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My Christmas Love (2016) – A Festive Romance Inspired by Lyrics

No matter how many originals Hallmark packs into their annul programming, I make the effort to see as many as possible. I make time for them each holiday season. Their latest (which edges us far too close to the final premiere) is, in my opinion, one of their sweetest.

Working in the publishing industry, Cynthia (Meredith Hagner) is a success story. She came from a small town, moved to the city to begin her career, and still remains close to her tight-knit family. When her no nonsense sister plans her wedding for Christmas, Cynthia returns home, complete with a cute guy in tow. Only trouble is, the guy isn’t exactly who she planned to bring home.

Her plus one should have been her boyfriend. Instead he dumps her shortly before they’re meant to leave which doesn’t set well with Cynthia's romantic heart. So, as the next best thing, she invites her book illustrator – and close friend, Liam (Bobby Campo) along. Upon her return to her hometown, not only does she discover her father (Gregory Harrison) is struggling, but a mystery also draws her attention. She sets out to solve the mystery of the identity of her secret admirer, the man who has been sending her the “12 Days of Christmas” gifts.

Each new campaign Hallmark undertakes impresses me. This is for a variety of reasons not the least of which being the simple fact that I respect what they do and their brand. Their entertainment has meaning (even in the lighthearted fluff), and if ratings are a source to trust, is a wanted source of entertainment in today’s “darker” Hollywood. My Christmas Love is no different.

The charms of this film don’t stop. From the creative story to the characters, everything sparkles. In fact, I do believe My Christmas Love is, quite possibly one of my most favorites to bear the gold crown emblem to date. The script is sassy, fun, romantic and poignant. I loved Cynthia’s father’s quip to a young man about “designs” on his daughter, and the quick wit of Cynthia’s character.  

No review would be complete without my mentioning when I love the characters. This is certainly the case here. Everyone is delightful. I enjoyed their interactions and the stark contrast between the sisters. The acting is another thing to praise. I loved seeing Meredith Hagner as a leading lady after liking her recurring character, Libby from Royal Pains. The men also make for dashing potential love interests.

Despite the short run time, another impressive feat is the pace and timeline. Nothing ever feels “too little” (like the “meant to be” couple not sharing enough screen time) save for the fact that I’d have liked this to go on. Simply because it’s that cute. The fact that this isn't the typical girl-returns-home story also makes this one stand out. As do the scenes of family joy, which were genuine and special, not to mention something that left me with miles of smiles.

As was true of Christmas in Homestead, this is another one that, while sweet in its promos, wasn't one sure to endear itself as a favorite. But this is an occasion I'm so pleased to be proven wrong. The 2016 Countdown to Christmas has been Hallmark’s best year yet. I’ve not seen every one of their originals, but this is one year that’s been packed with one impressive production after another. From the acting to the sets and scripts, they've gifted us some gems this season.

Sure to put a smile on your face, don’t miss the premiere of My Christmas Love tonight on Hallmark Channel.

Photos: Hallmark
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  1. I almost skipped this one because the promo didn't wow me. I'm so glad I watched it anyway--so charming! I was so glad to see Bobby Campo as the romantic lead--I've liked him since "Snow Bride"--and I always enjoy when Gregory Harrison pops up in one of these films.

    I totally agree that 2016 has been a great year for Countdown to Christmas--I've really enjoyed almost all of the new ones!

    1. Same here, Becky. Although I did think it looked cute, I was just "worried" it'd be a little "too goofy" or something. I so need to re-watch Snow Bride again because it was one of my favorites, and yes! Me too. I like Gregory Harrison in all of these fatherly roles. Or even back when he played the leading man in films like Au Pair.

      Me too! I don't think I haven't liked a single one I've seen so far, although because of certain actors, etc., I have had my favorites. :)

  2. I have watched this twice!!! Loved it and plan to watch it again. I would love to know the last song that was sung at the wedding.

    1. I don't blame you, Dixie! It's SO cute. One of my favorites of this season. If you find the song, let us know. :)

  3. Hi,can you please tell me what the song at the wedding is....this christmas kiss and who sings it.

    1. I'm not sure, Kathleen - sorry! But a reader says the song is from Niki Hexum. Here are hte three songs she has on the listing for My Christmas Love: "By the Fireside," "Every Day is Christmas," "This Christmas Kiss." Hope this helps. :)

  4. The song is from Niki Hexum but can't find how to download it.

    1. Bummer. Hope you can find it somewhere. :)

  5. Who is the one that sings this version of the 12 days of Christmas?

    1. Sorry, Melissa, this I do not know. Perhaps a reader knows? :)

  6. I caught this when I went on a huge stress binge of Hallmark films last month (which was rather perfectly timed for fluffy wonderful Christmas love stories luckily) and it was so cute! They aren't all created equal, but this one landed at the top of my list as well :)

    1. I watched a TON of Christmas (Hallmark) movies last month, Elizabeth. They're always so much. This was actually one of my favorites from the year. It's so cute and festive, and well, just old-fashioned fun. :) Glad you liked it too!


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