Agent Carter, Season Two (2016) – 1940s Glitz, Glamour and Sunny Hollywood

If there is one thing that could make ABC’s Agent Carter any more sophisticated than it is (and let’s face it, that’s nearly impossible), it’d be transplanting the series to the opposite Coast. Season two moved (nearly) the whole gang to sunny California, and the cool, 1940s vibes it gives are pretty fabulous.

In the wake of her wildly successful contribution to the agency and capture of the mysterious nuisance known to the SSR as Dottie Underwood, Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is finally on equal standing with her male peers. New York chief Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) even places enough faith in her to send her to LA where their newly promoted West Coast Chief Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) is in need of her skills.

Once in LA, Peggy is reunited with her faithful friend, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy). So long as she’s in LA, she’s given the run of Howard Stark’s mansion and the assistance of Jarvis. All help Peggy will need if she’s to solve the puzzle that is the body of a woman found in a frozen lake. A case that will propel this team, and a handful of newcomers to stop a dangerous enemy they call, “Dark Matter.”

As is the golden standard of this show, the pilot right up until its final episode (which doubles as the series finale) is fast-paced and thrilling, and somehow, charming. Everything about this Marvel TV serial personifies itself as being quality television. Down to the minuscule detail (plus the big stuff too). In short, everything about Agent Carter is lovely.

Season two does (very nearly) write itself into a pickle with its attempt at a love triangle (or perhaps its sum is greater than three). That said, it redeems itself with a nearly picture perfect ending despite the fact that the writer’s probably weren’t sure of its cancellation at the time of filming. An ending that is, really, as perfect as its episode title (‘A Hollywood Ending’) and I’d even be so bold as to say, it’ll make even ardent Steve/Peggy shippers smile in delight.

The production of this series is lovely, whether it has a low budget or not. They do everything they can to bring us into the 40s. From the wardrobe (when doesn’t Peggy look like a perfect lady albeit one who can kick butt) to the iconic red lips and nails of the era, and through the automobiles. The vintage vibes go on for miles and impress every single time.

All that to say nothing of the stories. This season is tightly interlocked, which is both interesting though it does (in my opinion) slow the momentum. Time after time the baddies get away, which makes the chase (on occasion) wear thin. Nevertheless, we have too much fun learning more about her heroes and heroine to care. We chase these villains with the soft-hearted, but smart war hero; the devoted, loyal servant and loving husband; the scientist who crushes on an emotionally unavailable woman; the funny secretary who’s more than just a secretary; and of course, the smart SSR agent who outwits her male colleagues no matter the day of the week.

Whether you like period drama or comic book stories, Agent Carter will give you both, and it does it in style.

(Content: There is some innuendo here and there. Violence does play a role, but never becomes graphic; characters double-cross allies. Commonplace profanity crops up now and again. The show is rated TVPG.)

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  1. Oh, man, I miss this show! And that ending...LOVE! They did seem to set up a season 3 with the events at the very end, and I would have loved to see more! Also, this is the only Marvel TV show I've liked (I love the movies... pretty much the opposite of how I feel about DC!)


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