Can't Wait / Waiting on Wednesday | Fourth Edition

Hello, readers and followers! As we do on every Tuesday with Top Ten Tuesday, today we're again joining the "Waiting On" fun with Can't Wait Wednesday! 

For this meme, I'm linking up with my Bookstagram partner in crime, Tressa of Wishful Endings.

Can't-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted here to spotlight and talk about the books we're excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they're books that have yet to be released as well. It's based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking the Spine. (Find out more here.)

For today's meme, I'm turning the spotlight on not one or two, but three authors and their respective stories. This new novella collection is darling on the outside, something I've zero doubt will carry over to the inside of the novel.

Right where we BELONG
Publisher: INDIE Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Novella
Publication Date: May 1 2017 (Psst, Available NOW!)

This beauty doesn't yet have an official full synopsis, but I mean, there are plenty of reasons for the excitement level to be off the charts for this one.

1. TAKE A LOOK AT THAT COVER! I mean, come on! Tell me you aren't smiling wide just looking at it. 

2. THE COLORS! Yes, this is cover related, but seriously, they're perfect. 

3. THE AUTHORS! Just look at the talent contained in this tiny package. The proof? Those three little names emblazoned on the cover. 

4. MEGAN'S STORY! Yes, that is right Walker Family fans, Melissa is finally gifting readers Megan's, the sassy barista, story. And I've every confidence it will be magic. 


Whether in a quaint home bakery in Langhorne, Missouri, a cozy boho coffee shop in Maple Valley, Iowa, or a charming lakeside cottage in Sweethaven, Michigan, love grows best in small towns just like this! - Amazon 

Comment down below with your thoughts, Waiting on / Can't Wait Wednesday blog links. I'd love to chat all things bookish with you. 

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  1. Oh, YES, YES, YES, I WANT THIS BOOK!!! I've never seen a cover like this one before! Truly unique, and just SO cute! You've gotten me interested just by mentioning the cover, lol. So now I'm VERY curious to find out what's inside, and therefore, I'm adding this cute, little treasure to my Goodreads shelves!

    Thanks for featuring this book!! Happy Wednesday!! <3 :)

  2. Love, love, love that cover and the color scheme is just perfect! I've not heard of any of the authors but this beauty makes me want to look them up!

  3. That cover is gorgeous, and yes, it definitely made me smile! And three authors? I am curious! Here's mine:

  4. Yes. This book is going on my TBR list. And, the cover is sweet. :)

  5. I didn't know this book was coming out, but it sounds awesome! I've read most of Melissa Tagg's novels, and that's so exciting that she's coming out with another story about Maple Valley. And yes, the cover is so cute!

  6. Not my normal type read but I have to admit, you've got me curious. And yes, I agree those colors on the cover are awesome - I think that's part of the huge appeal. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I'm totally stoked for this one too! And I adore that cover! :)

  8. Wow! This looks like an interesting book! Great pick!!

    Here’s my WoW !

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  9. I totally preordered this ALREADY! The cover alone is worth all the gushing... plus these authors? YES! And, Deborah Raney is new-to-me, but it sounds like her story is set at a bakery so I'm already anticipating greatness!

  10. Wow that cover really is gorgeous! I adore it.

  11. What an adorable cover and it sounds so cute too! Definitely will have to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing!


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