Top Ten Tuesday | A Girl and an iPod (aka My First #Booktube Video - Sort of)

Much as I love reading, one of my other loves is music. This is why today, rather than focus on reading, we swerve off topic. Here’s what the official Broke and Bookish topic asked us to do when considering the audio side of being a reader.  

All About Audio freebie -- aka top ten audiobooks you should listen to, 10 books I want to listen to on audio,10 bands you should check out, 10 podcasts you should be listening to, 10 of my all-time favorite albums, 10 songs I love, really whatever you can come up with. 
- Broke and Bookish

With this departure from normal topic, I’m also testing the start of something new. I have published my first #Booktube video. Sort of. As this isn’t a reading subject (for me), it’s not the traditional “booktube” video, but still… I’m counting it because if I’m consistent with booktube, bookish fangirl-y things will be the theme. But we’ll talk more on that at a later date.  

Since I’ve never listened to an audio book - *gasp* - I thought today’s post would focus on something I did like, which is music. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved music and the ways it can inspire. As usual, I’m not following the playbook of rules. Below there is only music listed, but it’s an assortment of songs and albums. 
Let's get this musical meme started! (And yes, I am recycling last weeks graphics because, I need time management help.)

1. “Comeback Kid,” The Band Perry | I hadn’t read that TBP had left their record label or that their last single, “Live Forever” (which I loved) didn’t perform well. So when I randomly ran across this new single, I snatched it up quick as you like.

2. Kill the Lights, Luke Bryan | Overall I love Luke’s latest album Kill the Lights. “Razor Blade” is a particularly catchy tune and features Karen Fairchild (of Little Big Town) on the track “Home Alone Tonight.”  

3. “From the Ground Up,” Dan + Shay | Though I’d heard of Dan + Shay with the sensation that was their single “19 You + Me,” I’d not heard any of their recent tunes. Then during the spring season finale of Dancing with the Stars, I heard this latest song and loved it. Naturally, I was on iTunes the following day. 

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Hilary Duff | After years away from the music industry, Hilary Duff returned with this solid effort. One of my favorites? “Confetti.”

5. “Castle,” Halsey | I don’t listen to a great deal of Halsey’s music, but I heard this one in The Huntsman film during the closing credits and walked away knowing I simply had to find the song. 

6. “Stranger than Fiction,” Katharine McPhee | Before she played on Scorpion as one half of hashtag team #Waige, Katharine was an accomplished singer. She recently released another album, and this is one of my favorite songs. Ask me why and I won't be able to say. But it is.

7. “Almost,” Megan and Liz | LOVE this song so much. 

8. Wildfire, Rachel Platten | Pretty much every song on this album is a new favorite. Everything from the breakout hit “Fight Song” to “Superman” is on  repeat.   

9. 1989, Taylor Swift | Yes, I'm still obsessed with this album.

10. Storyteller, Carrie Underwood | Though I think the romantic in me loves “Heartbeat”  or “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” best, I enjoy this album in its entirety.

BONUS! Recent Finds

1. ‘History’ (Lauren Alania)
2. ‘Fresh Eyes’ (Andy Grammer)
3. ‘Through Your Eyes’ (Britt Nicole)
4. ‘Hate to See Your Heart Break’ (Paramore and Joy Williams)
5. ‘Coming Home Soon’ (Andy Woodall)
6. ‘Unsteady’ (X Ambassadors)  

#BookTube, Top Ten Tuesday   

So, below is my little booktube video. I’ll admit, it was tons of fun to create, piece together and edit. I’m in serious danger of finding yet another “addiction” for my creative orientated personality. As a new blogger to booktube, I don’t know if I'll be able to be consistent with Booktube because for me that's a must. But I thought I'd try it and see what happened.

What songs are you currently jamming to on your iPod? What advice would you have for me (about booktube)? Or tell me all about the topic you chose today! Comment down below with all of your
thoughts and bookish fun! I'd love to read your comments.
Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland



  1. I don't actually know any of these people besides Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift, of which I haven't heard the newer songof Hilary. I haven't really been keeping on top of music releases for years. Which is a shame because I used to love doing that when I was a teen. Thank you for the great list.

    1. Hilary's new album is really solid I think. I enjoy most of the tunes on there. Hope you find some new music to enjoy, Annemieke. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting! :)

  2. Wow. So creative. I am in awe of your skills. Good for you. My TTT Audiobook Hopefuls

    1. This was super fun to put together, Anne. Thanks so much for visiting and the kind words. Off to read your Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  3. Nice video, you did a good job putting it together. :) I don't know all of this music but I do like Taylor swift and Paramore too. And Britt Nicole has some good stuff as well.

    1. Thanks, Greg. It was lots of fun to put together. :)

      ...I do too - although I've probably only heard this one Paramore song. What others would you recommend? Britt does have some good songs. In fact, "Gold" is one of my favorites from her and I just saw she has a new album out in October so that's cool.

      Thanks, as always, for visiting. :)

  4. Lovely list! I'm not a massive fan of audiobooks but I do love to explore new artists.

    1. Good to know, Chrissi. I've not listened to any audio books (well when I was a kid my family did borrow David Copperfield from a church library and we enjoyed it), but new music? That's a MUST!

  5. I love the video!! Really nicely created and edited. I've been wanting to dive into booktube as well, but I'm not sure I could keep it all up...

    1. Jolien, thank you! I so appreciate the feedback - and you subscribing. :) You should try Booktube. So far (*says the girl who has only uploaded TWO videos*) I'm really enjoying it. Lots of fun and new potential for creative challenges. :) I say, go for it - and let me know if you do.

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Replies
    1. THANK YOU! It was SO MUCH FUN to put together. There's another one next week too and I'm hopeful I can keep it up. :)

      Glad you visited!

  7. I just love Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift! Awesome video. Thank you for stopping by, Rissi. :)

    1. As do I, Jess. Taylor is one who never goes out of "style" for me. I've loved each of her albums more and more. :) Thanks for the kind words - and my pleasure. THANK YOU for the return visit.

  8. Love the video! :) And Carrie Underwood is always always a good choice :) My TTT

    1. Right!? Carrie is an amazing talent so anytime I hear she has new music, I'm excited. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Carrie.

  9. Love Taylor Swift!
    My TTT:

    1. ME TOO! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, JJ.

  10. I have only heard of a handful of these, but then I searched for the ones I didn't know! I do enjoy Rachel Platten and Taylor Swift (Well, the latter is hit or miss for me) and I like some Halsey, but I do like the song you listed!

    I LOOOVE your video! How long did it take to put together, if you don't mind my asking? I worry I will get sucked down the rabbit hole and am scared ;) Great list, and fabulous video!

    1. That's part of Top Ten Tuesday's charm, isn't it, Shannon!? Discovering new things! Rachel's songs are so catchy and fun, and I have favorites for Taylor as well. Yay for 'Castle.' It's such an edgy, FABULOUS song. :)

      Thank you. It was super fun to put together. And no, I don't mind. I'd say this one took me a bit longer to film (just because it was my first one), but I have since filmed four others and they take me 5-10 minutes to film. After that, in editing, the process can be complete in as little as 10-20 minutes or it can take me a bit longer. Just depends on what I want to do and how much I want to play with the effects/options. Hope that was helpful. :)

      I hear you. I'm a scared too. But I'd love to see what you put together. We can be the newbies together. :)

      Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

  11. I enjoy music. So much! Although, I confess, I tend to be more of an old soul. I really love listening to Louis Armstrong, Ella, Frank Sinatra, Whiteaker,

    But, with that said, I'm no stranger to new stuff. ;) I like 1989 by Swift. I'm still obsessed with the song "Meanwhile Back At Mama's" by Mcgraw. And "Hello" by Adele.

    1. Nothing wrong with that, Heather. I don't listen to old music unless it's on TV or in a film. When I hear it, I do like it, but then I don't seek it out for my iPod.

      1989 is still one of my ultimate favorites. I haven't grown tired of it so that's how I judge (looks like it'll have to last us another year anyway since T Swift hasn't released anything yet). I'll have to listen to the other two you mention. They sound familiar but I'm not sure I've heard either one. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Heather.


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