. Yes, this is true. We book nerds do love our fangirl moments. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way?) 

Today’s Broke and Bookish allows us to turn a spotlight on some of our favorite book nerds, which is fabulous.

Broke and Bookish April 5th  

Ten Bookish People You Should Follow On Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat/Facebook

(you pick the platform of your choice to talk about all the interesting bookish people to follow! If you don't use social media much you can pick your favorite bookish blogs or new blogs you've come across to follow.) 

I chose to focus on Instagram as my social media platform to feature. Why, I don’t know, but there you have it. I don’t follow Booktube as closely as I once did (though it’s not because I no longer enjoy it), and much as I want to keep up with new (whether to book blogging or new to me) people who are taking the book blogging world by storm, I haven’t been going outside my comfort zone of book bloggers (because time). But someday I’d like to again.  

Until then, I’m happy to be among my amazing circle of #BookBestie friends and visiting their blogs is always a treat. You all know who you are – shout-out to you all; your talents, creativity and support of your favorite books or authors is an inspiration in this community. Thanks for being such a fun circle of book buddies to fangirl with – and thanks for the willingness to fangirl with me. 
Finally, before we move on, keep in mind this is not an all-inclusive list; my list is of the bookish sort (meaning authors or bookstagrammers) which doesn’t mean there aren’t many other IG accounts I follow and love… because of limits, I simply chose to spotlight accounts that are, generally, exclusively focused on books.

With all that said (I got wordy today, didn't I?!), let’s have a look at the bookish Instagrams I heart and stalk (in a non-creepy way).  

1. Sasha Alsberg, @SashaAlsberg | Yes I know Sasha is quite the popular among the ranks of Booktube, but I do enjoy her branding for her YouTube and Instagram accounts. She does a nice job with both. 

2. Joanne Bischof, @MasonJarBooks | Joanne is one of the sweetest authors to chat with. She's enthusiastic about sharing her messages of faith, hope and love through her account and stories, plus she's an INDIE author, so you know, go support her amazing stories!

3. Kristy Cambron, @KristyCambron | Author Kristy Cambron's account is a lovely mix of her writing shenanigans and her daily inspirations.

4. Epic Reads, @EpicReads | Who doesn’t love Epic Reads (HarperCollins YA community)? Bravo to their social media photographer Margot! 

5. Evie, @EvieBookish | Not only does Evie have an amazing shop on Society 6 (a book lover's dream store!), her Instagram feed is also amazing.

6. Jamie, @PerpetualPageTurner | One of the Top Ten Tuesday founders; Jamie's IG is fun!

7. The Little Bookshelf, @TheLittleBookshelf | A newbie find of mine, I really like this account. The fun sense of bookish "place" is always neat as is the bright, happy lighting the photos boast.

8. Lydia, @OverweightBookshelf | Not only am I fortunate to “know” Lydia (hey fellow INSPY pal), but her IG feed is amazing - no seriously, amazing. So clean, beautiful and of course, bookish.

9.  Michelle, @madamereadsalot | Yet another of my recent finds. It's a fun page with plenty of #Shelfies, #Bookstagrams, and all that #Bookish fun!

10. Mary Weber, @MaryWeberAuthor | Already a fantastic author, Mary’s Instrgam is as fun a place to hang out (her posts about her husband are so cute) as she is to chat with. 

Who are some of your favorite Bookstagramners, tweeters, Booktubers and/or book bloggers? Share some of your most visited or frequented book blogger picks down below! I’d love to meet them – meeting new book bloggers is always a pleasure, and it stands to reason visiting their amazing book utopias is equally so.   

As always, you’re invited, and welcome to leave your Top Ten Tuesday post links down below because, speaking of bookish havens, I’ve be glad to visit yours.  

To my frequent visitors, thank you for being a continuing reader and newbies, thank you for swinging by Finding Wonderland. Visit anytime.  

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  1. I like your list. I'm still not very adapt on Instagram but I'm slowly learning (and remembering) it. I do have a couple of these on here and more i'll have to add.

    1. Hi, Eve! Thank you. From personal experience and all that I read, unless your thousands of followers strong, IG doesn't help drive traffic to your site, but it's fun nonetheless. Hope you enjoy working with IG and discovering some new bookstagrammers. :) Thanks a bunch for visiting.

  2. You giving me some really great reasons to take the plunge and finally join instagram! :)

    Check out my TTT.

    1. Fun! I hope you enjoy it if you do, Lauren - and if you do, next time you drop by, let me know what your username is. :) Thanks for visiting.

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog and leading me to yours. Meeting new bookish folk is always so exciting. I'll definitely be back. Cheers!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much (and it was a pleasure to visit your blog). Thank you so much for returning the favor and for the follow; you're welcome anytime. :)

  4. I love that you chose to feature Instagram! I'll be checking these accounts out soon.

    Bravo for including Lydia - her book photos are always so fresh and neat! And I have to agree about Joanne and Kristy.

    My TTT: Pinterest

    1. I had fun with this one, Courtney. Now I need to make a post about my favorite friends IG's because you'd so be on the list. :)

      Lydia's account is a stunner! I'm in awe of her decorating skills and her creative eye. I told her she needed to come and create a writing space for me - her offices are to die for! :D

      Excited to read your post! :)

  5. I love seeing all these recommendations! :-) Thank you!

    1. Sure, Chrissi. Hope you find some new pretties to follow. :)

  6. I love bookstagram!! Thanks for all the suggestions! :D

    Here are my Top Ten!

    1. Sure! Thank you for visiting, Tracy. :)

  7. Great list! I follow Epic Reads and Evie, and I'm going to check out the others you mentioned. :-)

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer
    My TTT

    1. Thanks, Marie. Epic Reads and Evie are amazing! Hope you enjoy some of the others you mentioned. :)

      Off to read your post.

  8. Yes, this is a perfect list for me. I've been thinking about finally joining instagram and this is a perfect way to start. Thanks for all the recs!

    1. Hi, Alicia! Yay! I hope you enjoy IG if you join - and next time you stop in, let me know where I can find you. Have fun! :)

  9. Yay, new Instagrams to follow! I'm so amazed at how beautiful and cohesive so many bookstagram accounts are.

    1. Isn't it fun to discover new bits of bookish awesome-ness, Kate!? Still excited to come by and visit your Top Ten Tuesday. Hopefully today. :)

  10. I always love reading these Top 10 Tuesday Posts. Maybe some day when my life calms down a bit I will participate. Thanks for sharing all this awesomeness!

    1. Fun! I hope you do, Sydney. They're as fun to put together as it is to visit the participating blogs. :) Glad you stopped by.


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